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Best Badminton Racquet ( EDKV) OS by ISHITA(IME) PART 1

Hey its me ishita back with my os. This is part one of my os. Pls comment and tell me how it was. Our fav show EDKV ended but we fans would keep it alive and hope for season 2.

Announcement: Next match is gold medal match between India(SUMAN TIWARI) and India(a mystery).
Suman was lost in her thoughts. She was wearing her badminton shoes but the laces were not tied. Suddenly a voice called suman. It was shravan.
Shravan—ye dhek sumo mera gold medal Olympics ka gold medal

Suman was still in her thoughts. Shravan notices this—
Shravan—ye to meri aadhi jeet hai agar tu jeet gain a sumo to meri jeet puri ho jai gi
Suman—mai bhaut dari hui hu shravan
Shravan sits down and ties the lace of her shoes.
Shravan— sumo tu kyu daar rahi hai

Sumo—main use fir se face nai kr sakti nai nai kar sakti mai us ko fir se face mai apni frd ko na hi hara sakti hu na hai khud haar sakti hu
Shravan—chal sumo apni aakhe band kr
Sumo- ki

Shravan—yaad kr kya hua tere saath tune kitna hard+smart work kiya yaad ke us accident ko yaad kr un sab bato ko yaad kr kya kiya hai teri frd ne tere saath kiya hai yaad kr sumo yaad kr
Sumo opens her eyes and says— nai nai kar sakti mai ye sab nai
She starts crying. Shravan gets up kisses her forhead and hugs her and asks her to do what he said.He goes.
She closes her eyes. And a flashback.


Plss comment how it was..

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