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Anika upset over falling in love with Shivay in Ishqbaaz

Tia tells Shivay to decide her dress as they both should be colour coordinated. He tells he has no time. Tia calls Anika to show the dresses. Anika dressed up in the beautiful attire comes there, and Tia asks Shivay to judge the outfit. Tia does not like it much, and asks Anika to change the dress. Shivay sees Anika and calls her beautiful. He asks Tia to select this dress. Tia finals that dress for party. Tia asks Anika to wear some more outfits and show her. Shivay objects to this and says this is not Anika’s work to do modelling.

Tia says she did not get any model. Shivay saves Anika from Tia, and selects few random outfits for Tia to send her off. Anika remarks Shivay to understand everything and still act ignorant. Shivay is confused over the reality and his desires. Anika is upset over Shivay’s marriage. Anika confides with Sahil that she is seeing Shivay every time when she closes eyes. She admits that she has grown feelings for Shivay, and now she is feeling sad for Shivay and Tia’s marriage.

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