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are you all enjoying yhm as much as before?

do you all love ye hai mohhabatein as much as you did before?

the story started off based on ruhi and her work to get ishra together.
shagun was the enemy of this story as she was raman’s ex wife.
gradually ishra fell in love with each other and then the story began…


during these time there was different hardships,love etc.

leap of 7 years

but then story tool a major leap of 7 years.

in this 7 years raman and ishita was seperated as for the loss of ruhi. ishita was living in australia with her friend mani and aliya.
when ishita came to india her plane was hijacked, and in the same plane raman too was there. ishita got shot and raman saved her.
then ishita started settling india along with mani and aliya. during these time aliya and adi argue about whose mum ishita was.
aliya got kidnapped (sort of) and adi was the criminal. during this ishita got to knew this is adi and her son.


ruhi was kidnapped by ishra’s latest enemy niddhi, while everyone thought ruhi was dead by the car crash niddhi was making use of ruhi.
she turned ruhi into ruhaan, the famous singer.
ruhi too came into india and she hated her parents because of the misunderstanding.

finally everyone knew ruhaan was ruhi and they were happy. in ruhi’s custody, shocking everyone, ruhi chose to live with niddhi.
but she understood and came to the bhalla’s finally.

pihu’s case too was the same but she didn’t no ishita was her real mother. shagun turned back into evil and totally brainwashed little pihu.

love triangle

while all the fans were excited to see adi and aliya’s love, the show made a huge twist.

adi loved aliya while aliya loved mihir…

when mihir finally knew that aliya loved him he was totally shocked. he wanted adi and aliya get together.
by the time aliya understood adi’s love, adi had already turned into evil.
after all acid attacks, arguments adi and aliya expressed their love and became one.
while mani and raman were hating this, entry of aliya’s dadi happens.

though shagun wanted to break this love, with everyone’s kindness adi and aliya’s engagement happens.
in this ishra too remmarries…

this is the very short summary of the story so far.. many twist and many things happened..
but are you all enjoying it?

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