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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 5!

the episode starts with chakor and ishaani laughing

chakor: mishti looks exactly like you…
ishaani: well… she is my daughter..

they laugh


chakor: ishaani… how is everything doing? i mean with mishti..
ishaani: what do you mean?
chakor: i mean she… does not have a father.
ishaani: but she is with me.. and mama
chakor: but she needs father’s love…
ishaani: you are right chakor… but i asked mohit about this too
chakor: really?
ishaani: yes.. but he didn’t accept me and mishti.. so mama came to help.


ishaani is crying for the loss of mohit. mishti is only 2 years and is on the bed.

ishaani: mohit.. please come back for mishti atleast.. please.

ishaani picks up mishti and runs on the streets going crazy. ishita is shopping in the market and sees them and get shocked.

ishita: is that my ishaani? but why is she running?

she follows her and catches. she sees ishaani and get shocked.

ishita: ishaani?
ishaani: mama?

she hugs her and cries. mishti too cries.

ishita: why are you running beta?
ishaani: ma…ma…. m- m- mohit… left me… he loves someone else mama..

ishita gets shocked.

ishita: what? when?
ishaani: i got to know today… and when i asked him…. he left me and mishti…
ishita: ishaani…
ishaani: he needs the house mama…
ishita: oh god! come with me ishaani let’s go to my house..
ishaani: mama…
ishita: papa too wants to see you… let’s go and get your stuff and leave..

they get their stuff and leave. they enter ishita’s house. raman opens the door.

raman: ishaani?!
ishaani: papa…


they hug and cry.

raman: what happened beta?
ishita: let’s go inside.

she winks. later they tell raman the story..

raman: ishita… ishaani needs you the most… you go with her.. and look after mishti… i can be here.

ishita gets shocked.


chakor: poor you ishaani…

they hug.

at night in vikor’s room.

vivaan: chakor…
chakor: i’m here.
vivaan: why are you in the bed so early?
chakor: well it was a tiring journey…

she gets out of the bed and comes to him. vivaan hugs him

vivaan: you okay no?
chakor: yes…

he kiss her forehead.

chakor: what is this?
vivaan: you okay?
chakor: yes… but why are you asking this…
vivaan: to look after you… and my rising star..

he holds her tummy.

chakor: oh! i forgot about that…

she laughs.

chakor: did you tell it to mami ji?

vivaan nods. they smiles.

in the morning….

naira goes to work. she knocks on karthik’s door.

naira: excuse me sir…
karthik: come in.

he sees naira and smiles. karthik sees his watch.

karthik: right on time.
naira: yes sir.
karthik: you can start working.. your working place is just next to mine.
naira: okay sir.
karthik: i will come to show you.. you go and take a seat…

naira goes and sits down in her chair and smiles.

precap: ranveer comes to ishaani’s house..
vivaan and chakor goes out..

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