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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 3!

the episode starts with shagun waking up ranveer.

shagun: ranveer wake up beta.


ranveer covers his face with his blanket.

ranveer: why so early?
shagun: early? it’s 10’o clock now.

ranveer wakes up suddenly and remembers ishaani.

shagun: why whats so important about 10’o clock, you woke up suddenly?
ranveer: n-no-nothing…

shagun sits beside him.

shagun: ranveer… you are now grown up…be more responsible atleast.

ranveer hugs shagun.

ranveer: okay my sweet mama….

shagun smiles. ranveer leaves.

the scene shift to the ‘rv’ company.

a man is checking files. his face is shown. it’s karthik.

karthik: suraj… come here.

suraj enters.

suraj: yes sir..
karthik: did the people come.
suraj: yes they came for the interview.
karhtik: call them in.. one by one…
suraj: okay sir

after a while naira enters with her file. karthik gets shocked seeing her.

karthik (thinks): wow! such a beautiful girl..

naira: excuse me sir..
karthik: yes please… take a seat..
naira: thank you.

she sits down.

karthik: okay.. first i will ask you some questions..

the scene shift to ranveer and ishaani walking together.

ranveer: ishaani… im glad that i’m with you.
ishaani: me too.

ranveer stops.

ishaani: what happened?
ranveer: see the time ishaani, let’s stay at that hotel.

he points to a grand hotel.

ishaani gets shocked.

ishaani: no mishti will be waiting…
she shuts her mouth.

ishaani (thinks) : oh.. no…

ranveer: who is mishti?
ishaani: um.. she is… my…sis..ter…
ranveer: sister?
ishaani: well actually she is my…c ousin… she lives in australia.. she came to india yesterday.
ranveer: oh then you should be there.

ishaani nods.

ishaani: is it okay..
ranveer: yes..just for today….
ishaani: thank you. she leaves.

the scene shift to the company.

karthik: last question… are you married?

naira gets shocked.

naira: n..o…sir….not yet.

karthik smiles.

karthik: you are good… i will call you if you are selected.

naira nods and leaves.

precap: vivaan and chakor enters ishaani’s house.
karthik calls naira

i know it’s short but im sorry…. im busy with my tests

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