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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 6!

hello guys.. it’s been a while…. anyway i will try to post daily now as my other ff finished…
this cover page is for jasmine… this is vivaan and chakor…

ok here goes..


ishita: this vivaan wants to take chakor out.. she is not in good condition now..
ishaani: why did they go somewhere?
ishita: hmm…

ishaani laughs.

ishita: hey you.. why are you lauging
ishaani: he still wants to go out..
ishita: remember when he bunk school and go out..
ishaani: yes… yes…

suddenly they hear a knock.

ishita: who is it?
ishaani: i’ll check…

she opens the door and get shocked.

ishaani: ranveer?!

ishita get shocked.

ranveer: why looking surprised?
ishaani: well… come.. in…

ranveer comes in. he sees ishita and smiles. ishita smiles back.

ishaani: my mama…
ranveer: i see…

ranveer sits down.

ishaani: tell me how did you find the way…
ishita: ishaani let him rest…

he smiles.

ishaani goes near ishita.

ishaani (whispers) : mama.. be with mishti.. if she comes down….
ishita: yes…

suddenly mishti comes down. ishita and ishaani get shocked.

ishita: mishti.. let’s go upstairs.. come on..
mishti: no dadi… who came?

ishaani blocks her way..

ishaani: n..no…one…
mishti: i heard noice..
ishaani: m..y…fri..end.
mishti: let me see..

ranveer comes there.

ranveer: who is this young lady.

he tickles her.. she giggles.

mishti : my name is mishti..
ranveer: nice name… mishti..

ishaani smiles.

ranveer: but who are you?
mishti: i’m.. ishaani’s….

ishita cups her mouth.

ishita: let’s go..

she drags mishti upstairs. ranveer looks on.

ranveer: well.. who is she…
ishaani: uh… my… cousin….
ranveer: oh she is your cousin…
ishaani: yes…
ranveer: very cute… i wish we have a daughter like that.

ishaani looks at him.

the scene shift to the ‘rv company’

karthik: i need to show naira her work…

he goes and enter naira’s work place.

karthik: hello naira.

naira stand up from her chair.

karthik: no..no.. sit down.. i will teach you..
naira: no sit here sir..
karthik: no need.. you sit down..

naira shakes her head. karthik looks at her sturnly..

naira: okay…

she sits down

karthik: okay naira.. you check these files.. if everything goes right…

in ishaani’s house.

mishti: dadi.. who is he
ishita: mama’s friend.
mishit: i like him… was my papa like that?

ishita looks at her.

ishita: what?
mishti: at least tell me what he is like.. please.

ishita cries.

mishti: okay then don’t tell me.. if it makes you cry..

ishita hugs her, mishti cries.

precap: ranveer and mishti talks.

guys.. please suggest ideas for the next parts. because new ideas means faster updates…


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