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Baarish -Episode 4

Episode 4

Days were passing and by time, Sohan and Ananya’s love for each other was only getting bigger and bigger. It has literally become hard for her not to see him even for a while. Ananya used to meet him at his place secretly on nights going out through her room window. And on days, she goes to meet him at his fields and both spend their time chatting and loving.
Sitting on a rock near the water falls, Ananya’s head on Sohan’s shoulder, their arms crossed and their hands hold in each other’s, both were enjoying those minutes spent with each other.


Ananya : (looks straight) How good it feels to be with you, alone, hands crossed. (tights her grip) I wish this moment never stops at any cost.
Sohan : (leans his head) Acha? (smiles)
Ananya : Ji haan. (smiles)
Sohan : (removes his head and looks at her) And if you get pain leaning your head forever ?
Ananya : (does the same) I won’t be hurt, because it’s my favorite pillow. And, even if I get hurt, then you are here to heal the pain with a relaaaaxing massage.
Sohan : Do you think I am your servant ?
Ananya : Why ? Can’t you do this to your soon-to-be wife ?
Sohan : Oee! You are going to be, you are not yet. And it’s the husband who has to be served, understood?
Ananya : (angry) Oh! (upset) If so, then I am going. Bye!

Ananya gets up and walks away when suddenly she gets stopped, her hand held. Sohan taking support on her with a smile, gets up pulling her hand.

Sohan : Arey! How fast my beautiful lady gets angry!
Ananya : (doesnt look at him, with an angry face) I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me!

Ananya gets out of his grip and walks away while slowly, from her back, her dupatta gets pulled and is taken away from her. Shocked, she looks in front of her, breathing faster, and looks back to see Sohan holding the dupatta and covering his hand circling the dupatta over it, smiling naughtily at her.

Ananya : (shows her back to Sohan) Give me my dupatta back.
Sohan : Then come here to take it na, mere paas. (smiles)

Ananya looks at him turning her head and sees he was smiling. Annoyed of him, she turns back her head.

Ananya : Look! I have to go back home. Give it back to me.

While Sohan was already getting closer slowly to her.

Ananya : Give it bac…

She is interrupted when she feels something touching her shoulder from behind. And she sees her dupatta covering her neck again. While Sohan puts correctly her dupatta on her neck, she was feeling restless thinking she got this closer to Sohan. After having put the dupatta, Sohan goes backward.

Sohan : Do you want to go back now ?

Ananya wakes up and turns back to face Sohan. Shyly smiling, she runs away from there.
Unfortunately, it was not so easy to keep it discrete for life.
Aware of Ananya’s relationship with Sohan, her family started treating her so badly. They shut her inside of her room and never let the lovebird go out, and they used to bring all what she needed in her room. Longing to see her Sohan, she stopped eating correctly. She doesn’t even talk with anyone in the house, not even with her dad with whom she used to share all her feelings. She needed none except the one man. To make her calm down, her family decided to get her married to her cousin Karthi.

Ananya : (very angry) Who gave you the permission for this marriage ?
Ananya’s chachi : Who should Ananya ? We are elders, we know well what to do, what not.
Ananya : (shouts) But I don’t want to marry him. (sobs)
Ananya’s chacha : We didn’t ask for your approval.
Ananya : It’s my marriage, my life. If there must be an opinion, then it might be mine.
Ananya’s chacha : Ananya! We have told you na ? Toh bas. You will marry Karthi, that’s it.
Ananya : I prefer to die rather than marry him.

Bursting out these words to them, she runs to her room and locks herself from inside. Sit on her bed, she makes her heart cry.
On his side, Sohan, not aware of the situation, was quite worried not to see Ananya nowadays. He had no other way to communicate either. He had to see if she was fine or not. Determined to know what is going on, he went to meet her at her house, at night time, hiding to the world.
He climbed up, and through the window, looks at Ananya’s room. Sohan feels more worried not finding Ananya and enters in the room. Experiencing it for the first time, he feels it so awkward. “How does Ananya comes through it everyday? It’s so weird.”, he asks to himself.
Stepping inside, the sound of someone entering in wakes the sleeping Ananya up, who opens her eyes and turns back all by sudden worried. But at her surprise, she falls on Sohan, feeling the relief she has lost these days. She sits up on her bed, while Sohan was looking around.

