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Bigg Boss 10 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Salman is in his room, he says this is first weekend, i am nervous, i feel like they will attack me, they have two cats in house one is Lopa and other is Priyanka. Lopa and Priyanka’s sweeping fight is shown. Then Priyanka asks Lopa to wash her clothes, Lopa says first wash your face, Priyanka says when you wash your face see how it becomes, Lopa says atleast i have title to live, video ends. Salman says if i open topic, they will bore holes in me, not everyone has talent to look in eyes and talk, i am talking about basanti(Lokesh). Video plays, Lokesh says to camera that report is Bigg boss wants to make slaves work, video ends. Salman says there is morning moon in house who just dance in morning and hides whole day. Mona’s morning dance is shown, Swami praises her dance, Naveen says


if you had come in moves some years then Swami wouldnt have been Swami, video ends. Salman says there is one guy who speaks what others want to listen, some things seem like made by him only but who knows it my be true, its Swami om. Video plays, Swami says to Lopa that i have ghosts as my pet, i have entertainment with them. Swami says to Niti that i walk on water, this is my power, i never told anyone. He says to Mona that your face is like flower. Swami says they were taking me as celebrity, i did mistake by becoming commoner, Manu says people like him sho stop missiles are between us, he has changed path of sea too. Swami stealing axe spray and putting in his bag is shown too, video ends. Salman cant stop laughing. Salman says i need blessing of yours to commence this show, he takes his blazer and goes out of his dressing room.

Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to weekend ka Vaar. He says this is first weekend, its unbelievable that we had to see so much action in one week, dont know what will happen later. Swami threatening to Lopa is shown, Priyanka’s fight with Rohan is shown, Manu’s fight with Rohan is shown. Salman says this is no contest, whole game was one sided, commoners took on celebrities easily, they made them loose and didnt allow them to recover. Lets see whom audience will support. GAURAV, MONA, PRIYANKA, and MANU are nominated. Salman says lets see what is happening in house.
Video plays, Lopa is singing and getting ready for weekend. Bigg boss says lets see how commoners are getting ready. Swami says to Priyanka that my daughter should look most beautiful. Lokesh says i am afraid to do makeup. Naveen says my hair look good this way. Swami says all girls will faint seeing you. Lopa straighten Swami’s hair and says you are looking great. Lopa does Lokesh’s makeup too.

