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Best-loved Things ;-)

Hey!! Guys…This is Naina…Few of you may know me through my ff “Love for Life”. In this article I wanna ask you some questions…Interested can answer me <3

let's get started with your Age and then


1. What is your name(full name)?….. Mine is Naina Arora.

2. What is your nick name?…..Mine is Shona.

3. What is your best childhood memory?….Mine is When i was in my playschool the teacher conducted a small test of fruit's names…I had written Apple, Mango,Grapes, Guava, Orange and Pine apple and I didn't remember the rest of the names and I written Pine mango, Pine grapes, Pine guava and Pine orange and my teacher laughed her hell out and during the parent-teacher interaction she even told my Mama and Papa about it.

4. What is the best compliment you have recieved yet?…Mine is when I recieved a medal in karate My papa called me a tigress and I just can't forget that moment.

5. What is your favourite colour?….Mine is Black.

6. What is your favourite hangout place?….Mine is Dehradun and Turkey.

7. What do you like in yourself?….Mine is my eyes and my confidence.

8. Who is your favourite singer?…Mine is Adele and Justin Bieber.

9. What is your favourite song?….Mine in hindi:: Main rahoon ya na rahoon….In english:: Send my love, Diva and Dangerous Woman.

10. What is your favourite movie?….Mine the series of Twilight.

11. Who is your favourite actor?…. Mine is Akshay kumar and Robert pattinson.

12. Who is your favourite actress?…..Mine is Deepika padukone and kate winslet.

13. What is your favourite pass time?….Mine is listening to songs.

14. What do you like to do with your friends Hanging out or chatting?….I prefer to hang out with my buddies.

15th Question is only for few who actually want to answer it that's up to you. Asking is my turn and answering is yours…

15. Who had crush on you as per you know? 😉

You can inbox me the answer of 15th question and I'll reply you my answer….

So, guys I don't want to create a buzz… I just want to know you all a way better.

I kindly request you not to take it in a serious way It's just for fun…

What are you waiting for?…… comment fast….And let me know all….<3

With loads of love <3

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