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Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 5

Hi ? ? guys. Hope you’re all fine.
Hope u all remember me and my story. My exams are over and happy to be back ? ? ?
And dear friends for all those who support me, di, rithu, prathi akka, lucky, mukundraj anna, nirmal, achu, reji, princess, reshma and monesha sis, thanks alot. Keep reading.

Story till now: Rathore Jalesh Varma is the ruler of Pritampur. Amaira is his wife and Abhishek Rathore Varma and bulbul Varma are his son and daughter. There is some curse that his son has got. Abhishek is in his schooling and when he returns back he comes to know that his parents were dead just the day before. After two years he went missing. All this while, in Chaitanya dynasty, grows the beauty Pragya Roy. Due to some reason, Pragya and her bro Purab fled and reached a castle were they find a beast and also Bulbul. The beast treats them as his slaves. However Pragya falls for him. One day he tells them to leave the place…
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So, I am back and let’s fly into the story…wheeeeeee……

The screen shows Pragya and Purab leaving the room.
Pragya: Purab we can go…we have got the time to fight back (her eyes showed that she didn’t say it with a full heart)

Purab: Sissy…tell me i know something is wrong, tell me. I am your sweet brother na. I will try to help you.

Pragya was hesitant.

Purab: oh, u will not tell it to ur pyaari brother, right? Too bad Pragya di.

Pragya: Purab…

Purab: (showing fake anger) it’s ok di. Leave. After all i am ur idiot brother. I won’t be able to help you…

Pragya: I love him Purab

Purab: WHAT?????

Pragya: yes Purab you heard it right.

Purab: WHAT????????????????????

Purab placed his hands over her forehead then her neck. He then checked his temperature and held his head with his hands. He thinks…has di gone mad or have i gone mad?

Purab: are you all right or should i join you in any asylum? Do you LOVE (stressed it) him?…“HIM?”

Pragya: yaa i love him more than myself.

Purab: WHAT?????

Pragya (in anger): Purab!!!

Purab felt dizzy and everything went black in front of him. ? ? ? ? ? ?
After sometime…Purab woke up. He saw Pragya sitting next to him…worried.

Pragya, as she saw Purab waking… she starting beating him and he was playfully trying to escape. She stopped after sometime and turned her face away. Purab went in front of her, kneeled down and said I am sorry.

Pragya: Purab I know it’s weird but it doesn’t mean you should faint hearing what i said.

Purab: (with a stern face and a different tone) so it means, what u said was true ?

Pragya: don’t play with me Purab i won’t joke in such a matter

Purab: di i can’t believe i mean how can you fall in love with a beast?????????

Pragya: Purab i love him not his appearance…his soul not his looks…his pure, innocent and kind heart that he has hid within his big, wild and fierce body and i don’t believe that he is cruel.

Purab looks on and Pragya too goes on. She tells him everything that she saw in him and about him and Purab cud easily make out from Pragya’s eyes that she meant more than what her soft lips could say and felt more than what his small mind can understand…

Pragya: Purab are you listening?

Purab: Yes di i am but…

Pragya: OK tell me this, when did you fall in love with bulbul?

Purab: Don’t scold me for what i am going to say… “WHAT???????”

Pragya laughed

Pragya: Don’t hide it from me…did you think i didn’t knew? Whenever she comes you take extra care on her…when they are talking you used to ogle at her, disturb them, give wine, juice or whatever you get in your hand frequently and just look for ways to get a glance of her. You think i did not notice?

Purab: vo…vo…

Pragya: vo…vo…nahi. Tell me the truth Purab.

Purab: when did you notice all this di? Let me tell, you found all this when you where ogling him…right?

Pragya: “Purab” she shouted. He laughed. She again continued… “But you will not know, she too loves you, she always looks at you with same care and concern you have for her. I bet she loves you.”

Purab: WHAT????

Purab: Oh Purab I am done with your WHAT??? It’s true that she loves you…believe me.

Purab: then i have a plan. We will execute it today.

Pragya: plan…what plan?

Purab shares his plan and Pragya fears. Purab comforts Pragya saying nothing wrong will happen…trust me.
Saying so Purab left the place

So what is the plan and what are they going to do? Will this help them or are they digging their own pit? LET’S JUST WAIT AND WATCH. Ok guys bye…see you all in the next episode.

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