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Bigg Boss 10 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Breaking news from house:
Rohan says to Manu that this is difference between you people and us. Manu shouts that what he means by difference? dont you dare say it again, what does difference mean? Reporter says Commoners are taking advantage of being owners but now celebrities are answering them back. Lopa says to Priyanka that you are rude, you need help. Karan says to Manu that he doesnt have to say that we cooked rubbish food. Rohan says to Manu that you try to be good but you are not. Reporter says Bigg boss tricked them. Bigg boss says that if slaves win then they will become owners. Reporter says Swami was most afraid by this, he showed his real face. Lopa says to Swami that why he is so scared? Swami says if you try to tell my secret then it will be dangerous for you, i am checking you.


Lopa says to Swami that you cant say those words me, dont say it again.

Day 1 (continued)
Gaurav says to Manu that why he leaving and entering room? we cant sleep. Manu says i went behind Karan as he went to make eggs, i got free when he got free. Mona says why you get angry on everything? Manu says why you are saying that i am disturbing sleep? i was going behind Karan, Gaurav says he couldnt sleep because of you, Manu says i had put cloth on eyes and slept but he woke me up, Karan says till you all dont sleep, we cant sleep, first Swami left then you left, till owners dont sleep then how will we sleep? Manveer says to Manu that let them sleep, they have to work tomorrow. Manu says i am just explaining situation. Gaurav says Karan went to make eggs because we couldnt sleep and got hungry as we kept waiting that you all sleep then we can sleep. Manu says we were all lying to sleep, i brought Swami back to sleep. Rahul says you people are not sleeping, Manu says fine, they go to sleep.

Day 2
lights are switched on. Gupt song plays. Mona is dancing. Swami says to Mona that you are great dancer, i recall my younger days, Lopa says i didnt listen this song before, Mona says its such good song. Naveen says Mona if you came to movies some years back then Swami wont be Swami, Lopa and Mona laughs, Swami says i am Swami by birth, Lopa says Naveen you are bad.

Bell rings. All come in store room. They start changing batteries of mic, Naveen says Swami you dont need mic, you have power to have loud voice, Swami laughs. Manu says food has come. he says to Karan that i will cook food with you, yesterday’s food was rubbish, i cant even eat, rice was worst. Karan stares him.

Lopa makes tea. Manu says good tea, Lopa says dont say outside that its bad tea, Manu says it depends how one thing is cooked. Karan says what are you saying? Manu says she feels i am saying food is bad, Karan says we didnt taste rubbish food, if you say food is rubbish, it hurts, Manu says if you stretch and keep repeating that word Wahaiyat(worst) then thing will go ahead further bad, Lopa says you are using word without realizing intensity of it and how it feels bad, Manu says what can i do then? Bani says then understand consequences, Manu says when i will face it then i will understand, Bani says then say sorry for using that word, you must have said in spur of moment but you think it was wrong word. Manu says i said that Lopa made with so much hard work but i didnt like food, correct yourself, Karan says everyone can see who needs to be corrected, Manu says my God Manan Sir, Karan says its not Manan but Karan, Manu says you are opposite of your face, i just said that i didnt like food, Karan says you called it worst, this is not the way, Rahul says end it.

Manu asks Mona to put sugar in tea. Priyanka rings bell, Bani asks what happened? Priyanka says not you, Bani says you can say without ringing bell, just say please and i will do your work, Priyanka says i called Mona five times to give me drink you didnt give it. Bani gives it to her. Priyanka says i asked Lopa too to give me drink but she forgot, Mona says she was making tea, Priyanka says no problem, Mona says fine.

