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Hi guys , this is YB here with an os. I just thought I could entertain you with an os and I am still working on preekar’s wedding in my ff, will post it by Saturday. So here is an os for you. Hope you like it and yeah do comment.
(a teenage girl and boy are in a garden, they walk hand in hand)
Girl: you know what? You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
Boy: I know, I love you a lot, urvashi (hugs her tightly)
The girl is urvashi and the boy is our handsome hunk Shravan malhotra.
Shravan and urvashi spend a lot of time together. They loved each other so much and were best buddies from childhood.

One morning, Shravan called urvashi and told her to meet him in the fair that was conducted in the town.
Shravan: hi urvashi, so come lets go
They take a round around the town and spend a lot of time with each other.
Shravan: urvashi, actually I will be going out of station this week , so I thought to spend some time with you.


Urvashi: I will miss you Shravan, be back soon.
Shravan hugs her and says I will be back soon, I promise.
Shravan leaves the town for a week.
Meanwhile urvashi is in her house thinking about Shravan.
Urvashi’s pov:
I miss Shravan so much. I feel so lonely without him, I think I have to go out on a long drive, so that i will get some peace.
Urvashi goes on a long drive and meets with an accident. The last word that she says was
Urvashi: Shravan.. (she dies on the spot )
Meanwhile shravan is not able to concentrate on his work and feels that something is wrong.

After Shravan reaches the town , he searches for urvashi everywhere but never found her and later he heard that urvashi met with an accident and is dead.shravan weeps bitterly , this love was a true one.
Shravan: urvashi.. why did you leave me?, why is life so unfair . this cannot happen, she cannot die. Urvashi……
shravan gets depressed day by day and stops believing in true love and stops interacting with people.
(Now, comes the angel / heroine of the story- suman malhotra.)
Two years later….
Shravan is walking on the road thinking about something, meanwhile our suman is also coming on that way with some books with her.
They collide with each other and Shravan holds her by the waist. Their eyes lock and they are lost in each other.

Later suman picks up her books and says
Suman: thankyou , I am suman tiwari and you?
Shravan felt that he has got some connection with suman, he hesitated to speak with her as he stopped believing in love, but later he thought that he needs a friend who will help him to come out of depression
Shravan: mmm… I am Shravan malhotra
Suman: I know, its embarrassing to speak with a stranger, but I am in need of friends , thats it.
Shravan : no, its not like that . (he starts to leave)

Suman: hmm..shravan , could you please give me a drop.
He opens the door for her and she sits, the car starts.
Suman asks many things to Shravan, but Shravan dint speak much as he was not interested.

Later suman kept her hands on shravan’s hand.
Suman: Shravan, I know there is something in your heart , that is the reason you sound so disappointed, you can share your problems with me I will help you out
Shravan’s pov: this girl understands me so well , I have to share my problem with her.
Shravan shares everything about urvashi and suman helps him a lotby giving him advice.
suman: shravan, true love never dies, so you will get an other girl like urvashi.
Later both of them become good friends and Shravan finds her and urvashi alike, he feels that god has given him his urvashi in the form of suman
Shravan: sumo, you are the angel of my life, sumo I love you , I love you so much. Will you marry me?

Suman: (tears flow out of her eyes.) Yes Shravan, I will. I love you too.
Shravan lifts her up and they share a passionate liplockand their souls become one.

So , this is the end of this os.


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