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Ahem Returns to Modi Mansion with A bang ep 7

Mansi asked Krishna, “How did you decide to accept Anita’s proposal when you are in love with Gopi? Can you tolerate the moment of separating from the person whom you love so much.”
Krishna said, “I agree that I love Gopi but I also know that she loves Ahem & will do so till the very end. When he is alive, how can I come in her way? Anita’s husband was admitted in my hospital after the accident. She was also in the same trauma of losing her husband. Gopi is very much on her own and has recovered well. I’m happy for her. So it is okay. There is no such rule that if you love someone, that person should love you back. That is the difference between you and me.”

Mansi said,”I don’t believe this. You’ve always got what you wanted & you are giving up now.” Krishna said, “I agree with you on this but there is a limit for everything. I’ve compromised on certain things too. One cannot always get what they want. Even if you tell me that I’m a loser, I don’t care. I know that one cannot win all the time. Ahem is not a toy to be available in any shop. It is better for you to forget him & move on in your life. I understand that it is easier said than done but it is not impossible.”
Pramila comes in. She said, “I’m with Mansi no matter what.” Krishna leaves. Mansi sends Veljibhai to light the fire at Modi Bhavan. He goes with his men with matchbox & kerosene. The men put the kerosene & threw the matchstick with fire. All the surroundings catch fire.


Kokila saw this & said, “Somebody, please call the fire brigade.” Ahem calls the fire brigade. In the meantime, everyone tries to extinguish the fire. The fire brigade arrives & successfully extinguishes the fire. All are safe.
The Modi family suspects Mansi & Pramila behind this incident. Dr. Krishna comes in & apologizes to them saying, “I apologize to you on behalf of my mom & sister.
He issues them a check for the compensation. Hetal said, “No need. It is not your fault.” Krishna said, “It is the penalty which I’m giving on their behalf. Please accept this check.”
The Modis take the check & start the repair work.
Mansi approaches Anita & said, “We have the same past. We both loved Ahem. Why don’t you join us to take revenge from Gopi & Modis?”

Anita said, “I had tried. Even my brother tried but he gave up his life. I’m not destined to be Ahem’s wife. He had rejected me in front of the family. I learnt a lesson not to interfere between husband and wife. Whatever Gopi did for Ahem, I could not do it & I know even you won’t be able to do that.”
Mansi said, “What do you mean? I had given 10 years to Ahem and his daughters. It was only after Gopi came back from jail, Ahem went back to her.”
Anita said, “If that is the case, Ahem never loved you and you knew it very well. It was your stupidity that you stayed there. I had only stayed there because the Modi family had accommodated me but I did the foolish thing to go between them. I had even tried to kill Gopi by trying to burn her. Whatever is gone is gone. We cannot get it back. Ahem never loved us to the extent to marry us against his mother’s wishes. He has always loved Gopi. They are very good couples though there has been frictions between them.”

Mansi gets irked. Krishna comes home and gives injection to Mansi. He said, “If you don’t take your medicines now, you will land in mental hospital again. This is my last warning. If I catch you doing such a thing, just wait and watch. “
He continued,”And you mom, please tell her to stop all this. You too advised her not to go between husband and wife. How come you are supporting her now? I have paid the penalty to the Modi family for the damage you people did. How can you be so blind in your love?”

Pramila realizes her mistake and said, “I’m sorry my boy. I did this as Mansi is in a critical condition and I don’t want her to go to mental hospital again.”
Krishna said,”I understand your motherly feelings but don’t be so blind either.”
Pramila told to Mansi,”Your brother is right. For your sake, please forget Ahem and leave his family alone.”
Mansi,”Even you are supporting bro?”
Pramila said,”Yes, I’ve realized my mistake. There is a point in what he says.”

Precap: At Modi House, the elders decide to get Ahem & Gopi remarried. Both of them agree

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