Priyanka says to Manveer that we are not doing anything in task, they are cooking food, they are forcing to make us sleep and you agreed with them, Manu says it was our plan but we had to sleep because of you. Naveen says to Manu that did you see them fighting? Manu says they are united, they are intelligent, public is seeing it, team is when one doesnt like food then all leave it, but its not happening in our team, he says they are cooking food for themselves, they said that potato cant be given to us because of Ration but they are eating potatoes, Manveer says really? i am not paying attention. Priyanka says we are common people, we offer others what we eat but they are celebrities, they eat good food but dont care what they are giving others to eat, trust me they are like that. Manu says its not abotu celebrities but these people here are doing partiality, they are cooking parathas which they never cooked, Priyanka says Rahul cuts veggies with so much care and take so much tme, Manu says he was cutting spicies like spice will bite him back, Priyanka says he was slowly cutting then i came and showed him how to cut, Manu says they are touching food like its something precious and taking so much time to do one thing, they are showing footage to camera how things are picked and cooked, if we dont do what we are supposed to do then we will not be shown, Swami is doing his stuff to be shown, he says Salman is his, Akansha says what groupism is this? Naveen asks her to sit, Akansha sits in Priyanka’s lap, she asks if she is doing task? Akansha says i am silently doing task, Manu says she tried to order them but nobody listened and she left.

Manveer rings bell. He calls Rohan, Priyanka says Bani said to me that i have to ring bell for everything i want. She reads that we ring bell when i want something that i like to be done, i dont have to request, she says i called Mona five times to give me drink but she didnt, i dont even have to ring bell, you didnt listen to me too, you said that i say please so you give me drink, Bani says i just want to live peacefully here with all, whats wrong in calling please before ordering? Priyanka says dont react before listening to me, Mona was not listening to me so i asked you, Bani says i am not fighting with you. Manveer says to Rohan that why you are arguing? Rohan says i dont have issue with work but i dont want Bigg boss to say that you didnt ring bell and i am already following orders, i thought i have to work only if you ring bell, Gaurav says okay its clear now.
Bani comes to washroom and says to Karan and Swami that you missed fun, their pettiness is coming out, people are not working by heart thats why this is happening.
Priyanka rings bell and says she broke rule. She calls Lopa and asks her to give her drink. Lopa says take it yourself, Priyanka says you are breaking rule, you are eating apple, Lopa says an apple keeps the doctor away. Swami says there is no doctor here.

Manu asks Gaurav to call Bani. He says to Priyanka that you want to send her to jail after making her wash your clothes. Gaurav comes there, Priyanka says when we order, you all have to listen, i wont say please to you, this is task, when we will be slaves, i wont ask to say please for me to work, Manu says why you are giving clarification? Priyanka says Bani broke rule, Manu says we will send her to jail. Priyanka says Mona didnt give me drink when i asked her, if you were standing there, i would have asked you to give it then would you have said to say please then you will give it? Gaurav says i gave you drink two times and even opened can for you, i took care of you and your nails. Priyanka says i asked for five times then i was asked to say please, you are expecting so much from commoner? we have learned to bow down in situations but this is not the way to force people to bow down to you, she starts crying, Gaurav says no one is asking you bow down, Nitibha asks her to not cry, Gaurav leaves. Priyanka says i am alone to follow all rules? you all are with them too. Manu says why you are crying? Priyanka says i am only following rules. Lopa comes, Priyanka says you people think that if i dont say please then i am distrubing peace?
Gaurav comes to Bani and says no crying right? she says yeah obviously, Gaurav says Bani she wants to send you to jail, i said that you didnt break any rule, just dont argue with her, Bani says i am ready to go to jail, Gaurav says just dont argue back, Bani says i didnt argue, Gaurav says i know, she is trying to make a scene, just avoid her, Bani says you are right.
Lopa says to Priyanka that you are rude, she asks how? Lopa says i say truth, you are rude, i just suggested you take drink yourself, she asks if you want more drink? Priyanka says if i ask you eat rice but you want to eat Paratha, Lopa says i will say thanks for advice, so kind of you, Priyanka says i will say that i will eat rice only, this is my way of talking, Lopa hugs her and says my baby, she kisses her forehead and says you need help, you will be fine. Priyanka says go away. Lopa says trust me baby. she comes to kitchen, Mona says my veggies burned because of this woman. Priyanka says Lopa said i need help, it means i need doctor. Gaurav says to Lopa that dont react to her, she is taking your words ‘you need help’ to make scene, just say that i shouldnt have said it, dont argue. Priyanka asks Lopa why she thinks i need help? Lopa says you are calling for drink so i am helping you, i am cooking food for you so i am helping you, right? Priyanka says this is task not help. Lopa says i gave you hug too, Priyanka says you cant tell me i need help, Lopa says if you need any help then let me know. Priyanka says you changed whole thing. Lopa says you burned my veggies, Priyanka asks her to go away, Lopa says you are disturbing me, i need to work.

