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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Surili asking crow to caw caw once, to inform that it had seen Rajni pushing Shaan from the cliff. Crow does caw caw once. Surili thanks baba, and asks Judge to give judgement now. Judge says she has come to the judgement that prosecution couldn’t present a proper prove against Rajni and that’s why the case is dismissed. She gives order to Police to continue searching Shaan. She adjourns the court. Surili says no. Outside the court, Shaguta says TIU. Maggie asks what is this? Shaguta says this is unbelievable. Amrish asks why did she bring snake charmer, and then crow as a witness. Rajni comes. Media asks her to whom she wants to give credit of her success. Rajni says she wants to give credit to her sasumom. Everyone is surprised.


Shaguta says she is

taunting us. Reporter asks if that crow is your dad. Rajni says mummy ji gets food made for baba and serves it too. Amrish asks media to go. Surili tells Rajni that she will see her later. Rajni asks why not now. Amrish tells Rajni that whatever happened in the court was not expected from her. Rajni says I was giving her answer just. Amrish is upset with her and leaves. Boss calls goon and tells that he will not leave anyone as he lost crystal power and Shaan also. He thinks to kill Rajni and aims gun towards her. A man is shown playing ball. Hulchal Hai song plays…………..don don…He hits ball on the boss’s head.

Boss asks who are you? They come down and sees the man. Man reveals his face. Boss asks who are you? Man asks who made you don…and says I don’t give you even servant’s job to man like you. He says you are doing three mistakes, trying to kill someone outside court, trying to kill Kant family and couldn’t know if Shaan is alive or not. Boss asks how do you know about Shaan. Man says he can give him Shaan and Crystal, both. Boss asks do you know where is Shaan? Man says yes, and asks him to give 1 crore Rs. Boss laughs and says he will give 1 Rs. Man says okay, I will do deal with other party. Boss agrees and finalize the deal. Man says I have one condition. He asks him and his aides not to roam around Kant family. Boss asks him to be careful of Rajni and says she is dangerous. Man says okay….and goes.

At Kant house, Surili tells her family members that she will take to high court, supreme court etc. Maggie says we are with you, but will hire a good lawyer. Surili accepts that she couldn’t fight the case properly. Shaguta says she will call lawyer from America and search for the lawyer’s number. Sharmila and Maggie also acts to search lawyer’s number. Surili says I want a big lawyer.

Amrish asks what is important to you, Shaan or the case. He says I know you are feeling bad that you lost the case, and asks her to use her energy on searching Shaan. Surili says I know Shaan is fine, I want to punish Rajni. Rajni comes with cake, and balloon. She says it is celebration time and bursts the balloon. Surili says she is celebrating and scratching on my wounds. She asks Rajni to leave and says she can come once Shaan returns. Rajni asks shall I go bau ji. Boss asks his goon to keep eye on man( anthony).

Amrish tells Rajni that she is not that Rajni which he knew. Dhyan says we want to see you both together and not separated. Gyan says Kuhu slept while crying and asks her to go. Surili and Shaguta ask her to go. Shaguta says she is stubborn and I will push her out. Surili says no, and asks her not to push Rajni as she is strong. Sharmila and Maggie ask her to go. Rajni hears them silently. Man (Anthony) comes and says nobody need to go from here. Everyone looks at him. Amrish asks who are you? Surili asks who are you to interfere in our family matter? Man says he is Anthony Golsalves. Maggie asks what do you want? Anthony says he came to inform them….that Shaan is alive. Everyone is relieved and happy.

Anthony plays recording of Shaan in which he tells that he is sending his friend for their protection, and that he is fine. All of them get emotional and happy. Rajni scans and tells that he is lying. She claims that neither he is Shaan’s friend nor he is saying truth. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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