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BLIND DATE (Part 23)

Part 23

Swara-U said I could ask u anything.
Sanskar-Anything but that.
Swara-Your response is my answer,but I want to hear u say it.

His eyes looked steadily into hers.?

She’d goaded him,yet now that he’d told her,the words tore at her insides.

Swara-Off course u did u it.U have quite the libido (s*xual desire).
Sanskar-It’s not what u think.It only happened after I thought I’d never see u again,& I–
Swara-Thank goodness u didn’t get ur names mixed up.
Sanskar-Swara,listen to me.
Swara-After I saw u with her,I kept telling myself it was a nightmare.?

She started to shake,could feel her control slipping away.
Swara-I didn’t want to believe it had happened.
Sanskar-I was young & stupid.I didn’t know what to do.I didn’t know how to handle the situation with both of u there.
Swara-U never ever called.
Sanskar-I should have,right away,but I didn’t know what to say,& I thought u hated me.I didn’t think you’d accept a call from me.
Swara-I waited.

The pain filled words fell b/w them like a bomb,shutting down the back & forth.Her eyes dodged his.She hadn’t mean to admit that.It came out & she wished she could take it back.

He reached across the table,but she pulled back b4 he could touch her,placing both hands in her lap.
She couldn’t stand it if he touched her.His touch wouldn’t offer comfort–it would simply cause her more pain in her emotional state.
His fingers curled into a fist on the table top.

Sanskar-I went to the hotel as soon as I could,but u had already left?.

She looked across the table to him.

Swara-I never received a single msg or a text from u.

He shook his head.

Sanskar-I gave up too easily.
He leaned forward.
Sanskar-I’m sorry?.I left the Haven Hotel & I wandered for a while.I couldn ‘t face Kavi or my brother.I didn’t know what to do with myself.I’d screwed up everything.I never touched her in London bcoz that was “our” place.U & me.Kavi & I argued & I–
Swara-I’d rather not know the details,thank u.

She had no right to feel envious.She had been the other woman,but for 2 nights he’d been hers,& the fact that he’d wound up back in Kavita’s arms opened a fresh wound.?

Swara-U should have never aproached me that day on the street & make–?

She’d almost admit it.She’d almost said aloud what she’d hardly been able to say even to herself;make me fall for u,make me need u.

Sanskar-I know I shouldn’t have aproached u,but to be honest,I didn’t expect things to move so fast.Once we had dinner,I couldn’t stop.I couldn’t not spend time with u.
Can u understand that at all?Can u comprehend a little bit of what I felt?

She could.She understood it well bcoz she’d driven by the same desire to be with him.She didn’t want to feel that way again bcoz she didn’t know herself when she was with him.It scared her.

Time to go.She started putting on her sweater.

Sanskar-What r u doing??
Swara-I’m leaving.I did what u asked.I had dinner with u.
Sanskar-We haven’t finished talking.
Swara-There’s nothing else to say.
Sanskar-We have a lot of catching up to do.I have questions.
Swara-I won’t be answering them.
Sanskar-What about u?Don’t u have more questions?

She set her purse on her lap.

Swara-U answered the only one I cared about.
Sanskar-Swara,I never touched her until we were back in Kolkata–until I tried & couldn’t reach u.
Swara-I don’t care.What’s done is done & we can’t go back.Okay?Let it go.

He shook his head,his jaw hardening with resolve.

Sankar-I can’t do that.I’m a different man than I was back then.You’re right,I should never aproached u.I should have never lied when u asked me if I had a gf.I was selfish.I was an a*s.But everything I did was bcoz I knew u were special & I felt that we could have something special?.
For a couple of days,I was the happiest I’d never been in my life.?
Swara-I don’t want to hear this.
Sanskar-My life hasn’t been the same since the day I met u.

Invisible fingers squeezed her heart tight “Don’t ”

Sanskar-When I saw u tonight,I realized nothing had changed.Give me another shot,Swara.I’m not the same man.
Swara-I’m not the same foolish woman I was,either.??
Sanskar-We had a connection & u can’t deny that.
Swara-You’re a liar,Sammy.?
Sanskar-Yes,but not about my feeling for u. 6 yrs we’ve been apart.I can’t let u walk out of my life again.
Watch me.You have to forgive me.Plz(He said with desperation,his eyes pleading?).

Swara rose from her chair,& the waitress picked that moment to come by the table.

Waitress-Is everything all right over hrre?(looking from one to another).
Sanskar-We’re fine.(keeping his gaze pinned on Swara).

He rose from his chair,too.

Swara-My life is perfect,okay?No drama,no problems.I like my life the way it is.
Sanskar-I’m not bringing any drama.
Swara-Leave me alone,Sammy.?(At the hard note in her voice, the waitress eased away).
I never want to see u again.Stay away from me for good this time.Do u understand??

She turned around & started walking away.

She didn’t slow down.She didn’t turn.She kept on moving until she was safely out the door.

Precap-How will Sanskar convience Swara?Will Swara believe him again?

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