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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 48)

Hii, thanks for your response on previous part and sorry for delay. Ya my prblm is solved that’s y I will resume my works on telly. Just praying again I not face same problem . just leave all thing and read this part…
Swadi again started to search for their respective partners.
Aditya’s side
Adi madly running on road, but with passing his patience is breaking. Seeing no hope he decided to call swara. But it also resulted as no use . He closes his eyes and started to remembering his moments with her. A smile crept on his face but soon it faded away by remembering recent moments.
Adi : ( shouted) kaira
Adi : ( to himsel ) no I can’t loose my hope. I need to find her.
He again started to find her.
Swara’s condition was no more different from Adi’s condition.
Due to tridness, she slept on floor whereas tears still flowing from her eyes.
After 3 hours,..
Swara open her eyes and find herself at soft thing. After analyzing situation, she found that she is at car seat.
Someone come near and places hand on her shoulder.
By sudden happening, she started to shout.
The person shut her mouth by placing finger on it.
Person: swara claim down, I am sanskar.
Swara still in shock ,she don’t able to know how to react on it.
Seeing her emotions, he came to know her inner traumatic. He make her sit and give water for drink.
Adi angrily seeing someone, the person in front of just passing cute smile.
Adi: are you done with your smiling session?
Person: I was just …
Adi: what just, I am finding you since 3 hours like mad one and you are enjoying with your frnds.
Kaira: what is my fault in it? If they sudden met me.
Adi: All is my fault na, I should never come with you.
Kaira: ya, you can say that.
Adi: do you have any idea, how madly I was searching for you.

Since 2 hours Adi searching for kaira but no use. Suddenly he noticed some people gathering at some distance. His heart beat started to inc , its look like someone accident had happen. With heavy heart he went close to coward but seeing there scenario his anger almost reaches at peak level.
Kaira was sitting between some people and telling jokes to them. All were laughing at her silly jokes. Kaira sees toward adi who is looking like valcano who can burst out any time.
Adi held her hand and began to drag her. Before kaira could react anything, he slap her .
Adi: what the hell is this?
Kayu places her hands on cheeks.
Kayu: why you slap me?
Adi: I should have kill you rather than slapping.
Seeing his anger , Kayu started to smile thinking first time he had show his care toward her.
Fb end

Kayu: I was just enjoying with them. ( innocent face)
Adi: now we are not going anywhere, come with me we are leaving for home.
Kayu: ( blabbering) means again I have to become bore.
Adi: did you said anything?
Kayu; ( with attitude) did you listen anything?
Adi nodded in no.
Kayu: then I didn’t said anything.
Adi: full on mad girl.

Swara still not reacted anything, she is just him without any emotions.
Seeing her condition, sanky started to feeling guilty.
Sanskar: swara, speak something I was just playing prank.
Sanskar jerked her shoulder. Finally she came in this world. She angrily sees him and signs him to take her home.
Sanskar: but swara, you want to
Swara: ( interrupt him) I don’t wanna know anything.
He nodded in yes and began to move toward mm. Now in car, there is no more silence ya instead of silence Swara’s sobbing sounds are there.
He tried to speak something but as usual she is not giving any damn to him.
They almost going to reach mm but nick of time someone came in front of their car.
sanskar tried to stop the car but due to sudden prblm he lost control his control and slightly hit that person.
Swara: sanskar, what you had done?
Sanskar ; swara trust me, I don’t know how it happen. Leave all these things we need to see her.
she nodded in yes.
Both stop the car and run toward accident spot.
The girl was lying unconscious, both reached there . The girl’s face was not visible to them , swara bend down to see that person face. Both become shocked seeing person’s face.

Sanskar: alia
Swara also become shocked seeing her, she has somewhat idea about her madness but she also not thought she will fall that much for sanskar.
She sign sanskar to take alia in his arm but he refuses her saying accident is not so big. She will get consciousness in some moments.
Both started to fight for her. Swara take him aside .
Swara: sanskar, try to understand we need to do it.
Sanskar: I am not going to touch her, I will be most happy person if she will die.
Swara: sanskar, she is just acting.
Sanskar: then wait I will going to show her real place. she will blurt out everything her own.
swara: don’t act like jerk, just think according to our plan we need her.
sanskar: then you go na and help her.
swara: I wish I could but she is so heavy. and you don’t forget she is doing all thing to get you. as her old lover you need to help her.
sanskar: I will prefer to kill her.
swara: you want my forgiveness.
he nodded in yes.
swara: listen dear, I am not going to forgive you for your old deeds just I will forgive you for your latest prank. that you did sometime ago.
sanskar; not fare.
swara: everything is fare between us.
sanskar; you are just crack piece.
swara: I know, now go help your mad lover.

Adira step inside house, kaira was still happy due to the way he showed his anger on her. Whereas adi was confused on her behaviour, since he slapped her instead of becoming angry she is just smiling.
Adi: can you stop smiling?
She nodded in no and run toward her room.
Adi become more confuse by her behaviour but he jerked his thought and leave for room.
sanskar: she is not my lover.
swara: but she is mad for you na .
sanskar: but I am mad for you.
she become silent at his words and move from there.
Sanskar shout from behind ” fine I am helping her”
But before he could lift her someone came near her and lift her in his arm.
Swara: thanks sir, sir pls put this luggage I mean this girl inside our car.
The person follow her order, alia slightly open her one eyes and become shocked seeing that person.
The person was little fat and black in color, in short he was looking like Hollywood movies side villan.
alia: ( to herself) omg, what is in this? I thought my sanskar will lift me but yuck .don’t worry alia, one day he will surely take you in his strong arm.
sanskar become relief seeing it.
Again someone was seeing from far away with tension face.

Precap: sanskar: why swara, why you came between it?
Swara just smile at him and ….????

Now start guessing what is happening there?
Note: okay guys I know it’s short part but now my clg is opening again. So I am busy in completing assignment. Only 2 parts are remaining of this story . ya one more thing I am sure most of you will not going to like its ending, just wait for 50th / last part for your answer ‘ swara has forgiven sanskar or not’
About ylcm you have to wait little long because from now onward I will be not free na.
I know this part is not so good because I had written it in half an hour. First time in my writing history I had complete any part in such hurry.

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