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As long as you love me…SEGMENT #15

As long as you love me
Segment #15

“Your smile is a killer
N your eyes are like drugs.
You are my murderer
For U, I’ll die everyday. ”


Recap- Party at Kaanch Club. Twinj’s first kiss, while drunk.

☆First floor, Kaanch club.

Twinkle and Kunj wake up together only to find themselves under the effect of alcohol and holding hands. They both widen their eyes in shock n jerks each other’s hand, but Destiny played. They found Kunj’s beaded bracelet and Twinkle’s Chura(marriage bangles) to be entangled.
They tried to untangle it, but soon heard a knock on the door, finding a waiter standing there with lemonade.
Waiter: Sir, Mr Robin asked me to give you the lemonade because of the hangover last night.
His eyes catches their hands entangled, n Kunj’s smudged lips.A cunning smile appears on his lips.
Waiter: I guess you had enjoyed last night.
Kunj and Twinkle frowns.
Waiter: I mean your stay here. (He leaves)
Kunj AND Twinkle stand there in shock with lemonade in their hands remembering what waiter said. They both went to room, jerks their hands off and again realizing that their hands are entangled. They both drink lemonade, and then try again to untangle their hands. Suddenly, Twinkle’s eyes fall on Kunj’s face and she is appalled to see him.
Kunj: Aise kya dekh rii h. Pata h mujhe m bahot handsome, par ab ghoor mat.
Twinkle turns Kunj towards the mirror and he too stands there shocked seeing his lips smudged in red.
TwiNj: The waiter was mentioning this. Damn.
Kunj(fakes cry): Tune mera faayda toh nii uthaya na.
Twinkle (cries): Idk. Yeh kya hua. Shit, I really don’t remember.
They both slaps their heads with their hands.
TwiNj: Oh Shit!….Tumhe b yaad h……Wo ek mistake thi…..BT YOU SAID YOU LOVE ME…

They try to avoid eye contact n goes to freshen up.

☆ RheObin’s Mansion.

Everyone was sitting and gossiping.
Kunj: Naman, I wanted to talk to you. Alone. Can we go to other room, Please?
Naman: Omigod. Kunj Sarna ne mujhe please kaha. Ab toh jaana padega. Chal.

●Other room.
Kunj: Yrr, kal jo tune mujhe pyaar par gyaan diya tha na. Wo…. I kissed Twinkle. I really love her.
Naman: What?…..Wow! I mean really. Par tu itna sharma kyo raha H?
Kunj: I wanna propose her.
Naman: But you’re married.
Kunj:Toh ussi se shaadi ki h. M not proposing anyone else.
Naman: Theek h na. Okay. I have a plan. This will be the most exceptional proposal, ever.
Kunj(Hugs him): Thanks, bro. PAR PLAN KYA HAI?
Naman smirks.

☆Back to hall

Kunj takes Twinkle aside, while Naman discusses the plan with others. They come back while other shows thumbs up.
Kunj: Okay, guys. We’ll leave. We will take the route of the Aurangzeb Road.
Twinkle: Why, route?
Kunj: Come na. We’re late.
TwiNj : Biee guys.

☆ On the way back home.

TwiNj are listening to music on Radio.
Kunj changes the channel. He goes on changing.
Channel 91.1- Tera hone laga….
Channel 92.7- Advertisement
Channel 93.5- Mai Swati aaj Phirse aapko love messages deliver karungi.
Channel 94.3- I need no dollar bills to h…..

Twinkle:Kunj change to channel 3 na. It’s my favorite.
Kunj: Hmm.
Channel 93.5- Toh aaj hamare paas ek alag proposal h. Ek husband se wife ko.
“Heyy, Jaan. Mujhe pata h hamari shaadi ek accident tha. Hum best friends the Aur hamesha rahenge. Abhi tak hamari Shaadi ko Sirf 5 hi din hue h. Par ab mujhe pata chal gaya h ki tum hi ho Jisse m pyaar karta hu. Will you be my soul mate?”
Twinkle : This is so cute. Wow. The wife must be so lucky.
Channel cont’d. “Toh, I hope tum mujhe sunn rhi ho. Will you be my Soul mate? I’ll wait for a lifetime for your answer. Cause I love you Meri SIYAPPA QUEEN. I love you so much. Yours. SADU SARNA.”
Kunj applies brake and points outside. Twinkle finds all of their common friends standing there, holding banners of “ACCEPT IT” “HE LOVES YOU” “ YOU ARE LUCKY”

Precap – Sarna Mansion. People questioning TwiNj.

So, this update is a treat to Ladoo from me winning the Volleyball Tournament. I hope you like it, partner.
Loads of love.
Please shower you love.

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