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Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 10

Recap : Anjali agree to stay.. Arnav plan dinner for kushi.

Lavanya : Kushi stop dreaming.. & go arnav is waiting for you down..


Kushi is already in black anarkali looking gorgeous.. She get down excitedly but find only driver in the car..

Driver : Sir will directly come to hotel mam..

Kushi : hmm..

They reach a 7 star hotel.. Many people around her & she see Arnav waiting for her near entrance.. They both get in.. Arnav drag a chair for kushi just like a gentleman & he take the opposite seat.. They order the food.. Everything is very formal between them.. Arnav receive message..

Aman : damn ASR what are you doing.. Talk something..

Arnav : ok..

After 5 mins.. Aman again message him..

Aman : what are you waiting for.. Talk naa.. I’m watching you do as I say..

Arnav look around & find aman sitting behind kushi..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : what happened..?

Arnav : nothing.. Hmm.. Nice place naa..

Kushi nod yes..

Arnav : Nice music too..

Kushi : yes very soothing..

They serve the food & both start eating

Aman message again..

Aman : haan haan bolo aage bolo ki nice table nice chair nice spoon.. What are you doing 😠

Arnav see Aman giving angry looks..

Arnav : ( to kushi ) Kushi.. ( she look at him ) huh.. Umm nice food naa.. Less spices.. Nice taste..

Kushi : yes.. Its perfectly cooked..

Arnav : soup is perfect ..

Aman message again..

Aman : do you want to marry that cook ah..? Why the hell are you praising the food.. That too on a date.. ASR..

Arnav see Aman hitting his head to table..

Arnav : ( to kushi ) huh.. ( he clear his throat.. )

Kushi : do you need water..

Aman gesture to say yes..

Arnav : yes..

Kushi give him a glass Arnav about to take but Aman nod no..

Arnav : no.. ( Kushi look confused)

Aman message – I need but from your hand..

Arnav read it loudly

Arnav : i need it but from yo.. ( he stop )

Aman gesture bolo bolo ( tell )

Arnav take it from her hand drink it himself
Aman gesture as if throwing fork on him out of frustration.. Kushi find something is fishy..

Kushi : are you fine..

Arnav : yes.. Everything is fine..

Kushi : I was thinking aashi is all alone.. No one to play with her..

Aman : ( to himself ) wow bhabhi kya idea diya aapne.. ( wow Kushi you gave a wonderful idea )

Aman message – tell bhabhi ‘ then let’s give her little brother or sister ‘

Arnav read & look at aman in surprise..

Aman gesture what.. Tell her..

Arnav : hmm then let’s give her little.. Uh little.. Toys..

Aman gesture as if cutting his head with fork.. & take the plate & gesture as if hitting Arnav but then bang it on his head itself & leave..

Kushi : so I was thinking to take her to aarav’s home & he too will come here they will get along well..

Arnav : hmm that’s better..


Aman on phone..

Aman : kya kare ab.. Mein Kuch bol raha hoon aur woh Kuch.. ( what to do I’m saying something & he’s talking something else )

Anjali : kya hogaya hai isse.. Let’s plan something else leave it ( what has happened to him )

Aman : sacchi.. Iss bekar date Maine aaj tak nahi dekhi di..( he see Arnav standing behind him ) diya.. Ok bye diya.. Good night.. Diya.. ( he stress the word diya… )

Arnav : who’s diya ?

Aman : uh.. Diya is diya.. ( Arnav look suspiciously ) diya is my girlfriend..

Arnav : what seriously.. you are cheating Lavanya ( he ask angrily )

Aman : no no..

Arnav : then who’s diya ?

Aman : Diya is lavanya.. Lavanya is diya…

Arnav : what..?

Aman : we are acting as bf gf for few days to increase romance in marriage.. You know..

Arnav : you people are impossible.. ( he go from there )


Arnav sitting on stairs.. Kushi come there..

Kushi : dinner was very nice.. Thank you

Arnav : oh stop praising it for name sake I know it was a disaster..

Kushi : who dared to say so about my husband’s plan ah..?

She come & sit beside him & say..

Kushi : jab aap saath ho naa toh aise lagta hai jaise jannat mein hoon ( when you are with me I feel as if I’m in heaven )

She hug him from side..

Arnav : I’m lucky to have you.. You are the best..

Kushi : we together are best…

Next day..


On phone..

Kushi : I’ll come there by 5 di..

Anjali : ok I’ll be waiting..

Arnav bring aashi from school.. She look very angry.. Doesn’t talk anything directly go to her room & throw her bag on bed & sit angrily..

Kushi : what happened to her..

Arnav : don’t know she didn’t even talk anything in car..

Arshi go to her room..

Kushi : what happened baby.. Why are you angry..

She doesn’t speak..

Arnav : did someone say anything in school..

Kushi : are you hungry come let’s have ice cream

Aashi & Arnav stare Kushi like seriously..

Kushi : it was joke hasna tha..

Aashi again sit with angry face..

Arnav receive a call from school principal that they have to come & meet immediately..

Arnav drop kushi , Lavanya & aashi to school as he have some meeting..

Principal chamber

Even Anjali shyam & aarav are present.. Aashi give angry look to aarav & he look down

Principal explain the situation – Some boys ( one who had troubled aashi 1st day ) have teased her again today & have snatched her lunch so aarav had not only beaten them black & blue but also have torn the notes of those boy’s sister

Principal : I agree what those boys did was wrong but aarav is too arrogant.. This much anger that too at this age is not tolerable..

Shyam : well I apologise on behalf of him. This won’t repeat again..

Principal : not that’s it Mr. Jha.. He even refused to apologise.. That’s why we have called you..

Anjali : that’s bad manners aarav apologise now..

Aarav : why should I maa he deserved that for hurting my sister

Principal : you too tore his sister’s notes right… When he apologised you too should..

Aarav : it was him who started it how dare he trouble my sister.. Aarav never apologise to anyone..

Aashi glare him angrily while others look at him surprised..

Lavanya : ( whisper ) no doubt he is carbon copy of arnav..

Kushi : aarav that’s not way to talk..

Aashi : leave it mumma he won’t listen.. ( to principal ) I apologise on behalf of him mam please forgive him..

Aarav : aashi but.. ( he stop seeing aashi’s angry glares )

Precap :

Arnav give tips to aarav to console aashi..

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