Salman says lets go in house. Video call is connected to house. All are excited to see Salman. Salman asks how are you? Swami says latest hero of india, Salman asks how is it going? all answer at same time. Salman asks Swami what he did with hair? Swami says what you wanted, i did it, Lopa laughs. Salman says who did it? Swami says my daughter did it, Salman asks who is your daughter? Swami puts hand on Priyanka’s head and says she is my daughter, Salman says you are destroying her hair now, all laugh. Salman asks Manu to bring Mona here, all clap. Swami says i was thinking that when you come, Mona will come out of jail, thats why i said that you are greatest hero of india and soon you will be greattest hero of world, all laugh, Salman says thank you. Mona comes there and says thank you so much, he asks how are you? she says now i am good, he asks how was jail experience? she says it was good experience, Salman says my experience of jail was not good though, all laugh. Salman says Swami wanted AC in jail, all laugh. Salman asks Swami how much he is sleeping in house? you said that you sleep 1hour only, i told you to not say things like that, Swami says i used to serve people 22hours in outside world, Salman says crores of people are watching you here and you are not doing any work, Swami says nobody is interested here to listen to me. Salman says you said that you only eat fruit sometime, Swami says i used to not get time to eat outside. Salman asks who doesnt believe when Swami says he can walk on water, all raise their hands not believing him except Priyanka, Swami says i didnt say it, Salman says i have seen it. Salman says to celebrities that i told you that commoners will be with you and they have showed you reality in first week only. he asks Lokesh how she is? he says i am fine, how are you? he acts like her and says i am fine, all laugh. Salman says the way you talk to camera, its great, he says you have to use this talent and do one work, tell me first who are nominated, she says Gaurav, Mona darling, Manu and Priyanka. Salman says Priyanka you are nominated? you shouted so much and still in nominations? i know now that why your husband let you go, you take small issue make it big one, your husband is muse right? you must be making muesli of him, all laugh, Priyanka is embarrassed, Salman asks Lokesh to get up and tell us something about nominated people and why they are nominated and who will eliminated today. Lokesh comes infront of camera and says Gaurav is nice, he is tall, handsome, does yoga too. Mona is chamak challo, she is sweet, cute and innocent, Manu is entertainment full package. Priyanka uff.. she is good, she doesnt keep anything in her heart, she says everything in your face, she is fighter, entertainment, happy person. I dont want anyone to go but i feel that Mona will go, Salman asks what did she do? Lokesh says didnt do anything thats why she will go, all laugh, Rohan gives side hug to Mona, Salman says lokesh if you have problem in house then dont remember me all laugh. Salman says there is one throne, what is it for? Priyanka says maybe it is for cruel owner, Salman says this throne has name Khalnayak seat, the person you think is khalnayak(villain) of house, will sit on this seat. Salman says lets starts with Rahul. He asks how is it going? Rahul says its little difficult, Salman laughs and says its just one week that passed, Rahul says its really difficult, Salman says its just one week, its nothing, Rahul says in one week i got to know how to cook, wash bathroom, clean slabs and all, it feels good sometimes too. Salman says you will be changed man after you go out of house, Rahul says i believe that, i am getting current in first week itself, Salman says this house will be contracting, voice will be louder, Rahul says dont make me more scared. Salman asks who is villain? Rahul says Priyanka, Gaurav says i would second his opinion, its Priyanka. Bani says Akansha, i saw her unexpected behavior, i had personal experience with her so i would take her name, Mona says Priyanka for me because she talks differently, Salman asks how? Mona cheaply talks and mimics Priyanka, all laugh, Mona says she is loud, i dont want her to feel bad, Priyanka says no problem. Salman says to Rohan that dont shout when you are eating, he asks to take one name. Rohan says baba ji, Salman laughs and asks who baba ji? Rohan says Swami om, he is not only villain of house but of whole India. Lopa says villain of this house is Swami because how he threatened me, if someone shouts on me and abuses me is villain but if someone threatens me then is villainish. he apologized and i forgave, i am forgiving person but i dont forget, so i think he is villain. Salman says to Swami that threatening on TV? its all getting recorded. Karan says for me its Priyanka, because she is playing nice, Salman says this is fact, bigg boss starts after 7th or 8th episode but she started it from first day. Akansha says for me its Swami, i dont agree with him. Niti says hi Salman, he says hi google, all laugh. Niti says for me its Priyanka because what i cant ask celebrities to do, she says it without blinking, her hard task master behavior doesnt look good. Lokesh says for me its Swami, he threatened Lopa and then he talked against all women but he changed now., Manu says for me its Gaurav, he asks Rohan whats his name? Rohan says Rohan, Salman says you dont know his name? Manu says no, Salman says whole india knows him, you are staying with him in house for one week and you dont know his name? Manu says i call him and Karan as Mehra brothers so i dont know his name, i didnt even know Karan’s name, Salman says you are biggest celebrity then, Manu says its my mistake then, Salman says its not mistake but insult, you are living with people, you fight with them, you insult them, and you dont even know his name, Manu says its my mistake. Naveen says for me its Rohan. Manveer says for me its Swami, Salman asks why you are behind him? Manveer says he started talking about commoners being slaves, Swami says i wanted unity, Salman says your time will come Swami, take deep breathes, Swami take deep breathes, all laugh. Priyank says Bani is villain for me, i dont understand attitude of theirs, they have tantrums, Salman laughs and says going good. Priyanka says they are slaves and they ask us to say please or sorry when we order them. Salman says what you make your kids learn? first thing you make your kids learn when start talkin sorry, please, thank you words right? Priyanka says i understand that but its task, Salman says all parents, all teachers, all gurus say it, even we say please to your staff members, this is game, they are not actually your servants right? this is task, when i talk to my staff, i say please, if i get angry on them, i say sorry later, you had problem when Bani asked you to say please, and you had problem with other thing, she asks what? he says you tell me, if my mother used to make cigarettes.. Priyanka puts her head down listening it and says i am sorry for that, Salman says even biggest stars and celebrities used to make tea and got to biggest positions. Priyanka says i felt like they were just targeting me, i am sorry for that. Salman says it will be interesting to know who you call villain. Swami says Lopa. Swami says she was your daughter, you were going to make her win and take her to Miss world, Lopa laughs, Salman says it changed in one week and you threatened too, Swami says she was my daughter, is my daughter and will remain one but she betrayed me and its biggest sin, she insulted me too, she called me Mr, Salman says she called you Mr and called you ‘ji’ too, what else you want? Swami says she pointed fingers at me and called me Mr. Om, you can see it in clips, she threatened me too, i remained silent and apologized, i had mental fever, Salman says i didnt see Lopa threatening you, Swami says you see clip, Salman says i have seen everything, i didnt find anything threat from her side, you cant make anyone go back or forth, dont do in this discussion, she doesnt need you to take her forward or backward in her career, you have come in bigg boss house, you will live here as per bigg boss, Swami says i follow bigg boss orders, Salman says you are not responsible for anyone here, you are watched on Tv, Swami says i am sorry for all that, Salman says you are senior, you said that you have experience, in one week you are getting angry, scolding, threatening, you are Swami, you should be peaceful, Swami says bigg boss said that i can do anything to keep my secret hidden and Lopa said to me that she promises on her mother that she wont tell my secret to anyone. Salman says anything meant you can threaten people? you were like you come out of house and my people will see, you are threatening her in house about outside world, you can threaten this to boys but dont give this threat to girls, Swami says i am devi follower, Salman says its not seen, Swami says i had fever, i cried for first time, if one man does mistake and is going mad, cant you forgive me? i will rectify it, Salman says you cant take advantage of being in weak mental state, this rule is for everyone, so much happened in one week so think what will happen later, you cant go like that you fight with everyone then go and say sorry, then fight then say sorry, it doesnt work like that, Swami says Lopa fight with everyone and doesnt even say sorry, Manveer says its not about that. Salman says Priyanka got 5votes and Swami got 5votes too, Swami shouldnt have got even one vote, Swami says i did first and last mistake of my life, i wont do this mistake again, Salman says clap for him, we will see this next week too, all laugh and clap including Lopa. Priyanka says i will go and sit on seat, Salman says they will decide themselves. Priyanka asks Swami should i go? he asks why she wants to go? she says i cant see him on villain chair, he is not villain, he is away from social world, he doesnt know what he is saying, he doesnt deserve to be here, Salman says very well. Priyanka goes and sit on villain seat. Salman says to Lopa that you think commoners were taking advantage of being owners, she says they took wrong advantage, they used to give different orders for food even knowing that we have limited ration, they were inconsiderate. Salman asks Karan if he agrees with Lopa? Karan says i dont think they were harsh, they were considerate too. Salman asks why Priyanka is sitting there? Karan says Priyanka took good charge on acting as villain, she was leading the task. Salman says how much staff you have at house? Karan says two, three staff, salman asks do you ever behave like that with your staff? Karan says no never, Salman says everything is going good because they have seen all seasons of bigg boss ten ten times, and they think this is bigg boss but this is not Bigg boss, when 8people talk at one time then no one is able to listen anything, usually in previous season there was mediator who used to calm people down but here all are playing game, this is all drama, small issues are being blown out of proportion and public knows everything, i am not going to tell you if they are enjoying or not. He asks Priyanka what she thinks about Lopa and Karan’s comment. Priyanka says when we came in house, we were given task which we had to hide and because of that i couldnt mingle with celebs, they took me wrong, when we got to know that we were owners, we tried to play game and could make them do things, people wanted us lenient, food was bad so we cooked our own food as you need food to play game. Salman says tell me if food was bad or was deliberately made bad? Lopa says from where i come, we have learned that making food and serving is biggest serving to humanity, my family taught me this, we followed it, whatever ration we had, we tried to make best out of it, Salman says if food was deliberately made bad then celebs are totally at fault, Gaurav says we tried our best, Salman says but if if they put all their capacity and couldnt make good food because they dont know how to cook or couldnt taste it. Manu says what i saw was that they tried their best but they are not able to make it, Lopa put all ingredients but it doesnt turn out good. Salman says you called food rubbish, Manu says i said it one time too, Salman says issue is made because of one time comment only, Manu says i gave them demands, and tried to make it fine, Salman asks what kind of service you wanted? taaj hotel? Manu says i wanted home made food, Salman says you could see that either their wives, or cooks make food for them, they wil go for shooting or cook whole day? Manu says i just called it rubbish to my team but it went to their team, Karan says Lopa felt bad when she got to know that he said it, Salman says you can praise girl Manu, Manu says i praised them many times too, you are just pointing my bad comments, Salman says if you say one wrong thing then it will be heavier on 100right things. Salman asks Priyanka what kind of service she wanted from slaves? Priyanka says i wanted them to talk to us, this is not shooting, i wanted them to clean kitchen, they think they have cleaned it but you know there was ant on roti, but they its clean, i am not saying that i am most cleanliness person but they can take care of basic things, Salman says so they didnt clean dishes, bathroom and kitchen. Salman says to Rohan about water glass. Rohan says when she talked about mother making smoking sticks, it got stuck in my mind and i thought i will do everything in task, i was angry and i didnt intend to throw water on her, i said sorry to her. Priyank says like Lopa said she forgives but doesnt forget but i forgive and forget too, Salman says clap for devi, all laugh, Salman asks why temper is high? Priyanka says its difficult to live with people who think they we are common and nothing, Salman says Karan said many times that they are common too and they worked their way up to come here, they worked in their fields and you worked in your fields, you are calling yourself commoners, you gave your video to come here and become celebrity, why anyone would leave his house and come here? those who wanted to be celebrity came here, and people are watching you for one week so you have become celebrity. Salman says to Gaurav that they might think because you were behaving differently with them and maintaining distance with them, did that happen? Gaurav says i dont think so it happened, we had shock everyday, we get involved in solving it daily but this is bigg boss house and there are cameras everywhere so our behavior can be shown on Tv, Salman says correct. Salman says to Manveer that you said that they wont leave their attitudes, Manveer says it takes time to leave attitude, we gave them time for first two days but they didnt change, they dont come to talk and interact, Salman asks Naveen if he wanna say? Naveen says they were strained, with Rohan and Bani. Salman says my request to celebs is that if they are feeling that you are maintaining distance even if its not true, its your responsibility to finish it, because even feedback is showing that you people are not putting effort to get to know them better.

