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Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani: shot6

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Next day…
Pragya is cleaning the floor.
Purab: Di, what are you doing here? Why didn’t you do what i said?
Pragya: What you said purab? (without even looking up)
Purab: Di, did you forget it or what?
Pragya: see purab, i don’t want to execute that plan, first of all, is that a plan? You are paving a path to my grave. I want to live with him but not die coz of you.

She was continuously mopping the floor without looking the floor and now turned to other side. Purab duck-walked and went other side. Just then Pragya turned this side. This continued for almost 4 times and Purab had had enough of it.

Purab, Di!!!!!!!
Pragya, oh no, don’t get up, don’t get up, don’t don’t,…


Pragya, purab what hv u done. You wasted all the bird feed now how will i feed them?
Purab, di your bro is choking and you’re worrying abt bird feed? Go bring water.

He spilled the bird feed on himself. He is now standing like a joker, covered with white powder.
Pragya ran and came back. She smiled.

Purab, di slowly slowly, thanks for water. Now help me wash my eyes.

He felt her rubbing his eyes with her silk cloth. He felt too different, but good.
He opened his eyes to see Bulbul standing with a glass of water.

Purab, pri…princess. thanks for helping me. (bows his head)
Bulbul, don’t forget that you are also a prince. And now i want to do one more favour.
Purab, sure princess can assist me.
Bulbul glared. She then splashed the glass of water on his face “help done. Cleaned!!!!!!!”
Purab chased her. They both ran and fell down. A cute eye lock.

Pragya, ahem…ahem…

“sorry di. We didn’t notice you.” Both left in opp. directions…embarrassed.

Everyone came to hall as beast wanted to make some announcement. Today, Pragya and Purab have to clean the garden and after that you would get that day off.

After cleaning…

Purab, atleast listen to me now. You didn’t want to ask about outing, but let’s use this day to go out for a walk. Atleast agree to this.
Pragya, fine but i will do nothing.
Purab convinced Bulbul and Bulbul convinced her brother for outing.

In the outing…
All four were enjoying in the place. It was a waterfall. It was so deep inside the jungle and so it gave them perfect privacy. There is no fear for animals too. Bulbul and Pragya were bathing, while the beast and Purab were ogling their resp pairs.
After that they spent the whole day talking and chit chatting. For the first day in her life, Bulbul felt very very happy as she saw her brother forgetting the world, forgetting himself in his happiness. She thanked Pragya and Purab for this but they said they didn’t do anything, it is just that he was hiding himself. The beast came back running from the woods. He was happy as he caught 2 bunnies for his lovely sister. The played with the bunnies but finally ended up eating them!!!
Just then Pragya was about to fall. Beast caught her. They shared an eye lock. The beast shouted at Pragya for not being careful, but Pragya saw only his care for her.
Everything went well. But while leaving, Pragya and Purab felt very bad. Because they had to leave within few hours. All four came back to the caste and started their routine works. though everyone enjoyed the day, they were veru disappointed, as this would be last day together. Bulbul didnt know that still so she was the only person smiling in the gang. Purab and Pragya were in the kitchen while Bulbul and the master went out.

Ok guys, i know many of you will be angry for this late episode. I will give back to back epi and finish this asap. I also know that this was kind of short and disappointing too.
I made the story this way, coz i don’t want them to have planned romance. I had different thoughts but i found this one so reasonable. That’s I made way for natural one. Sorry if it bored and was less than expectation. See u soon. Give me frank comment friends coz i myself can understand that this was out of mind.

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