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Bahu hmari Rajni kant – Intro and 1st episode

Hi… so im gonna write the fan fiction first time hope you like it

Rajni- She is robot made by shaan.(come after some episode)

Shantanu(shaan)-He is a struggler and want to make robot he works in factory.

Pllavi(pavi)- Shaans girlfriend she is a journalist and she also help old people to get there things back.

Shaan works at factory.
He is dreaming of making Robot

Pavi- Shaan……

Shaan- suddenly vet up ohh pavi you here

Pavi- Shaan first see your hand
Shaans hand is near fire and burning

Shaan- He screems of and start shouting with pain

Pavi- Doing first aid Shaan its third time that you are in dream hurting yourself

Shaan didnt say anything and leaves

Morning time..
Shaan comes to factory and he get a call

Man- Hello Mr. Shantanu i know you want to make Robot

Shaan- who are you ?

Man-And i know you need money

Shaan-shockingly ask How do you know this?
Who are you?

Man- Leave who i am i will give you money and you have to give me some thing.

Shaan-Really… ok

Man Think last time afterward you cantot say no

Shaan-yes its conform

Precap- Shan with suitcase near waterfall..

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