Salman says tell me what was the reason in failing secret task? Gaurav says their secrets were about their families and home which we didnt know and we couldnt see it in behavior, they knew what they dont have to say infront of me and other inmate confused us with other’s secret, Bani says we so innocently believed their words, like donkeys we followed them, all laugh, Bani says this is all we could do. Salman says Swami’s secret about missile was most difficult, all laugh. Salman says there was no passion for winning, he says to Gaurav that you dedicated whole task to Priyanka, all laugh, Salman says if it was secret that i am owner of colors channel, you would say Priyanka. Priyank says so cute, Salman says you like Priyanka that much? you must be dying on her smile? Gaurav says i would die anyway. Salman says who sleeps with doll? all laugh, Salman says the man who tries to act all macho and sleep with doll at night. Salman says commoners did task very well and celebs had less involvement, celebs got one more change in horse task but you failed in that too. Salman says to Rohan that you wanted to do that task then why you didnt do it? Rohan says i wanted to go but we had group discussion, i said that i would have done it, Salman asks why they lost task? rohan says we have listened that Bani have done many reality shows, hosted too, i thought she would be strong and she said that she would make us win but when she in task, she thought her grandmother wont like her peeing on TV and she wouldnt like it too, so she left task. Salman asks bani if leaving task was her decision or someone asked her to leave? Bani says it was my own decision but as we all saw to how much extent Priyanka went to win this task, it was near impossible, i would never be able to do it and it was my personal choice and i stuck by it. Salman says one man who was ready to do anything even peeing in task, you didnt allow him to go. Salman says in celebs, Lopa and Rohan are only one which has passion.

