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bandhan dilo ke – swaragini (intro)

hey guys I m back with another ff on swaragini and today I m giving only intro of story and characters.
Swara gadodia:full of life girl,wants to enjoy every bit of life,cant see anyone sad,strong,brave and sumtimes rebellious.princess of her mom and dad sharmishtha and shekhar.
Ragini/laado:innocent as a child,sweet,generous and unknown to the harsh side of the society,kept in a protective cocoon by her maiya(mother)janki .
Laksh maheshwari :happy-go-lucky guy,loves everyone,wants to keep everyone happy around him,loves his family and his bro sanskaar a lot.
Sanskar maheshwari :rude,arrogant guy,workaholic ,doesn’t give much time to his family coz always in business.he doesn’t show his emotions even if he has .
So sanlak are brothers wid laksh’s parent dp and ap(same as serial) and sanky’s parent’s rp and sujatha.(same as serial)
Swara is only daughter of her parents .her parents are extra caring towards her and want the best for her.
Sanlakswa live in Kolkata.
Ragini stays in Mumbai with janki and calls her maiya.janki calls her laado and doesn’t take her real name which rags is unknown that she has other name than laado.
So guys this is intro but the 4 leads have sum things which I cant tell in this intro ,for that u have to read the chapters .
A glimpse of their lives:
A girl is luking at the sky from her windows and a tears escapes her eyes which she wipes quickly and smiles fakely.
The girl says-I have to be strong
She goes to her bed and is revealed to be swara.
A girl is sleeping on the cold floor shrinking her whole body to provide warmth to herself.tears traces r still visible on her cheeks.a lady cums and covers her with a blanket caressing her hairs and a tears skips her eyes.
A boy is enjoying a hill view of the whole city sitting on the top of his car and say-come on you can do it,you just have to talk .he brushes his hair and smiles nervously.
A boy is travelling in car and is thinking something .his looks tired and his shoulders have also bent due to burden of work but his face depicts no expressions.
So guys how do u find it,do tell me through ur comments.i may not start it any soon due to my busy schedule but will try.
and pairs are not yet decided but will soon be.

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