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Angels of almighty: prologue + character sketch

Angels of Almighty prologue

Hiii every one. Nowadays my mind worked in which direction even m confused. So basically this story will be all about the works of soldiers and doctors. Two important persons except my family and god i believe, most respected are true soldiers and true doctors. Soldiers not only meant for war, they do various works likewise doctors. This concept is inspired from recent border activity,manga, adaptation of a series. So if u will be okay with me to continue it give me ur precious views…
Outbreak of chaos at border area. Captain Arjun Mehera proceed with his team to tackle situation. He was a man who always tried to handle situation by peacefully talking first. His way of talking has a great impact even enemy willingly bend down. Three terrorist who sneaked inside India caught by captain Arjun with the help of sergeant major neil Malhotra and secret task force unit. A big plan of attack resumed. How???



When arjun was enjoying his holiday with Sergeant Major Neil, he helped a kiddo son of powerful underworld don by unknowingly. During that time boy was injured a little and sent to the hospital. Neil realizes his cellphone was left with the boy and goes to the hospital along with Arjun to retrieve his cellphone.In the emergency room, Arjun meets Dr. Radhika for the first time. He thought he fell in love.


After some months when Arjun and Neil enjoyed their timing, chased out by some goons and landed in neil house. Later they departed. Sam called Neil and he received her call much to her surprise but wont talk a single word, even neil stopped breathing. Sam was happy that at least neil received her call. She told how she looks good, Arjun teased her. She told him that she’s doing well and that she missed him, and Neil remembered again when they were dating and happy. Poor guy.


Next scene Arjun was talking with that boy and blabbed,” I fell for such a person who dumped me three times. Still I missed her. Should I die?? What did u do if u would be at my place”.

Boy made faces and said,” uncle , I would have died with embarrassment for dumped by same girl three time. Don’t know how u alive?? May be u don’t have any shame.”

Arjun rolled his eyes shockingly with boy’s answer. Arjun told him not to call him uncle and joked with him.

Radhika was talking with her mother about her matter. Her mother told her to control herself as she was assertive, straight forward and overly frank. Her mother joked about a date with her. Radz smiled faintly.

Radhika ,” I don’t go dates with females. Bring on a guy. I’ll go.”

Her mother,” what happened?? As u see him, know him more ; u got to know he is not right person”.

Radhika,” no..he was the bestest person.I missed my chances. I wonder how he fell for me at first place.I should have held onto him. I should not accept that apology. I should confess myself”.

Her mother,” r u still confused to accept army officials as ur life partner”?

Radz didn’t answer and cut-off the call. Arjun At the same time ride the bus to home, and he’s sitting just above a huge billboard of radhika face on promotional poster of her hospital.


Arjun Mehera
The team leader of secret task force Team, an elite special forces unit in India. He is a soldier from a family with a military background. He highly respects his father, who is honourably discharged as a Sergeant Major. He possesses both academic and physical abilities, thus making him a complete soldier. He graduated from the Indian Military Academy and is currently a Captain in the army. His belief that women, the elderly and children deserve to be protected, his courage to intervene when high schoolers make chaos on the streets, and his common sense that wrong is wrong despite having a gun pointed at his head are all part of arjun’s love for country and a soldier’s honour. He is an easy-going, lively character who is confident and at times witty and likes to joke around, depending on the situation. He was later promoted to Major.

Radhika Mishra
A cardiothoracic specialist who works at Apollo Hospital. She is portrayed as an assertive woman who has great abilities but would rather confine herself to the operating room . She believes that competence overrules connections but is hit by the harsh reality that she cannot go anywhere without any connections. She is a woman with principles and doesn’t fall prey easily to her emotions. Overall, she is the complete package – her speaking abilities are unrivalled, and she is not afraid to admit her mistakes. Moreover she showed herself as bad and aggressive.

Neil Malhotra
A soldier down to the core . even when he is not working it is as if he is wearing the clothes of a soldier rather than those of a civilian. His heart moves at the thought that he is protecting his family and his homeland with his own two hands. He has experience in dealing with disasters. Since heavy actions are more comfortable for him than light-hearted conversations, he has a hard time expressing himself freely. However, within the shell of this hardcore soldier is a good heart that is deeper than anyone else’s.

samaira Khanna
A terrific soldier who has eyes for only one man. She is not only a soldier but an army surgeon and an orthopaedic specialist. She is also the daughter of Lieutenant General samrat Khanna, commander of the indian Special Forces Brigade. She follows her father’s footsteps and graduates from the Indian Military Academy before doing an internship at Apollo Hospital with radhika. At her first assignment she meets Neil, a sergeant. She is truthful with her feelings, and in order to protect her love she is willing to endure any danger and face everything straight on.

Barracks of Army
samrat Khanna – Lieutenant General (sam’s father)
Dilip Mathur – Lieutenant Colonel (later promoted to Colonel)
Secret task force Team Members :
Arjun Mehera , Neil Malhotra , jai khurana ,Ankush Arora , zubin Ibrahim .

Apollo Hospital Medical Services Team:

Radhika Mishra: Team leader
teji Xian ,1st year resident of Thoracic Surgery , Handsome comic man
Adarsh Raizad , a General Surgeon, having eyes for nandini only.
Nandini Pandey , Nursing Team.
Suzy seing , Nurse
kritika Pathology Specialist
saral joshi ,Chairman of Apollo Hospital

kabir saxsena , an half Indian (Peacemaker Emergency Doctor Team)
Riddhima Rastogi, a migrant (Peacemaker Emergency Nurse Team)

If u don’t like, then also say straight.I’ll stop immediately.

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