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Beyhadh 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Saanjh and Arjun play chana throwing game. Saanjh throws chana on Arjun’s face and he has to catch it. He says he does not want to play as she is throwing on his eyes. She says he threw on her last time. He gets up. She gives him chanas. He gets a call from office and is informed that he has to be at office by 8 a.m. He tells Saanjh that he does not have any tension, except Maya. She ordered him to come to office at 8 a.m., who will wake up at 8 a.m.

Maya’s mother knocks her room door and asks to open it. Maya is seen sitting behind sofa and shiving in fear. Mom says she knows what she is going through, but he is her papa. Maya keeps her hands on her ears and continues shivering in fear.

In the morning, Saanjh calls Arjun’s brother Ayan and scolds how

can Arjun be so careless, he has to be at office by 8 a.m., but he is still sleeping, Maya must hae laid a trap for him and he wil fall in it. Ayan keeps phone on Arjun’s ears. Arjun wakes up in a hurry and asks Ayan to press shirt for him. Mom brings shirt. He says he does not want to wear it, then says it is okay he does not want to waste electricity. Mom leaves. Ayan asks if he should press another shirt. Ayan throws towel on him.

Arjun reaches office parking lot and finds a new watchman who says because old watchman could not park car properly, he was dismissed. Arjun then enters office and tells Maya’s assistant that watchman was dismissed because of his mistake He finds new receptionist who says she is Maya’s new assistant. Arjun is shocked and says khadoos has replaced even her. He goes to his desk where peon says Maya has left for the shoot 30 min ago and he may lose his job. He rushes to shooting venue and blushes seeing models. He takes camera and guides crew members. One of crew member asks who is he. He says he is a photographer. Crew member says but maya madam.. Arjun says madam always blubbers. Maya comes with photographer who asks why did not she tell that she has hired a new photographer, he did not know her firm has gone so low to hire any roadster as photographer. Arjun throws attitude comment. Maya says he is an intern and since he is unfit for this job and came late, he is out. Photographer taunts it happens when roasters think they are greater, asks to take his bag and walk out. Arjun goes to Maya and asks if she carries a quota dismissing people, today watchman, assistant and now he, who will work for her. She says who carry a dream and ambiition.

Saanjh calls Arjun and asks what happened now. He says maya happened and says bhadme jaye tu and bhadme jaye maya and job. She says tu ja bhadme/you go to hell. She then sees boss coming towards her and looking at client’s name as Bhadme acts as talking to client. Boss gets impressed. She says she is going to meet client Bhadme and leaves.

Arjun sees a sign board that winner never gives up and whoever gives up will never win. He goes back to Maya and says he can do anything to get this job. She asks to go and correct model’s clothes. He goes and gets male model ready. Female model calls him and asks to zip her dress. He walks towards her. Male model asks who will zip his pant. He goes back. Female model leaves. Photographer shows clicked photos to Maya. Maya says good job and walks out without shaking hands. Photographer gets angry. Maya’s guard asks watchman to clear way as Maya is coming.

Saanj reaches studio. A male model gets impressed by her and introduces himself. Saanjh thinks thinks this is right opportunity to make Arjun jealous and introduces herself. Arjun interferes and says she got a boyfriend and asks her to enjoy. Model starts misbehaving with her. Arjun interferes and says when girl is not interested, he cannot trouble her. Model punches him. Arjun retaliates back and punches him. Their fight starts. Photographer informs Maya. Maya comes back and stops Arjun and says when a dog wants to become human, he is made family member and when human tries to become dog, he is kicked out of house. She walks out asking him to come tomorrow and take his termination letter.

Precap: Arjun says Maya has spread her magic a lot, it is his time to spread his magic. Model complains Maya that all her clothes are missing.

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