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Because Destiny Has Become Our Love Story (Episode 12)

Recap – Viplav comes back home after dropping Dhaani at her friend Priya’s house. He finds a pearl of her anklet in his jeep but hides it when his daadaji comes there.

Episode 12

Viplav gets off his daadaji and looks at him.

Viplav : Daadaji actually…
Daadi : Leave him na ji. Poor boy! Let him freshen up first. (forwards her arm) Come betha!

He goes towards his Daadi and hugs her.

Viplav : I missed you Daadi.
Daadi : Alright! (gets off his grip) Go and freshen up, I will warm up your dinner.
Viplav : Ok.

Viplav enters his house again and goes to freshen up. He attends the family dinner and reaches his bedroom, exhausted. He lays down on his bed and stares at the ceiling, enjoying the soft and comfortable mattress he was having this night. He didn’t tell it to anyone, but he was not feeling at ease sleeping on a simple sofa. And then taking care of that girl, he didn’t even get a proper nap. Well, at that time, he felt it to be more important. Thinking about it, his eyes slowly drown into deep sleep until he gets awake by his Daadi’s sweet voice.

Daadi : Viplav! Wake up betha.

With a broad smile, he stretches his arms up his shoulders.

Viplav : (eyes closed) Good morning princess.
Daadi : Good morning! Now get up fast, otherwise we will be late.
Viplav : (opens his eyes slowly) Where will we be late daadi?
Daadi : What do you mean by where? Have you forgotten?

Viplav sits on his bed tensely.

Daadi : It’s Friday today.
Viplav : (confused expression) So…

He gets back into memories and remembers the “Friday” special.

Viplav : (annoyed face) Oh!! You mean, going to Temple ?
Daadi : Aww! My grandson is really so clever.
Viplav : (irritated but cute face) But Daadi, I want to sleep.
Daadi : No ifs buts. You know it well, I can never skip this. And my grandson has come to Banaras after a long time, I don’t want to miss it. Go and get ready!
Viplav : I have been working for months and finally I am on a break.
Daadi : You can sleep tomorrow also. But you might not miss morning prayers. Go go!
Viplav : Grrrr! Alright, I am coming.

He stands up on his feet, pinches his Daadi’s cheek and before getting her sweets pats on his shoulder, he goes into the bathroom and gets ready to go with his princess. Once reached the Temple, he gets off the car and gentlemanly helps Daadi coming out.

Daadi : Before going upstairs, we have to…
Viplav : I know. We have to buy the stuffs for the puja. Daadi you just go, I will get and come.
Daadi : (smiles) Alright.

Daadi goes from there while Viplav goes to the small stands.

Viplav : Bhaiyaa, one puja taali.

The shopkeeper gives the requested stuff to Viplav and smiling at him, the young man turns back to his grandmother. He climbs the Temple stairs and reaches the small devoted place where his grandmother was talking to the pandit. After all, coming from the Maha pandit family, everyone in Banaras knows them and respects them. Suddenly, Daadi notices Viplav coming and smiles.

Daadi : There he is!
Viplav : Pranam panditji! Here you go daadi! (forwards the taali to his Daadi)
Daadi : Give it to panditji.
Viplav : Oh! Yeah, of course.

He gives the taali to the pandit and stands next to her, folding his hands the way his princess does, and prays.

Viplav : (eyes closed) Hey bhagwan! Please keep everyone safe, and shower us of happiness and blessings.

He suddenly feels a sudden breeze softly caressing his hair, making him open his eyes. He frowns confused of the unexpected change of weather and looks at his Daadi who was still hands folded and praying. He gives a check around him and he falls on the numerous devotees joined there for the morning prayers like them. Everything seemed usual for his eyes, but his heart was repeatedly ringing that there was something new there. He turns his head towards Durga maa’s idol. And even She was telling him something. He suddenly hears a sobbing voice. Some tears that he was trying to find out whom they are, as he felt them so familiar to him. His eyes search for that aim when he notices a figure covered by a black sheet to somehow hide its identity, sitting on the stairs. He then looks down in front of him questioning himself, while Daadi receives the prasad from the pandit. She hits softly on his elbow and informs him pandit was there waiting to give him prasad.

Viplav : Yeah, sorry.

He takes the small piece of food and thanks the pandit.

Daadi : Shall we ?
Viplav : (looks at his grandmother) Hmm? Yeah yeah… Let’s go. I am hungry by the way.
Daadi : Yeah. Your Daadaji will also be waiting for us.
Viplav : (teasing smile) Daadi! So much care and concern for your husband, hmm?
Daadi : (pats on his shoulders) Mad guy! Go now.

Viplav laughs and leads his grandma when reaching the stairs, he again feels something unusual. He looks around him and feels a familiar presence next to him.

Daadi : (who was walking before him) What happened Viplav? Let’s go na.
Viplav : Yeah let’s go!

Daadi walks forward and he gets ready to follow her, when the sound of some pearls resonating, took his attention. He looks right on the side, stepping backwards when, unconsciously, his foot treaded on something. He feels the material under his foot and looking at it, he unnoticed its owner was walking out. And Viplav preventing the shawl to move, it slowly slides from that person’s head, brushing its hair. The woman gets surprised and turns back tensed, revealing her identity, to fall on that same man who saved her. She looks at the foot holding her sheet and then at his face. The latter bends down to take the sheet in his hand.

Viplav : (standing up) I am sorry. I didn’t..

He forwards his hand to give back that shawl when, raising his head up, she turns back and runs away, before he could even recognize her. Viplav gets surprised of her reaction and gets stunned. The poor woman runs towards the exit trying to make him not see her. And on her state, because of her sprint running, her foot slips on the wet stairs and she rolls down them, hurting her head and arms mainly. She lands down, her chest on the floor and her hands pushing hard to get support. But because of that pain her body was suffering in, she loses her senses and slowly falls unconscious.
A while later, she gets back to consciousness and notices a closed area around her. Finding herself in an unknown room, she stands fast and stays in a sitting position on the bed. However, she forgot about her accident and because of her quick move, her hurt body parts made her feel pain again.

Dhaani : (holds her head, eyes closed) Ouch!
… : Why are you straining betha? Take rest na.

Dhaani looks towards that voice and tensed, stammers.

Dhaani : Where… where am I ? And … who are you?
Old woman : (comes and sits near her) Don’t be scared. When we saw you, you were unconscious and completely hurt physically. And none was with you. So we brought you here. You are in a safe place.
Dhaani : Wh… I…
… : I guess you love getting into trouble and hurt.

Precap – Dhaani seen running crying when someone holds her hand.

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