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Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Manveer, Naveen and Lokesh are singing bigg boss song, Manveer is beat boxing, Manuis dancing. Lokesh hugs pillar and says hello my family, i miss you Kanchan, Manu says she is coming to you, he acts like Lokesh and says i have come to bigg boss and soon i will be back to home, watch me in house next week, they all laugh.


Day 3 (continued)
Celebrities are in activity area, bigg boss says lets see next riddle and guess whose secret it is.
Secret no. 5:
Every mother teaches you how to fight with problems but my mother make smoking sticks to run house, i am special child of special mother, guess who?

Bani says its Manu, Rahul says her mother might be teacher, they discuss financial condition. Bigg boss ask them to leave activity area, they leave. Gaurav and

Rahul discuss about riddle.

Gaurav says to Rohan that they make smoking sticks in calcutta, i am talking about Naveen. Gaurav comes to Karan and asks if smoking sticks are made in Rajhistan or Calcutta? Karan says Rajhistan, it also happens in Bihar. Gaurav says its confusing. Rohan says Priyanka is bold too, she protect her husband when needed be, Gaurav is moping and says if i see Priyanka, she has good english and good financial situation, i see that she has learned it not from childhood but by going abroad.

All are in lounge, Rohan reads riddle and says this is secret of Priyanka. Priyanka says mother makes it. Bigg boss asks Priyanka if this answer is correct? She says no no no, never, my mom is not here, she is angry. Bigg boss says slaves lost one more time. Priyanka says this is limit. Naveen hugs her and be clam. She cries, they take her away. Rahul says i was sure it was Manu. Swami says to Priyanka that i am proud of you, i have very good daughter. Lokesh says to Priyanka that you are proud of your mother but she is mother of someone too. Naveen says you are giving wrong message, Manu says you give message that you are bold, Priyanka cries, Swami hugs her.
Nitibha says to Akansha that hats off to guy Naveen, he didnt give any reaction that it was his secret, if he gave reaction then they would have known secrets of all. Akansha says they insulted common man, Nitibha says commoners make cigerrattes and do all other stuff, Akansha says they insulted common man.
Nitibha and Akansha comes to others, they say that they insulted commoners, Naveen says its no insult, stop it, he ask them to listen. Akansha says i feel that if i am common man then if commoners sweep, are janitors then we should be proud of them. Priyanka comes, Akansha says he must have felt bad, Naveen says listen to me, Nitibha says dont shout, she closes her eyes. Priyanka says if you are all blaming me that i didnt care about his mother then you dont me, Nitibha says if you think you are good hearted person then you should say sorry to them, Swami says say sorry to Bigg boss, Nitibha says let me talk, Swami says no i will talk, she says dont point at me and talk. Manu says Naveen doesnt want any sorry. Priyanka tries to hug him but he moves away. Lopa is seeing everything from far and little tensed, Nitibha says we are winning even then you have problem? Naveen says it was like i was made fun of.
Gaurav says to Rahul that Nitibha and Akansha must be defending him. Mona says everyone has past, you dont have to be embarrassed about it. Rohan says this is good thing, they laugh.

Manveer asks Naveen if he has problem? he says not at all, if i had any problem then i would have shown, i didnt make any plan, i would have forgiven anyone who had said it against me, Manveer says everything is fair in this game, lie, cheat, ditching, betraying and all, we can make strategy and ask for forgiveness from clebrities but we have to live with them too, Naveen says Nitibha was asking me take stand against them but they would apologize and it would end, this is my stand, Manveer says because of this stand, one day bike will fall.

All are lying on beds. Priyanka says to Swami that i should cal for water. She rings bell and asks if there is any slave awake? she asks for water. Rohan and Mona wakes up and says you worked hard today so you must need water. Priyanka says how you do know what hard work we did? Rohan says you are working hard in plotting and planning. Priyanka says really? i can bring whole Amritsar here. Rohan and Mona comes to kitchen and brings water for Priyanka. Rohan pushes glass to her mouth, he says you asked me to make you drink it, She pushes glass away and says this is way to make her drink water? Swami says what is this this way to give water? Rohan asks Swami to drink water, Priyanka says you brought water to my mouth, is this way? Rohan says i didnt throw on her, i was just making you drink, she says arent you ashamed to throw water on me? this is what you parents taught you? Priyanka says you stupid, i will throw water on you, you threw water on my mic. Rohan says i didnt, i am slave, i just brought water, you asked me to make drink water so i did, Swami says this doesnt mean you throw it on her. Priyanka says come here now. She gets up and says my whole mic is wet. She says now i will make you rest, she takes him away and says you play dirty with me? i will show you now, Rohan says all can see who did dirty. Swami says to Akansha and Nitibha that where is your women respect? Akansha says dont shout, Swami says where is your women power now? Nitibha says dont taunt us.
Priyanka brings Rohan to washroom and says wash my clothes, he says its just work, i will wash it, dont say i messed it up. Akansha says to Swami that we just try to sleep but you people start your drama. Manveer says to Rohan that what is this way to make her drink? Priyanka shows her chest and says see it went inside, Rohan says dont show it like this, Manveer says this is not way. Rahul asks Rohan to leave it, just end it, Manveer says why would you make her drink it, Rahul says i am just saying that this is not time. Priyanka says should i tell about that night? i am silent, i should tell about night when you jerk, Rohan says what are you talking about? Priyanka says i know him from 10years, i know from which slum you came, Manveer says you should have send someone else for water, Rohan says i am sorry, i was just giving you water and it just slipped a little, i am sorry about it, i didnt intend for it, Priyanka says i am more frustrated than you, i take you as my kid, you could have made your team win this task by telling them that you know my family, you didnt tell them that you know my family? you made them loose, if i start telling about you then it would go ahead. She leaves.
Priyanka says to camera that i just asked for water, i didnt ask for any work, even now i am not asking him to wash clothes. Swami says she is shy thats why now saying but he intentionally put water inside her shirt.
Priyanka says to Gaurav that he put water inside my shirt, i know him from before, he is cheap guy, his whole family is like this, i know his family, bad family’s bad guy, it shows what his mother taught him, Gaurav doesnt answer her.

