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Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 2)

Arjun reaches his college and is talking to a girl on his phone.

Girl(angrily): Arjun u promised to meet me yesterday but didn’t come.
Arjun(remembering that he was with some other girl): Sorry baby! I went to the temple with my mom.
Girl: Really! u r very sweet.
Arjun: I know that.
Girl: By the way, how is your college.
Arjun(sees an another girl): She is hot!
Girl: What?
Arjun: I mean I am still outside and its very hot.
Girl: Okay,we will meet today then. Bye.


Arjun goes to the other girl and starts flirting. She enjoys it too.Just then her bf comes there.

Arjun: I was just asking about my classroom as its my first day.
Girl: Yes he was asking about his room. Go straight you will find room no. 989, that’s not your room. Turn left u will find rooms 482 and 486 those again are not your room, then turn right u will find room no. 1. That’s your room.
The girl leaves with her bf and signals Arjun to call her. Arjun notes down the no. and smiles.

In the classroom;

Maya enters; all the boys stare at her while girls feel jealous. She sits on the first seat. The teacher enters and starts the roll call. He stops at Maya’s name and asks whether she is the daughter of Mr. Anil Mittal. Maya says yes. The class starts talking about the newsnews. Maya stands up.

Maya: Sir, I believe that everyone has an identity and I too have mine. For now I am just Maya and I want that the world know me by my name.
Arjun’s friend: What an attitude!

The class bursts into a laughter. Maya thinks that it was Arjun who passed the comment and looks at him angrily. The teacher says silence and starts teaching. Some girls still talk about Maya’s father. Maya fumes. She starts breathing heavily and clutches the page of her notebook and tears it. Teacher notices her and asks whether she is fine. Maya rushes outside and comes to the washroom. She takes some antidepressant tablets and is relieved.

In the classroom Arjun’s friend say that its the first day at the college and the girls are already falling for him. Arjun boasts of himself. One of Arjun’s friend challenge him to flirt with Maya. Arjun accepts it.

Precap: Arjun sings a song for Maya. She walks towards him as he stands in style. She walks past him without noticing him.

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