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BLIND DATE (Part 26)

Part 26

That Saturday she’d purposely worn her white sundress dotted with images of red & green foliage on it.She liked the way the dress looked on her.It clipped around her neck,& the neckline dipped low on her br*asts,showing off their fullness.The light weight fabric skimmed her curves,& Sammy had spent the entire day with his hands lingering on some part of her body–her back,her shoulders,her bare arms.The halter top dress had been a distraction to him all day.He couldn’t keep his hands off her,& she had basked in the heat of his constant attention.


That night,they gone to play pool & the entire time they were in pool room,he’d stood guard beside her like a sentry & stared down any man who dared look at her as she bent over the table to take her shots.At the end of the game,they collected their money & his fingers had curled around her wrist,instead of walking out her front,he led her out a side door into an alley.

With a level of impatience she’d never seen any man exibit before,he’d held her against the wall & growled in her ear that she’d making him hard all day.They started a slow & graduated to passionate make out session.His hands had roughly caressed her body,her fingers had tunneled into his hair,& their mouths had devoured each other with panting,hungry kisses.Soon he’d been wedged b/w her thighs & had filled her,right there in the alley,with her knee hoisted above her waist.

The possibility of geeting caught only have heightened the level of eroticism.Even now,thinking back,she couldn’t believe she’d done such a thing.She’d been into it–with him all the way,partially worried that someone would see them,but knowing they wouldn’t stop even if they were caught.

No one had ever accused her of being spontaneous.She’d never uttered the words “go with the flow”.Yet with Sanskar,none of it mattered.She had been spontaneous.She had been uninhibited.

He,too,had seemed to learn something new about himself,bcoz when they were done,he’d had a bewildered look on his face.

Swara-Is something wrong?
But he hadn’t been ammused.He’d simply stared at her for a while.So long,infact,that she began to fidget.
Sanskar-No.Everthing is finally right.

The words had warmed her.An unfortunately short-lived sensation.

Sanskar-I had so much fun that weekend.
Felt like I didn’t have a care in the world.

Swara inhaled sharply & closed her eyes.Her heart started beating faster as she recalled the touch of his fingers,his breath on her neck.

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