Ananya : (surprised and standing, in herself) Sohan?!

She gets up and runs to hug him from behind. Sohan, who felt her contact, holds her hands and turns back slowly breaking the contact. Tears falling, Ananya circles his body tightly, and Sohan hugs her back.

Sohan : (caresses her head) I am here. So now no more tears!

Ananya leaves Sohan who makes her face him cupping her soft and child face, and wipes her tears with his thumbs, the lady staring at him.

Sohan : (holding her face) Now tell me. What happened ? Where were you gone all these days ?
Ananya : (straight forward) Do you really love me Sohan ?
Sohan : (not understanding) What ?
Ananya : Do you love me ?
Sohan : What question do you ask …
Ananya : (with a serious tone) Don’t ask anything. Just give me an answer.
Sohan : Y… yes of course I do.
Ananya : Will you marry me ?
Sohan : If I will live, then only by your side.
Ananya : Then make me away from. Right now!
Sohan : (surprised and not understanding) What the hell are you talking ?
Ananya : Please, don’t ask anything. Just take me away from this place.
Sohan : Arey! But why ?
Ananya : They know about us at home. And now they are planning to me married to my cousin.
Sohan : (shocked) Marriage?
Ananya : (cries) Yes. And that to with… with that number one cheap guy Karthi.
Sohan : Karthi?
Ananya : (looks down) Haan. But leave that. (looks at Sohan) Will you take me with you or not ?
Sohan : Ananya, list…
Ananya : Before you say anything, let me clear one thing.

Sohan looks at her tensed.

Ananya : If he ties the knot on my neck, then after marriage, in the following minute, I will suicide mixing poison in the milk.

Sohan makes a scared face and holds tightly her arms.

Sohan : (panicked and shocked expressions) No. You… (cups her face) you won’t do so…
Ananya : If I live, then it’s holding your hand, otherwise I will die.

Sohan, shocked of her reaction, leaves his grip and steps backward to stand with a serious face. Suddenly, he holds possessily her hand, making the woman look at his. A sign of concern on his grip, he takes her towards the window from where he entered in. Understanding his intentions and having full faith on him, Ananya also lets him guide her anywhere. Both together, they tie many of her dupattas, each one at their ending, and a long veil made, he attaches it on the small balcony. After having eyed everywhere if there was anyone around, Sohan makes Ananya slide down the dupatta slowly while he was holding the set carefully for her surety. Once down, Sohan takes his turn and joins Ananya. Ananya puts quickly her dupatta over her head and hides her face to the world. Holding each other’s hands, Sohan and Ananya run far away, till reaching the jungle they crossed last day. But reaching the jungle, Sohan stops running.

Ananya : (not understanding) What happened? Why did you stop ?
Sohan : (looks at her and still holding her hand) Come with me!

He pulls her and takes her to Ludhiana’s railway station, where none was seen except those workers.

Sohan : (staying outside the railway station) Look Ananya, if we stay here, then they will …
Ananya : Wherever you go, I will come behind you.
Sohan : But we might never step back till their…
Ananya : You will be my family, my everything. Even if they bring me back here alone, then it’s the step to my death. (embraces his arm making him look at her) Till I am with you, I dont need anyone else.

Sohan kisses on her forehead and tightening his grip, both run into the station hiding. Fortunately, they haven’t had to wait more, it was like a train sent by God, was waiting for them only. They look at each other and, once the train reached without letting anyone see them, quickly go into a wagon full of hays, the “perfect” place to get hidden. Sitting on the hays, Sohan looks at Ananya who seemed quite scared and looking around her.