Lokesh says to camera that Swami’s battery is going down, i mean his mic’s battery is going down so call him to change it, or send two new battries. Swami says i need two brushes too, i need one red and one white box too. Lokesh says it to camera what he wants.

Karan says Lopa asked Priyanka her kids names, one’s name is Alexandar, other’s name is Jerman, she told her that her husband is foreigner, her full name is Priyanka hughes. Rahul says she said that my husband is english man. Karan says Priyanka said she is Mrs. Hughes like use, Lopa thought it was use and she said that use me is written on dustbin, she even said it to Priyanka too, all laugh, Bani says oh my God, dangerous.
Manu says i told Priyanka that she wont anywhere, she got happy then i said that she will go to her home from here. Priyanka says what kind of brother are you Manveer? Manveer says he is saying right, Manu says she is perfect to leave in first week, all laugh.

Salman is connected to inmates through Tv, he says you must have adjusted with each other till now, when you all entered this house, all commoners wrote ten secrets about themselves and put it in bottle, this is your first task. Celebrities have to guess which secrets are of which commoner, Bani says nice. video ends. All clap. Bigg boss asks Gaurav to bring note from store room and read it. Gaurav brings it, Bani says Gaurav acting all important, what a way, he smiles. Gaurav reads luxury budget task. task name is ‘Secret’, bigg boss have secret of each commoner, he will tell this to slaves, slaves have to guess which commoner have that secret and why he thinks so? slaves have to guess right and commoners will have to try that slaves should not guess right, if slaves are able to guess right more and more then slaves will task and will become owners, all clap, Gaurav says owners will become slaves.

Swami is in store room with Lopa, he says i have fever, Lopa says i told to take medicine, Swami says what secret i told you, you should not disclose it, Lopa says let me open door, he says listen to me. Manu is standing outside. Lpopa sees him and says he is here, Manu says you changed sides? Swami says yes. Lopa says let me go, Swami says listen to me, if you tell my secret then it will be dangerous for you, i am checking you, Lopa says you are checking me? they come out. Swami says to Lopa that this is my wish, if you move back from your promise then you will face consequences, Lopa says you can only request me, but you threatened me in store room, one thing, no one can threaten me here, i didnt do anything wrong, i respect you, you are elder, you cant threaten me, Swami says if you dont follow promise then it will be bad for you, Lopa says why you are so scared? Swami says i am not scared, Lopa says you are nervous, Swami says if someone talks to nicely then i talk nicely.

Swami says to Manveer that i and Lopa came in house together, Salman told her about me much, i asked her to not disclose anything about me to anyone, she promised me to not disclose it, if she cheats me then.. Manveer says this is game, what has to happen will happen, remember how it will be projected outside, Swami says i dont care, Manveer says you talked to Lopa, what you told her that you are panicking? Swami says she told me she wont follow her promise.
Lopa says in camera that Swami talked to me and i feel how he talked, he threat me to life, i am not scared but i am shocked to see behavior of Swami like this even after caring for him, i gave him word to protect him, i was doing it but if people talk to me like this then i wont agree.

Bigg boss ask slaves to come to activity area. All slaves come to activity area. They like it. Bigg boss says i will show you secrets and you have to guess which commoner is that

1st Secret:
Mom’s friendship was heavier on me and i got stuck in marriage because of it, guess who i am? Bigg boss ask them to leave. Rahul says it doesnt mean it can only be women, Gaurav says Manu have marriage angle, Bani says Priyanka too, Lopa says lets try to talk to them.

