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Hii everyone!!!

I’m here with the next chapter of babul… Hope you’ll like it!!

Ik there may b hardly anyone who’s interested in this ff… But I hv to complete it as I hv started….

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Chapter 2

Recap: ragini’s and dp’s fight….. 

Ragini is going angrily from there…. Laksh is running after her.. He calls her….


Laksh: arre listen… Hey stop…..


Ragini stumbles and falls down… Her things get scattered here n there…

Laksh comes and helps her in picking up the things…


Ragini: ik u were also there with that old man… No need to act to smart…. 

Laksh: u r taking me wrong.. Pls once listen to me…. 

Ragini: now what else is left to talk haan?? Just go away…… To ur d dad.. 

Laksh: but.. But he’s not my dad… I just work for him…. 

Ragini: what?? 

Laksh: yes.. Actually my father also worked in his office so I also hv to work… 

Ragini: but how can u work with that khadoos?? 

Laksh: khadoos?? .. Yeah khadoos.. What else can I do?? His son has left him so for his happiness I spend time with him… I don’t even know how to play golf it’s just that I hv to be with him bcoz my father said so otherwise he’ll not leave us for any where…..


He said in a sad tone…..


Omi comes there with the car and says..


Omi: arre lucky what are u doing here?? Come I’ll drop you…

Ragini looks at him astonished…. Laksh signs omi to go from there…


He goes…


Laksh: look for him I hv to do so much…. 

Ragini: aww I feel bad for u.. But y don’t u leave the job?? 

Laksh : i told u na …….

Ragini : o yeah ……….

Laksh : vaise my name is lucky .. and u ??

Ragini : my name is ragini and ppl who are close to me ccall me ginni ….

Laksh : nice … Ragini ! so should i call u ragini or ginni ??

Ragini smiles.


Till now they have reached the bus stand .


Ragini : ginni …..


She says while stepping in the bus and waves bye to him, smiles . laksh too smiles and waves bye …..


After the bus leaves laksh calls omi with the car and heads towards his home .


Later at night .


Dining Table


Dp : buddy where did u went in the morning ??

Ap : u both went for golfing na ??

Laksh : arre mom .. we went there n buddy destroyed one girl’s painting and instead of asking for forgiveness he started fighting with her so i went there  to say sorry to her …..

Ap : duggu that was so bad of u ….

Dp : oh common annu u too ….. n buddy y do u care so much for that girl whom u don’t even know haan ??

Laksh : its nothing like that   buddy … u eat food now …..


They all have dinner . Ap smiles thinking abt laksh and that girl .


Next day morning .


Laksh and omi are waiting at a bus stop in their Audi and waiting for ragini to arrive .


Omi : r u sure bhai that she’ll come here only ..

Laksh : im damn sure yaar .. i hv got all her info … u just wait and watch ..


After few minutes ragini arrive and gets on the bus . Laksh too starts running behind the bus as it has already started . Finally he gets on and sees ragini sitting near the window .


He too comes and sits besides her .


Ragini turns and sees him .


Ragini : u ??

Laksh (  trying to be innocent ) : arre ginni u here ??

Ragini : yeah i go by this bus only but u here ??

Laksh : i too go by bus only ..

Ragini : oh okay ..


Laksh smiles .


After some time the bus stops .


Ragini : bye my stop has came ..

Laksh : oh wht a coincident .. i also have to get down here only …

Ragini smiles and they both get down .


Ragini : would u like t have a cup of tea ??

Laksh : tea ??

He makes a weird face , like he has constipation .

Ragini : yah ..this is the best restaurant for tea come …

Laksh : yeah sure …

They sit on the table and ragii orders two cup teas . it was an open restaurant . Laksh’s pa ( Raj ) was also present there and was abt to come to them but laksh signs him to go away . Raj sees him having tea and thinks .


The tea comes and ragini sips it .

Ragini : wah !

She signs laksh to have it …

Raj is seeing this .

Laksh sips a lil bit and spits it out as soon as he tastes it and coughs .

Ragini : r u okay ??

Laksh : yeah im fine …

He said relaxing a bit .


Raj smiles and goes from there .


Laksh : but wht a fate na ?? we hv met coincidently for the third time ??

Ragini ( confused ) : third ?? but i guess its second time ??

Laksh : but i saw u first in the airport ??

Ragini : airport ??  wht were u doing there ??

Laksh : voh i was coming from us ..

Ragini : us ??

Laksh : us .. ah hi mean i hv been there to pick my boss who was returning from us …

Ragini : oh ..

Laksh : btw wht were u doing there ?

Ragini : i had came to see off my best friend …. he has gone abroad for his business ….

Laksh : ohh cool …

He fee;s something burning inside him ..

Ragini : i think i shld leave now …


She gets up and is abt to leave .


Laksh : when will we meet again ??

Ragini : u believe in fate n destiny na then leave it on destiny only ….


She leaves from there smiling .. laksh too smiles and rubs his hair . Ragini looks back and smiles at him … laksh gets happy and jumps .. ragini smiles at his antics and leaves …


Laksh then goes to his office and greets everyone with a warm smile,


Next day morning……


Laksh has come to his with dp and while coming out of the car Ragini sees him with dp in a perfect 3 piece suit  ……………


Laksh sees her in the opposite side of the road and mutters a slow ‘shit’ and runs from there to her .


Laksh : buddy ill b back soon ….


Before dp could reply he goes from there .


He crosses the road like anything , from getting saved from getting hit by the cars and finally reaches ragini who’s walking being angry on him .


Laksh : arre ginni stop na ….

Ragini : don’t call me that …

Laksh : but wait na .

Ragini : : y u hv to lie to me ??

Laksh : n y u hv to always be on the opposite side of the road ?

Ragini : wht ??

Laksh : ginni pls listen to me …

Ragini : wht is this haan ?/ wht shld i listen to u ??

She’s stil walking and hes running behind her ..

Laksh: arre first u stop running baba… I can’t run in this suit… Please….

He said pleading.. She stops and eyes him angrily!

Laksh: now pls don’t look at me like that…..

Ragini: but till yesterday u were that khadoos’s normal employee n playing golf with him then wht happened today u in this suit??

Laksh sighs.

Laksh: now wht shud I say… Yesterday only he ME as his pa so I hv to look good na.. So he gave me this suit… N abt golf…. I don’t even know the g of golf. .. So playing is a very far thing……

Ragini: seriously!? Well…. If u want I can teach you how to play golf….

Laksh chuckles.

Laksh: you’ll teach me?? Do you know golf??

Ragini: of course my papa is champion In golf so I can teach if you want…

She shrugs!

Laksh chuckles and says…

Laksh: of course I would love to……

Both smiles!

Episode ends.

So how was it?? Do tells through ur comments… I hope u all want me to continue… Ik I’m always late but I can’t help it… Hope you’ll understand…. Thank you….

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