Sohan : What happened ? (Ananya looks at him still holding her dupatta in front of her mouth) Are you scared?
Ananya : (removes her hand which lets the dupatta show her face) How can’t I be ? You know my father well na?
Sohan : (teasing smile) But a while ago, someone told that she was not caring about anyone. And now this much scared ?
Ananya : I am not scared for me.
Sohan : Then ? For me ?
Ananya : Haan. (looks down on her right with fear) If anything happens to you, (looks again towards Sohan) then I…

But he cuts her off putting his finger on her lips and leaning a bit on her, surprising Ananya.

Sohan : Now just listen to me carefully Raajkumaari. Nothing will happen to me… No. Nothing will happen to both of us. When I am here with you, I will let nothing happen to you. And by the way, when you are with me, then what also will happen to me ?

Ananya looks at him with scared but quite relieved eyes.

Sohan : (gets farther and talks getting up) And one more thing… (comes back close to her face) Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya ? (winks and smiles)

Ananya smiles also and falls on his body to hug him.

Ananya : I love you so much Sohan.

Sohan, hugging her back, a curve on his lips, drops a soft kiss on her head.

Sohan : I love you too raajkumaari.

He bends to look at her and brushes her hair that were hiding her pretty face, which makes Ananya show a bigger smile and she tightens her hug.
Next day morning
Sohan and Ananya were sleeping, the lady in her man’s arms, one over her shoulders and the other one on her waist, while a ray illuminating the surroundings, makes her wake up. She opens her eyes delicately. And trying to get up, she looks around to know their exact location, when at the end, her eyes fall on him. Smiling and bringing her hands on his chest, she lays her head on his body, just to stare at him before he wakes up. Waiting for him to loosen his arms, she turns her head to put her right side cheek on his body and looks straight hugging him tighter with her left arm.

Sohan : (smirks) Good morning!

Ananya, who was surprised of this, looks at him opening her mouth big.
Ananya : Weren’t you sleeping ?
Sohan : (opens his eyes and looks at her) Yes I was but (hugs her tight) someone just woke me up .
Ananya : Oh! That’s a good thing actually. Stand up, we have to go!
Sohan : Hmm when someone hugs me so lovably, heart wishes I never leave the grip.
Ananya : Sohan stop behaving like a kid. If someone sees us, then it will be a big problem.

Sohan remembers the situation they were stuck in and agrees to leave her. They just realize that the train was stopped at a station. They get out of the wagon discretely and holding each other’s hand, they go out of the railway station, Ananya hiding her face with her dupatta on her head.
Finally out, they try to go the farthest possible and so, they reach a small river from where some houses were seen at the other side of it. Sohan stares at Ananya who seemed quite nervous and tightened her grip over his arm.

Sohan : This place looks quite ok. (Ananya looks at Sohan) Now we have to look for a place to live.
Ananya : Yeah Sohan, I was thinking the same. But how will we make it? We don’t know anyone here. And neither we have money.
Sohan : You don’t worry about that, I will try to do something. But first we have to find out a way to eat something. (makes childish expressions) I am so hungry.
Ananya : Then let’s go, let’s eat something na.
Sohan : (ironically) Do you have money with you ?
Ananya : I don’t have money, but I can manage that too for now.
Sohan : How ?

Ananya puts her hand on his lips and gives him some signs from eyes meaning she will do it.

Ananya : You just follow me.
Sohan : Ok madamji.

Ananya and Sohan go to the town where they found some shops and locations to get information. In the middle of the route Ananya stops walking and looks at Sohan.

Ananya : Hmm Sohan let’s do one thing. Until I get something to eat, you get busy on searching a shelter for us. We must not remain long time outside. Who knows? My dad’s men might be seeking us and find us. Ok?
Sohan : Hmmm that’s also correct. But… you will manage right?
Ananya : Haan baba. And when we are done, let’s meet again in this same place, so that we don’t get lost. Now tell me, what do you want to eat ?

After discussing, both go towards their own direction to end their work.
30 minutes later, both come back to the place they set to join again, both smiling.

Ananya : Is it all ready ?
Sohan : Haan. The way from where we have come, houses cost cheaper, people said. Fortunately, I even met the house owner and explaining our situation, he was ready to rent his house and help us with payment and all. He seemed to be a nice man. He even helped me with a job. And now he is waiting for us to show us the house. What about you?

