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bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 43) ( starting of revelation)

Sry guys I know many of you are disappointing by less swasan scene,. Again sry for that this part is full of swasan and little adira scene.

Swara looked toward Sanskar with big eyes.
Swara: what?
Sanskar: ha toh, you are not able to do so I thought to help you.
Swara: I am capable enough to change my dress, I don’t need anyone help especially your help.
Sanskar: I am seeing it, you are not able to stand properly and you are saying you will change your dress.
She stood up with pain and angrily move toward washroom.
Sanskar; common, swara don’t be stubborn yr.
Swara: I think you are forgetting something, I only married you for some reason. In front of whole family we have to act as good husband and wife , in this room we are stranger.
She started to move , again going to fall but nick of time he held her. He pick her in arms and moves inside washroom.
She trying to hit him,he angrily sees her. She gave up.
He make her stand under shower and take handkerchief from pocket and tie on his eyes.
While she is just staring him, he started to find her in this process his hand started to hurt. She held his hand and make him touch her.
He help her in changing and removed hanky from his eyes. Again he going to pick her.
Swara: Sanskar I can manage, you should also change.
He nodded in yes, with support of wall she went from there.


Nearly after half an hour, Sanskar came out wearing peach color night dress. Seeing him like that her eyes popped out, she came in sense when he came close to her.
Sanskar: swara, I know I m looking hot but still you can’t stare me like this . you are making me shy.
She distance herself and move from there.
she started to make arrangement on sofa.
Sanskar: swara, you can sleep on bed. You don’t to sleep there most importantly you have back pain.
Without giving any heeds to him, she continue her work this raise up Sanskar anger. He pulled her toward himself, she tried to free , instead of leaving her he pushed her to wall.
Sanskar: I told you na , you don’t need to sleep on couch. Why can’t you sleep on bed.
Listening him, something flashes in her mind. She Stared to see toward bed with teary eyes.
She closed her eyes , only scene of one boy and girl sleeping coming in her mind.
With jerk she open her eyes , with anger she started to see him.
Sanskar; swara, I am asking you something.
Swara: why you did that?
( only anger and pain are on her face)
Sanskar: what about you talking?
Swara: don’t be act as you don’t know anything.
He tried to touch her face, she jerked his hand.
Swara: don’t touch me with your dirty hands.
Sanskar: pls swara , explain me na what I had done now?
Swara: you remember Sanskar, that day you slap me.
She touched her cheeks .
Swara: ya here only
She show her wrist
Swara: you held this and drag me from here.
Still he didn’t able to understand anything.
Sanskar: shona, what are saying?
Swara: if you wanna hurt me then you should have leave na or you should have killed me na.why you sleep with that girl?
Now he understand,what is going in her mind.
Sanskar: you know na that time I was blind in my revenge. That was mistake, now why remembering all that that was past na.
He again tried to touch forehead with his forehead.
She pushes him.
Swara: you are saying, why I don’t able to forget all those things? You answer me if instead of you I had done that , I means I had sleep with someone nd…
Before she could continue he harshly started to kiss her angrily . she tried to push him he hold her hand and started to bite her lips tears started to roll down. She still tried to protest as much she tried his increase biting her More hardly , he fully involve in kissing her forgetting she is not reciprocating him.
He broke kiss due to lack of air.
Before she could say anything, he again hold her tightly.
Sanskar: on every inch of your body even on your soul only I have right. Don’t dare to repeat nonsense or else I will forget my limits.
Swara: only by listening it,your blood boiled then think na what I had felt that time.
Sanskar: how many times I had to make you understand, that time I was blind in revenge. I don’t think about your feeling. Okay you suppose if someday you get to know ragini is not your own sister. Her father is responsible for your mother’s death then don’t you wanna give justice to your mother by destroying her happiness.
She became silent,
Sanskar: see your silence is …
Swara: never, I would never had done like that if ever I get to know like that na then my respect for her will inc more. This is sole difference between us.
He blankly see toward her.
Swara: jiju never make you feel you’re his step brother but what you had done?
Sanskar: if you had so much problem then why marry me? Why you came to me and pleaded to marry you?
Swara: see instead of agreeing with me, you are pointing me.
Sanskar: I already reliased my mistakes , I know I did wrong with everyone specially with you. I deserve punishment but pls again and again not make me remember my deeds. I don’t able to live with it, I will die swara.
Swara: then you think how I am feeling right now seeing this room, that bed, ….
Sanskar: then you should not marry , you already knew all thing..
Swara: if I had option na then I would never married you.
Sanskar: oh common swara, you still love me that’s why you marry me . just like me you also don’t want to loose me.
Swara: in your dream only. You only deserve my hate not love. What you know about love, if you wanna know about love na then ask aditya.
Sanskar; what do you mean?
Swara: you know I am most unluckiest girl, who is responsible for her best frnd condition.
Sanskar became shock listening her words.
Aditya’s room
Adi was crying holding swara’s pic.
Adi ; ( to himself) now I even loss my right to love you. It will be sin to love you swara. How I able to manage myself seeing you like that.
Kaira: adi, I know how much you are feeling pain. Really your love is great.
Adi: no kayu, my love is not great she is great. You don’t know her fully, I know she still had not forgiven him…
Kaira: then why she had married?
Adi: for me.
Kaira: for you? But she don’t love you na.
Adi: yes, that’s why she married him. What she think I will not able to know anything?
Kaira: adi, don’t talk in puzzle. How it’s possible that she came to know about your love? Only I, Sanskar know about na then who had told her?
Adi: I don’t know that but yesterday the way she was seeing me , its seem she was asking me why you love me?
Kaira still not able to understand anything.
Kayu: adi, you need to sleep. We will talk to her later.
Adi: no, I don’t wanna
Kaira: pls na, you need proper sleep.
She make him lie in bed and covered with blanket.
Adi: thanks kayu, for understanding me.
Kaira: adi you are great, after knowing about your love na my love,( adi sees toward her) I mean respect is increased more.
Adi: kayu, you are very good. I hope atleast you get your love.
Kaira: I don’t think so. Good night and take care of my new frnd. I don’t wanna any giant should disturb my frnd.
Adi: you too duck.
She went from there.
Swasan room
Swara: yes Sanskar, go and ask him what is mean of true love? How in love we loss our self? How we always think about our loved one happiness?
Sanskar: that mean you got to everything? Only for saving him you use me. That’s why you come to me.
Swara: no Sanskar, this is not truth. Ya this is also one of reason but nt fully. I only married you because….
Precap; I am not giving you any Precap.
You all are right she married him due to his love. Omg now what is she trying to say other reason also? So much confusion na ?????
Think , guys run your CID mind. Next part will be on Saturday or sunday only. Tmrw I will post teaser so wait for another shock ….
Well if response will be not good then Tuesday….
I hope you are happy with Swasan scene, today I was not going to update but seeing you all are missing swasan that’s y I give you early update.
Chandu, now bang your head more because now more confusion na.
Bye, take care and love you all….

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