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best enemy- Chapter 9

Hi guys, after a long break. Sorry for giving long break…

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Chappy 9:
Sanskar wakes up and sees Swara is sleeping, putting her head on bed and her hand is in his hand. He smiles and kisses on her head. Swara wakes up and smile. Both look at each other.
Then she suddenly,
Swa: hey..! why did you kiss me? I’m I your wife??
San: then why did you treat me like this? I’m I your husband?
Swa: aahhh…! You are just disgusting…
She says and goes out. He smiles.

Later swara will be drying the cloths. Kakali and mica are looking at her.

Kakali: do you think they are really in love?
Mica: I have a doubt too…let’s check.

Both run near Swara. Sanskar was not at home then.
Mica: swara…swara..
Swa: yaa..what happened??
Kakali: Sanskar..sans..
Swa concerned: what happened to him??
Mica: he was fainted near river suddenly…
Swa: what???
She shouts and runs near river.
Kakali: doubt clear…they do love…
Mica: hmm…

They both also go near river.

Sanskar was alright near temple. Swara runs to him.
Swa: Sanskar…(she shouts)
He looks at her. she hugs him. He amazes.
Swa: you are alright know…(she keeps her hands on his cheeks)
San: swara..i’m fine…
She hugs him again. “I was worried…” she cries silently. Sanskar smiles. Both look at each other.
Suddenly Sanskar places sindoor on her forehead. She amazes. And holds his hand. She closes her eyes and tears drop from her eyes.
Sanskar takes her near.
San: I love you Swara…
Swara smiles and hugs him tightly.

San: now tell me…
Swa: what..?
San: you know what…
Swa: I don’t know…
San: if you will not tell I will leave…
Sanskar about to free the hug but swara holds him tightly saying, “no”
San: then say…
Swa: i…
San: you?
Swa: i…

Suddenly, someone beats Sanskar on head from back. Swara shocks.
Sanskar turns back holding his head. It’s Sahil.

Sahil: how far you will go?? I will come, all the way…
Sanskar tries to kick sahil. But, Sahil gives other blow with log. Sanskar falls down.

“Sanskar..!” shouts Swara and about to run to him. Sahil holds her.
Sanskar tries to get up, but blood oozing from his head… he could see everything in blur.

“Sanskar…! I love you….” Shouts Swara.
Sanskar closes his eyes looking at her. Sahil smirks and takes her in helicopter. She keeps beating the window calling Sanskar. She keeps looking at him.

The helicopter vanishes.

After sometime, (about five hours)
“Swara..!” shouts Sanskar and wakes.
He is in a room. Mica and Kakali are there.
Mica: we saw you were lying on ground. We brought and gave you treatment.
Kakali: where is swara?
Sanskar: he took away her. I have to go…

Then a news will be playing on T.V.
Sahil is talking.
“I’m going to marry Swara boss next morning.”
Swara also talks happily, “Yes, and I’m waiting to be his better half..!”

Sanskar shocks with her statement.
Swara kisses Sahil on cheeks. Sanskar holds pillow in anger.
He starts getting up.

Mica: no, please don’t go. You are not well.

Sanskar: I have to..! he did something to swara. If I won’t go, I can’t imagine what would happen.

Kakali and Mica looks on.

Sanskar takes a bike and leaves.

{kakali and Mica… thank you for being guests in my ff. there is break for you now. you will appear later again.}

Sahil and Swara comes to a room. Swara removes her mask and it’s Kavitha.

They both look at a girl lying on floor. Kavitha goes and wakes her. she is Swara. She is tied with chains. { sahil kidnaps swara from Sanskar and ties her like this}
Swara wakes and shouts: why are you doing this to me?? What did I do you??

Sahil: you and your family are my enemies Swara. And enemies don’t have any reasons.

Then Kavitha injects saline into Swara. Swara slowly goes to unconscious.

Sahil: this saline bottle has poison. It slowly enters into your body and kills you. Happy journey.

Sahil and Kavitha smirks. She wears mask again and turns to Swara.

Sanskar keeps coming….

Precap: Sanskar and Sahil great fight

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