Salman asks Gaurav if he is tensed about nominations? he says yes. Salman asks Mona, she says there are too many tasks, too much work here, i am scared seeing all this, Salman says you dance easily, do work easily too, show women power, Mona says i went to jail for two days, i stayed there, Salman says we are bearing you too. Salman says Priyanka is this seat pricky? she says yes, he asks her to gain weight. Salman asks Manu if everything is going fine? Manu says i talk with everyone, i am getting along and sometimes things go out of hands, Salman says be yourself, you dont know in this house if you are going right or wrong, it shows if you are making issue deliberately. Salman says this will be difficult season for me because i became celebrity because of common people so i cant take side of celebs or commoners, it will be difficult for celebs too, it will be diffifult for commoners because they see celebs on Tv and if now you talk with him in insulting way while they are behaving coolly with you then you will be shown negative, one side is you are standing in line for autograph and other side you are shouting on them in house, Manu when you will meet them outside, you wont shout on me, work on sense of humor, entertain people. Salman says if anyone has phone inside? Manu says no one has it. Salman asks who is phone addict in house? Manu, Mona, Lopa, and Rohan raise their hands, Salman says to Mona that there is good news for you, one of you will get phone call.. Salman asks Rahul to wake up, all laugh. Salman says caller will ask you question.

Call is connected to caller, Salman mimics Amitabh from Kaun banega crorepati. Caller is Abhishek Gujjar, he says i want to talk to Manveer Gujjar, Salman says talk Gujjar-Gujjar. Caller says to Manveer that we liked your attitude when you came ons tage but we are not seeing you much in house, it seems like you are under pressure, you are not participating,

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