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Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 8

I don’t want to waste your time with my bak-baks. Let’s get into the story. See you at the end.

P: i planned for something else. But something else happened and something diff. is gonna happen now.
Even Pragya Roy is gonna tell her heart out today. She is in love with someone and that someone is none other than you. I didn’t love you for what you were (the king) or what you will be. I love you for what you are.


While saying so Abhi’s behaviour changed. He became a little calmer, but seemed weak. Pragya went on.

Pragya: I want to live my whole life with you. Even if you don’t love me please let me be your servant.
I will live my life with that pleasure at least. Pragya was completely in tears. She was weeping bitterly. She opened her eyes just to see Abhi lying down like a lifeless statue.

She ran to him, sat down and placed his head on her lap. She was crying continously. She thought of her dream and pleaded it shouldn’t come true. She wept again continuously. “What happened, get up Abhi, if this occurred coz of me i am sorry. If i knew this would happen, i would have never revealed my love.”

Just then Abhi let out a deep breath with a jerk. Pragya was afraid. He said “I love you too” and closed his eyes again.

At this time, the mirror was thinking… “Kiss Pragya, kiss. This is what i wanted to say you. Only your love can break his curse and bring him to life.”

Here Pragya did the same with love.
He crashed her lips with his in the fear of losing him. She was in tears. But then a miracle happened. Abhi came back to life. He was lying down. He stood up. Pragya started stepping back.
It took sometime form him to take his form and within moments there stood OUR ABHI. King Abhishek Rathore Varma. Dressed in the finest silk, he stood wearing a long red robe that dangled in air. He was charming hot prince…sorry king and ruler in all means. There he stood, in his kingly attire, so magnificent and so proud. She had no words to describe him. She didn’t even blink her eyes.

Pragya could see the king of gods in him. Abhi ran to Pragya and gave her a tight hug. It was bone crushing. All the love that he hid raced out. Both were weeping…but happily. The first thing his thick chocolate voice said was this “i love you…thank you for all things you have done.”
They stood for a long time just like that.

Just then Purbul were returning and they were surprised to see the sight. Abhigya were in each others’ embrace and seeing them they broke the hug. Bulbul came running to abhi and said “Bhai, i missed you”

After a lot of hugging and formal moments between Abhi and Purbul, the 4 were in the dining hall enjoying their supper made by Pragya and Bulbul.

Just then abhi asked “how did you get that guts. I would have killed you. You were ready to sacrifice yourself for me.” He had tears that time. Pragya wiped them off and nodded in a no.

Pragya: “I am truly ready to die to, let you live. The mirror told everything about our previous birth. You was ready to sacrifice yourself and your life for me then why won’t i sacrifice mine for you?” just after she said this, she bit her lower lip.

Purab started to tell something and Pragya cut him off “WHAT???” she imitated.

Purab made a pout face. Pragya went on “bulbul, i pity on you” (as if to change the topic)

Bulbul: Pragya di we can discuss about this idiot later. Tell me about your story.

Purab made a more weird face but then noticed sth. Purab cud see the pain in Pragya’s eyes. He did try a lot to divert bulbul, but she was so stubborn.

Bulbul: bhabhi, don’t make me wait.

Pragya: that doesn’t matter now Bulbul…leave it. Pragya decided to divert but she hung on.

So Pragya started the story.

so…happy ayudha poojai and vijyadasami friends. also happy dussera.
sorry for the late update…actually i was not supposed to read/write ystday as i kept my books for pooja.
now…thanq so much for all those whose commented. Thanq priyanka, hari sis, reshma, di, krishu, achu, maya di, shreeya, mone dear, surbhi di, prathi akk and mukund anna. And how was today’s episode guys? Let me know. sorry if this was short and boring.

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