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Anjaan Dil (Episode 1)

Anjaan Dil:
Episode 1:

The story opens up at a stall, two girls are standing in the middle of the night waiting.


“Where is she?!” One of the girl says sounding annoyed.

“Ragini… Calm down, she must be coming.” The other girl says.

The girl is revealed to be Ragini.

“Swara, have you seen the time?” An irritated Ragini says.

“Ragini… She must be coming.” Swara assures.

“If she comes empty handed home then no one can spare her from me.” Ragini says and crosses her arms.

Another girl is shown running, she is wearing pink Salwar with pink leggings. Her hair is out and her stole is pinned to her shoulder.

“Now Ragini won’t spare me.” The girl says and she runs.

Her eyes are shown and her worried face makes her revealed to be Thapki. She reaches there and catches her breath.

“Where were you?!” Ragini asks while glaring at her.

“Di… I was coming but couldn’t find an…any taxi or a…auto!” Thapki says as she catches her breath.

“Y…” Ragini was about to say something but Swara holds her hand and nods no.

“Koi baat Nahi Thapki… are you sure you’ll be able to stay here alone? I mean do you want me to stay with you?” Swara asks.

“It’s up to you… you can leave if you want to or stay…” Thapki says and looks down.

“Swara, you done your shift so now it’s only Thapki’s turn.” Ragini makes clears.

“But Ragini…” Swara says but Ragini cuts her.

“Swara… how much would you spoil her? She has to be independent.” Ragini says.

“Then why do you keep Swara Di with you? Aren’t you capable of being independent?” Thapki asks and looks up at Ragini.

Ragini gets angry and looks at Thapki.

“Don’t show your tongues sharpness at me!” Ragini says and hold her hand in a fist.

Ragini angrily storms out while Swara looks on.

Episode ends.

To be continued…
Thapki from Thapki Pyaar Ki

Swara from Swaragini
Ragini from Swaragini.

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