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Are You Enjoying YRKKH’s Current Track?

On YRKKH, the story is focusing on the separation track between Kartik and Naira. Kartik proposed Naira, and wanted to know her answer then Naira refused as she thinks that she only considers Kartik as a friend, and wants him to remain a friend. Kartik feels upset and decides to go far away and settle as he feels that it will be hard to live with Naira’s memories. On Karva Chauth noght Naira realises that she loves Kartik also sees Gayu breaking fast for Kartik as she observed it for him.

In some news it is also said that on the upcoming days the serial will show that Gayu’s secret will be exposed and the family will try to make Kartik marry Gayu, and Naira will separate her love for Gayu as Rama will manipulate her.


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