Ananya shows him two plastic bags with a big smile.

Sohan : You are really great ji!
Ananya : I know.
Middle-aged man : (comes to them) Hmm Sohan right?

Both looks at that man, and Sohan smiles at him while Ananya was confused.

Sohan : Ji sir. (looks at Ananya) Ananya, (looks at the man) he is Lalji, the house owner I was talking about. And Lalji, please (looks at Ananya) meet Ananya, (looks at the man) my wife.

“Wife? What did Sohan tell about them to the house owner ? He is mad!”, Ananya thinks.

Ananya : (folds her hands in front of the house owner) Namaste uncle!
Lalji (house owner) : Namaste betha. Shall we then ?
Sohan : Yeah sure.

Both follow their house owner and reaching the river, Lalji shows them the small bridge which they had to use to cross it. The man going before, the two young people follow his path, holding each other’s hand, and they all finally get in front of their house which was close to the bridge. They enter in the house which looked bigger than what the price could explain. It was a small village, and population seemed to be a little proportion like their own Ludhiana, but it looked so beautiful and attiring. A place that could remind them of home. Ananya, though she used to live in such big houses, was mesmerized by the inside architecture. A typical village but rich-looking house.

Lalji : So here it is. I hope you can manage with the house stuffs, as we don’t procure them.
Sohan : It’s ok sir. We will manage that. You have already helped us a lot. Thank you so much.
Lalji : Ok then. I will call you tomorrow regarding your job. I will take my leave now.
Ananya : Thank you so much uncle for all your help.
Lalji : No betha, it’s ok.

Ananya smiles.

Lalji : I can understand that you both got married but your family members separated you and you had to live alone in each other’s house?

Ananya looks at him confused while Sohan gets tensed.

Ananya : Ji? Uncle what…
Sohan : Hmm Ananya leave it na! (Ananya looks at him) Lalji has to go also. He cannot remain with us all the time. (looks at Lalji) Hai na Lalji?
Lalji : Haan my family will be waiting for me. I must leave now. Bye.
Sohan : Ji bye.

Lalji finally leaves them alone. Sohan sighing in relief, Ananya looks at him confused.

Ananya : Sohan, what did you say to Uncle about us? That we are married ?
Sohan : What should I do then ? He would have never accepted if we told him we were not married. Do you really think he would give his house to two unmarried man and woman ?
Ananya : Acha ? And what if comes to know the truth?
Sohan : Then there is one solution. Make a lie become truth.

Ananya gets nervous at his words and looks down while Sohan smiles at her.

Sohan : I was kidding yaar. I know you might not agree for this now. But we will have to act in front of the others.
Ananya : That means you won’t marry me ?
Sohan : Do you want to ?

Ananya smiles at him and hugs him when he starts screaming like being in pain.

Sohan : Ouch!!

Tensed she gets of him and looks at him.

Ananya : What happened ? Are… are you ok?
Sohan : (looks at her with a cute face) If you hug me while holding hot parcels in your hand, then it will hurt right ?

Ananya looks at her hand and realizing her mistake, she starts laughing, accompanied by her man quite later.

Ananya : Alright! Now sit, and let’s eat. You were hungry na ?
Sohan : Yeah yeah. My empty stomach is killing me.

Both sit on the floor, they open the parcels. Sohan takes a first bit of his food and forwards his hand towards Ananya to feed him. Ananya looks at his hand surprised and then at him with a smile. She opens her mouth and gets fed by Sohan.

Sohan : Yummy ?
Ananya : Hmm a lot.
Sohan : Hm. Now my turn.

Ananya smiles and forwards a bit from her parcel to feed him.

Sohan : Hmmm this is really tasty and quite sweet too.
Ananya : (curious) Sweet? (she takes a bit and tastes) Not at all. This is fine na? There is no sweet stuff in this.
Sohan : Haan that’s true, but your hand is sweet na? (smiles and winks)

Ananya opens widely her mouth looking at him, and raises her hand up meaning she will hit him, while he laughs sweetly.

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