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Beyhadh 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Maya gives termination letter to Arjun and 2 other employees. Arjun asks her to terminate him and spare other 2. She asks him to drink beer until she says to stop termination. He gulps bottles after bottles and falls unconscious. Maya tears termination letters. Employees drop arjun home.


In the morning, Saanj throws water on Arjun and wakes him up. She scolds him why did he drink so much liquor. He tries to speak. She continues scolding why did he drink in office.

Maya at her home prays god and apologizes for punishing Arjun and says she had to teach him a lesson for his mistake. She hears mom shouting from her room and rushes in and sees mom throwing things on servants. Maya calms her down. Mom says she wants to go out and is tired of her room. Maya says she should

be in her room for her protection and promises sh will take her out.

Arjun travels in his jeep with Saanjh towards his office. Saanjh sees temple on the side of road and asks him to stop. He says no… She gets out of jeep and starts praying in front of temple. People silently carry temple. Arjun laughs and says god also is afraid of Dusky/Saanjh and jokes with her.

Arjun reaches home and sees Maya still has not come to office. Colleagues see him and run away. He goes and sits on his desk and asks peon what is happened. Peon says everyone has bet that he will get someone out of job today and requests to do so as he has bet 200 rs. Arjun starts sketching Maya with horns. Maya enters office and watches him dring her pic with horn. Arjun gets afraid seeing her and apologizes. She walks to her cabin. He walks behind and says he will leave before she terminates him again. She says he drew it right, next time he should draw bigger horns. She then asks him to complete project and then go. Arjun goes back to his desk and starts working.

Maya gets complementary gold class show tickets. She calls her mom and says she is coming home and will take her out. Arjun continues working on his desk. Maya’s assistant tells him that he has to stay till 12 midnight and finish his project. She gives him economy class tickets and says she will take Maya’s gold class tickets as Maya does not go anywhere. Arjun goes to Maya’s cabin. She gets up and hits his nose by mistake. He says it is okay. She goes out. He sees gold class tickets, reminisces assistant’s words, and silently changes gold class tickets with economy class tickets and silently leaves.

Precap: Maya with her mom goes for a show and security stops them and says she just has gold class envelope with economy class tickets in it. Arjun, Saanjh, and Ayan get afraid seeing Maya and peep from seats. Maya fumes.

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