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Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 1)

Hey guys! I am back once again with a new ff on SwaSan. Hope you guys like it!
At office, all the workers are busy in chatting when Sanskar Maheshwari comes. He is an arrogant guy whose father is the owner of different industries. He comes once in a week to have a look at the business affairs in his father’s office. He comes to his father’s cabin.
Sanskar: hello Dad!
DP: how are you my son? I am seeing you after two days.
Sanskar: I am good. Actually I was busy seeking admission in the university.
DP: so, what’s the progress? I mean you succeeded?
Sanskar: of course dad! You had any doubt?
DP: no no my son! There is nothing like that.
Sanskar: then what dad?
DP: I am tired of all this. How many times I told you that I want to see my daughter in-law’s face when I go to home daily. I want to play with my grand children.
Sanskar: no dad!
DP: but why? If you love any other girl, then tell me. I have no reservations.
Sanskar: No ways dad. I don’t believe in love and all that crap. There is no girl born yet who could melt my heart. And secondly, I have no interest in all this. So don’t spoil my mood.

DP: you will never take me serious but believe me one day, you will definitely feel the strength of love, mark my words.
Sanskar: (laughs sarcastically): and that day will never come. For me, my rules will be my priority.
DP: why are you so strict? Are you allergic to girls? Or there is some other problem with you? I feel that you have stopped thinking with your heart.
Sanskar: Definitely! I think with my brain and it is the right decision. I want to fully concentrate on my studies. I don’t want anyone to come between me and my studies and divert my attention.
DP: you are wrong! You will understand all this when you will fall in love.
Sanskar: let’s see
DP: ok! I have to go for an important meeting. You see all the work.
Sanskar: yes dad!


DP goes and Sanskar gives a sigh of relief. He thinks that why dad always wants me to fall in love? What is love? How will I get to know about this feeling? My heart says that I am going to meet my love soon, but how? (jerks his head) anyways, leave it. Sanskar! concentrate on your studies!
Sound of collapsing and books falling.
Voice: Ouch! Ah oh mmm… What the hell? Don’t you…. (Sees a girl and gets mesmerized)
Girl: oh hello mister! Don’t you dare talk to me like that ok? (Points finger at him) I am very dangerous girl. And by the way, why are you over reacting? I mean ah, ouch, oh like girls. Hey mister!
So what do you think? Who is that girl and boy? I know guys, it is too short but I am busy. After a week, I will update longer. Sorry! And please pray for me!

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