Rahil sits with Priyanka. She asks if he drinks? he says no, i am teetolar, she asks if he smokes? he says not at all, i am into fitness, Priyanka says we dont have much to talk, Rahul says you can tell me about yourself, she says yeah right, Rahul says its not related to anything.
Gaurav is filing Akansha’s nails, he asks if she had arranged marriage? she says yes, Gaurav says it was arranged by family? she says we had courtship, Gaurav asks if families knew each other? Akansha says yes, my mom was friend of my husband’s mom since i was in school, they used to say that they want me as daughter in law, i used to deny it and then entered relationship, then i had breakup, it was my first love, i was like i wont enter love again so i said to mom that i dont trust in love so i will marry anyone you ask, Gaurav says your mom didnt think it was too rushed? you should have gotten time to recover from breakup, Akansha says i married him after two years of breakup. Gaurav says i am filing nails for first time so bear with me, she says no issues, Bani says you have got best man to do it. Akansha says Gaurav dont get distracted from your work, Gaurav says my attention is here only, she smiles. She shows him eyelash brush, he asks if her eyelashes are that long? she says no these are extention and masccara, wish they were these long, but i have pretty long lashes, she shows him, he closely watches her eye lashes, he says pretty eye lashes. Akansha says now you tell me about yourself, he says no need to tell anything, i asked you about arranged marriage because my parents was asking me about it, you told me about unfortunate situation, Akansha says nobody wanted to accepted that i wasnt happy in that marriage, we were not compatible, like i can communicate with you. He asks if they went for honeymoon? she says yes, he asks if it was not romantic? She says i went with my mother in law, we were living in same apartment.

bigg boss says we gave one secret to slaves and it was riddle to solve whose secret it was from commoners. now we want slaves to tell their guess. Gaurav reads secret. he says it was Akansha’s secret. Bigg boss asks Akansha if it was right? She says yes, they guessed it right. Swami says bigg boss commoners have DNA of slavery so they like slavery, they will tell their secrets themselves, Akansha have done same. Akansha says first of all, Gaurav came on stage before my promo video so he knew about me from before, Manu says correct, Akansha says when you dont story then dont judge, he already knew, Swami says you should have denied it, Akansha says what is it about slavery? when you dont know anything then dont become mom, Gaurva asks Akansha to not react. Akansha says i dont have problem, he asks her to calm down, Akansha says i am totally fine but every fu*king time he has to open his fu*king mouth, Lopa says i know, she consoles her, Akansha says he must he Guru at his home not here, Swami says you will know, Akansha says Gaurav already knew about my secret, i didnt have to hide, task has not ended. Manu says darling i know Gaurav knew about you from before, Swami says everyone will say that they knew my secret from before, Akansha says you are future reader so you must know if they know our secrets from before or not. Karan says to Swami that she is saying that Gaurav knew from before so believe her. Gaurav is just smiling seeing all this mess, Swami says i will say what i want.

Swami says to Gaurav that Akansha is thinking to marry you, she doesnt know that person who was not loyal to her first husband then she wont be loyal to second one, she is disrecpecting him on Tv, even celebrity will marry a woman with character, you should break her dream, if you really want to marry her then say it. Gaurav says i didnt see any hint of something like from her side. Swami says woman can change man easily. Gaurav says i understand but woman must wish for that first. Swami says bigg boss is not allowing otherwise my army is stopping wrong deeds, Gaurav says this is TV show, you should not say things like that on Tv.

