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As long as you love me…SEGMENT #14

As long as you love me
Segment #14

“Hundreds of bottles I can drink,
Hundreds of cigars I can smoke,
But if i look into your eyes,
I can feel hangover taking control�


Recap: Muh Dikhai. TwiNj embarrassed.

☆Kaanch club.

The whole club is booked by Robin. The colourful lights makes up the Party mood. Everyone is dancing. Their heads swinging. Vodka glasses are lying empty. People are enjoying themselves with shots. But Kunj stands there at at the entrance waiting for her. She comes to the club in her Red car, wearing the skinniest, s*xiest and shimmering Silver dress. She looks like a Devil queen waiting to pierce many of the men’s hearts with the Red lipstick and Blue Mascara. The black liner makes her the s*xiest in the club. She enters leaving mouths of many wide open. (That same dress when Raman and pinni were celebrating their anniversary. She looked Flawless.)

“Kisi zabaan mein bhi
Wo lavz hi nhii ki
Jinme tum ho kya Bata saku
Main agar kahu tumsa haseen
Kaynat mein h hi nhii.
Tareef yeh b toh
Sach h kuchh bhi nhii� It was Kunj singing this.
Kunj: I know you r late. But you look Hot. I can’t control my hormones.
Twinkle (hugs him and makes circles on his back with her fingers): Ohh, Really! So, what about some action after party.(Jokes)
Kunj eyes reach up the clouds seeing HIS Twinkle this bold. Soon they here giggling sound. They find their friends laughing.
Kunj : Umm. Guys so let’s start…..Yeah, drinks. Waiter.
Soon, everyone was dancing on their own tunes. They all were drunk.
Naman: Kunj yrr. Wait. Main tujhse akele m baat karu kya re? Bol na Re? Kuchh sunayi nhii de rha Re?
Kunj: Sunayi kaise dega! Maine toh kuchh bola hi nhii. Hahahahah.
Naman:Haww. Achha sunn toh, tu Twinkle se pyaar karta h Na?
Kunj: Pata nhii re. Usse dekhte hi dil m kaante chubte h. M apne aapko rok hi nhii pata.
Naman: Abey, pagle. Issi ko toh pyaar kehte h.
Kunj: Ohh. Toh m Twinkle se pyaar karta hu. Hmm. M Twinkle se pyaar karta hu. Achha toh m Twinkle se pyaar karta hu.
He starts walking from there n kept murmuring the same. Robin had booked rooms in the club, as the club had rooms on 1st floor for night stays.
Kunj reaches his room only to find Twinkle, drunk.
Kunj: Twinkle, tujhe pata h…M Twinkle se pyaar karta hu.

Twinkle(starts crying):….
Kunj : kya hua Twinkle?
Twinkle : uss ka naam tum apne Muh Se mat lena. Kutti. Sirf m tumse pyaar kar sakti hu. Twinkle nhii. Samjhe.
He innocently nods.
Kunj: agar tu mujhse itna hi pyaar karti h, toh humne abhi tak kiss kyo nii ki.
Twinkle: Kiss? Kunj, maine aaj se pehle kabhi bhi kiss nhi ki h. Mujhe toh pata b nii h kiss kaise karte H? Tumhe aati H?
Kunj: Nhii yrr. Maine b nii ki. Tu mere saath kiss karegi.
Twinkle: Haa, par tum kisi ko batana mat. Theek h.
Kunj: Haa. Theek h.
Twinkle : Pakka na. Pinki promise?
Kunj: Pinki promise.
They slowly come towards each other. Kunj pulls her. Her hands reach inside his Tshirt. Kunj’s hands makes way to her face bringing them closer and closer and closer and soon, their lips met. This was the simplest kiss ever done. Ni tongues playing. No sucking. Just kissing.
Kunj: Wow. Twinkle tujhe kiss karna aata h.
Twinkle turns red: Tumhe b aata h. Haww dekho tumhare lips red ho gaye.
Kunj: Sach m?
Twinkle nods.
Kunj: Wow. Same same. Twinkle Aur mere lips same same.
They jump shouting same same and lie on the bed looking into each other’s eyes and holding hands.


Ik ik, I’ve not given Precap. I was just wondering if I should ask you all again. Should I write incidents only or the story. Cause it’s been only 3 days in my FF and 14 updates. I really want to know. I hope ya all like it. N ya ik there’s an update on TU, cause of me being Stupid. Well. Biee. Don’t leave your answers.

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