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Am I Yours??? – A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter-3)

Am I Yours???- A Swasan Fanfic. (Chapter-3)
Swara’s POV..
Dear Shona,
Today is a holiday..So obviously I hadn’t gone to school…You know what Everyone in this world goes to school for friends…That’s the main reason to go school..But with me, It’s different…I go to school not only for my Ragu but also for my love Sanskar…I love him so much..My love for him can’t be expressed in words…Now you will be surprised to read that a girl of twelve years love someone…She hadn’t became a teenager also…Isn’t it strange???..I know it is strange for you but what to do.. This is only True…The best truth of my life..I have never imagined in my dreams that I will love someone..But now I love Sanskar and I will be loving him till death…My love story is entirely different from others love story but quite similar to the movie of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge…
In that movie, Simran didn’t recognize his love for Raaz till she was with him but the moment he was going away from her, she realised her love for him..That’s same happened with me also…I m in Class Seventh..So Sanskar was the benchmate of me for one month as our partners are changing in every month..So I was made to sit with Sanskar…I m a very talkative girl..I have heard that Sanskar is very reserved type of person…At that time I was cursing God, Why he had made me sit with Sanskar…But who knows this was the best thing that happened with me…I didn’t knew anything about him except his name…My opinion was wrong about him..He
was ver talkative just like me…We have many things in common..Slowly, I started liking his company..As we know that it is a human nature that when we find a person whose habits, thinking, behaviour, attitude, etc. is quite similar to us then we get attracted to that person…Same happened with me also…I got attracted towards him…But still I didn’t realise that I love him…Poor me?!!!!!Slowly, We became very good friends….All the time he was continuously speaking….I was bored to listen his non stop talks but somewhere in my heart I feel a satisfaction to listen his talks…Like this my Love Story starts…I will tell more about my love story tomorrow Shona…
Swara was reading her diary…OMG..I m feeling very good after reading my diary..How foolish I was!!!Now I will daily read one page of my diary daily…It is so beautiful to recall your childhood…
It’s too late now..I should sleep…She said to herself…
Chapter over…So guys How was the chapter..Tell me through comment..BTW I wanna ask one thing is my FF is boring…Please pardon for typos or any grammatical error as I m typing from my Phone..BTW Wishing you all a very happy and beautiful Diwali in Advance…May God bless you all with all the happiness…
I know I m irregular but What to do, I m busy in studies..Next Chappy, I don’t know when I will post..
Till then Bye…😊😊

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