Swami is talking to Karan. Lopa comes there and says my Karan Arjun will come, they will come, Karan smiles broadly. Swami says let me talk to him daughter, Lopa says i am talking with Karan, he says talk later, Lopa says i want to talk to him rightnow, Swami says why you are acting like kid? she says i am kid, i am kid, Swami says kids dont talk about betraying, Lopa says ignorance is bliss, Priyanka takes her from there. Swami says to Karan that i dont care about my secret being revealed but we dont forgive betrayers, Lopa comes and says you are calling me betrayer again and again, you have said rubbish about me and my family, i didnt say anything against you to anyone till now, Karan agrees, you should be thankful to me, he says i am, Lopa says Mr. Om i am warning you, dont say this word betrayer for me again, i told him that i wont betray him then why he is calling me betrayer again? Swami says i was talking about something different, Karan says yes it was different, Lopa says then why he is using that word again? Swami says i was talking about some incident in ujjain, i was talking about guru who betrayed me, Lopa says i feel you betrayed 15 people to come here, Swami says we make peace between people, Lopa says you would betray that too.

Swam is in confession room. Bigg boss says you know this is TV show, you know its medium, few things should not be said on this show, Swami says you said that you would stop it by any mean, i said that i will try to bring peace, i will try more, i am sorry, i will be careful, Bigg boss says you have knowledge of world, you dont need us to show you path, we just want to tell you that these things are inapproperiate for this show, Swami says i will say sorry to them, Bigg boss asks him to go, Swami says thamks for forgiving me. Swami comes out and says all are eating and left me alone. She sits in dining area. Swami tries to talk to Manveer, Manveer says when you dont expect from person to hurt then it hurts more, Swami says thats why i want to talk about it infront of all, its written in geeta, Manveer says i didnt read geeta but you talk like you have only read it and litterate only, you are saying things to kids, Swami says people tell rubbish in anger, Manveer says you didnt do anything in task, why you are angry? you kept saying we will lose and we lost but we are not angry, you are making us lose, Swami says i am saying that i am asking forgiveness from you all. Manveer says we dont deserve your forgiveness, Swami says anger makes man mad, Manveer says we are not going mad, Swami says Geeta says it too, Manveer says i dont know, Swami says you punish me if you want, Manveer says why would i? Swami says i asked forgiveness because i realize my mistake, you didnt like my talk so i am sorry, Manveer says why you are bringing me in all this? Lopa says to Swami that say sorry to everyone in this house, every women in this country, hold your ear and apologise, Swami hold ears, Lopa says now say that you wont say those words against women again, Swami says i wont repeat it, this telecast will go on tv, Lopa says you are apologizing for tv and will say this rubbish again outside, Swami says when you will go outside daughter.. Lopa says you are doing everything for Tv, be human for once, Swami says i became human, now end this anger, i asked forgiveness, you are devi.

Naveen says to Swami that you have strong personality, help us to fight when we are losing to strong personalities. Rahul is around 46years old, Gaurav is around 46year old too, if you are united with us then it will be easy to fight them, Swami says i am on your side too but you dont listen to me, Manu says you dont listen to us too, Naveen says you fought with a girl, instead you should have fought with strong personality, Manu says fight them fully, Naveen says fight rightfully, Swami says you saved me, Manveer says i would look good if i fight with Manu, fight strong personality, Swami says Arjun killed evils. Naveen says we are not arjun, Swami says so become Arjun, why you want to be coward, you should man up, Manveer says he is right too.

PRECAP- Priyanka says to Rohan that go and wash her clothes now. she throws her clothes and says its my wish, wash it, fight me. Rohan says to Manu that i can do things too, Manu shouts you cant do it even in dreams. Rohan shouts on him too, Rohan says to Manu that this is difference between you people and us. Manu shouts that what he means by difference? dont you dare say it again, what does difference mean? Manu charges at Rohan but Bani and Karan stops him, Rohan says problem is you try to be good but you are not, Bani whistles to stop fight. Swami says to Lopa that i am follower of devi, Lopa says this is about about following devi. Gaurva says to Swami that it doesnt suite to talk these things. Gaurav says to Manveer that if Swami has some problem? the one who has NGO, he remains silent to maintain reputation, when talks exceed limits then it destroys your respect, Manu agrees with him.

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