Priyanka asks Rohan to come to jail, he says lets leave it now, i am sorry, Priyanka says this is what your mom taught you? should i tell about your family on Tv? Rohan says i am sorry, i am going to jail but i am sorry, Priyanka says you are young in age and thinking both. Priyanka says if i start speaking then you wont be able to speak. Rohan says what would you say? Priyanka says dont push me, i am just silent, Rohan goes in jail, she locks him up and takes key with her. She says atleast he should think about his age. Rohan says i just met her once, we went clubbing, i met her for 10minutes only. Priyanka says to Rahul that you think that only industry people are sane one, we are not that commoner too, i told you that i am coming from very nice family, Gaurav says why you are so hurt about it? Priyanka says he is taking revenge from me, Gaurav says you should be proud of that mother, why you are feeling ashamed? Lokesh says to Rohan that anyone can get angry in that situation, he says yes, Lokesh says we will make her understand. Karan talks to Priyanka. Priyanka comes to Rohan and says you want more footage so you want to be in jail, Karan brings Rohan out, Priyanka says come out, punishment ended, Priyanka says i will be more hurt then him, i am not person who will be happy to punish anyone, Karan asks Rohan to say sorry. Rohan comes and says i am sorry, Priyanka says you should have let Mona to give me water, Rohan says i had anger, i am sorry, Rahul says end it.

Rahul says to Karan that he wants attention. Karan says no he is just kid from mind, i told him to not do any scene but he wont listen, i made him understand to not fight with Priyanka but he didnt listen, Priyanka talked about Naveen’s mother and it went to Rohan’s mind, he thought about it and reacted, Gaurav says even Naveen was not happy with all that scene, Naveen was forced too, Karan says it might be his game, Naveen has temperament, but Rohan doesnt have it, Gaurav says you think Bigg boss thought of a plan? he says might be.
Rohan comes to restroom. He washes his face and goes in washroom. Karan comes there and ask if he is fine? Rohan comes out, Karan asks what are you thinking? Rohan says nothing, Karan asks why you are swelling your eyes like this? he gives him tissue, Rohan says its not about it, i showed anger but she is taking things to wrong side, she is saying what she doesnt know what she is saying, she might know my sister or something but i just met her once for 15minutes, Bigg boss i dont want my family to face problems because of her, maybe she might have met some family friend, i just dont want my family to be in problem, she can say anything to me.

Swami is washing face. He sees axe spray of someone, he smells it and likes, it applies it on shirt, like lots of it, he hides/steal spray in his towel and leaves from there.

Day 4
Bach ke rehna plays. Mona is dancing, Manu is dancing too.

Priyanka says to Manveer that what i am doing is task, nothing else.
Gaurav is teaching Yoga to Karan and Nitibha and says twist your wrists, your mind will get twisted in this house too if it didnt happen till now, now you must feel like beating your back thinking why did you come in this cage? Karan says we brought one out of cage last night.

Gaurav, Nitibha and Karan are standing on one leg, Swami says Nitibha’s balance is good too. Gaurav says you thought she is moon only? Swami says i thought such beautiful girl wont have balance like that. Manu says to Manveer that Swami is watching everything, Manveer says Swami is 25th camera in this house. Manu says someone should make real good tea not like what they give us. Priyanka says they are saying that there is no egg but they are eating 15eggs in one go, and saying to owners that there are no eggs. now Swami has joined yoga group too. Manveer says Yoga is boring, Lokesh says its really good, you dont do it so you dont know, it makes your body flexible, Priyanka says you do it? she says yes, i got to gym too, Priyanka eyes her body, Lokesh says it doesnt show because of doctor problem. Priyanka says if i do yoga, will you do it? Priyanka shows her difficult position of Yoga, Lokesh says i used to do it in childhood, not anymore.

Priyanka says prayer before eating food. She says i have fast today but i never fasted for Karvachauth because my western husband says eat food my wife, when i fasted for first time, i asked my husband can i drink water? he says drink wine if you want, then i asked if i can eat food? he says i dont get fasting and all so dont do it at all.

Manveer says Priyanka that four people make tea. I ask Nitibha(Niti) that why she doesnt go for makeup when they do it, she says that you dont see their setup. Manu says dont irritate Niti, she is useless. Bani and Gaurav comes there, Manveer says you all are working hard for food but what you are cooking is not adjusting, we will prepare breakfast and lunch from now on, Gaurav says fine with us,

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