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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 4!

the episode starts with ishaani entering the house.
it is very late.

ishaani: oh god its so late. everyone is a sleep. i hope mishti is not awake.

she peeps inside. there is no one inside and she is relived. but suddenly someone comes.
it is ishita. ishaani gets shocked.

ishita: ishaani, tell me, today tell me ishaani..
ishaani: um… wha..what?

ishita holds ishaani.

ishita: why are you so late?
ishaani: g-go..ne to.. my –
ishita: friends? oh ishaani please don’t tell me that lie. don’t care for me ishita but please… at least care for mishti

ishaani bends downs

ishita: ishaani if you are not going to care for her i will leave with her to your papa’s

ishaani gets shocked.

ishita: i left him few years ago for your sake as mohit left you..

ishaani hold ishita’s feet…

ishaani: mama… i need to tell you something…..
ishita: what?
ishaani: im..in…love…

ishita gets shocked

ishita: what? love? again?

ishaani cries.

ishaani: i..was… afraid mama… to tell you… because you will…scold me..

ishita helps ishaani up. they both cry.

ishaani: forgive me mama… please..

ishita helps her sit down.

ishita: okay.. ishaani.. don’t cry now..please..

ishita wipes ishaani’s tears… ishaani hugs ishita.

ishita: how is he.
ishaani: he is nice mama.. he is…
ishita: are you sure?
ishaani: yes mama… he loves me and i love him….

ishita sighs.

ishita: what does he do?
ishaani: he is a manager in the ‘rv company’
ishita: oh ‘rv company’ i have heard about it.
ishaani: i’m scared about mishti..
ishita: she will understand…

they hug.

scene shift to naira’s house.

she gets a call.

naira: hello.
karthik: it’s me. i interviewed you…
naira: ah… yes… i remeber sir.
karthik: there is good news.
naira: what sir?
karthik: you..got…selected….

naira smiles.

naira: r-really? i..got selected… thankyou sir…thanks.
karthik: yes… and remember no need to call me sir… but call me karthik..
naira: no…. it’s ru..de…
karthik: no..well if you don’t like it..don’t call me that. anyway come to work tommorow morning.
naira: okay..

she ends call and shouts. everyone comes down.

akshara: kya?
naira: guess what?
naksh: what?
naira: i passed… i… passed my interview.

she jumps. everyone smiles.

akshara: wow!
naksh: so you can do it then.

naira nods. they hug.

the scene shifts to ishaani’s house.
its morning. ishaani and ishita is sleeping on the couch. mishti comes.

mishti: mama… dadi… wake up..

they wake up.

ishaani: what’s the time?
mishti: it’s late now.
ishita: oh! i need to make breakfast.
ishaani: i’ll help.
mishti: me too..

ishita and ishaani smiles.

suddenly the door opens and vivaan and chakor enters.

vivaan: didi….

ishaani comes there and get shocked.

ishaani: vivaan!!!

ishita comes there and smiles.

ishita: beta.. how are you?
ishaani: come…come… sit down..

vivaan and chakor sit down.

chakor: we are fine what about you?
ishita: us too.

they smile.

precap: vivaan and chakor spend some time..
naira goes to work.

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