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“I Love You� – A Twinj journey (Comeback ~ Chapter 1)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Comeback)
Chapter 1

If anyone hasn’t read the first season of this fan fiction, here’s the link below which will lead you to all the chapters :


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A room

“Kunj, leave me”, said a girl standing in front of the mirror. “Not today sweetheart. It has been a long time since we’ve spent some time together and today being our anniversary I’m not letting you go anywhere”, replied Kunj hugging the girl from behind. “Kunj, stop acting so childish. Kavya, di and jiju are still at home”, said the girl. “Twinkle, it’s okay. Even they know it’s our anniversary”, replied Kunj. Twinkle hit him with his elbow making him lose his balance and both of them fell down on the bed together.

Twinkle held on to Kunj’s shoulder while Kunj tightened his grip around Twinkle’s waist. They both looked at each other when Kunj pulled her closer to himself. He moved closer and was about to kiss her when someone started coughing. “Tumhe zukhaam kab hua?”, (When did you catch cold?), asked Twinkle while Mahi walked into the room and said, “Mujhe hui hai. Utho dono.” (I caught cold. Both of you get up.) Kunj and Twinkle quickly got up being embarrassed while Mahi let out a soft giggle.

“Di, pichle 10 saal se bol rahi hoon knock kar ke aaya karo. Aap ki aadat abhi tak gayi nahi”, (Di, I’m telling you since the last 10 years to knock and come inside. Your habit hasn’t yet gone) said Twinkle playing with her fingers. Mahi rolled her eyes and said, “Coffee. You both are still the same as you were 10 years before. Have some shame atleast. You’ve two daughters now.”
“Bhabhi, coffee”, said Kunj picking up the cup and diverting the coffee. “Di, sit”, said Twinkle placing her hand on the bed.

Mahi sat down on the bed while Twinkle took the coffee mug and the three of them started talking. After a while, Mahi got up to leave when Twinkle and Kunj started drinking the coffee. Suddenly, both of them spat out the coffee while Mahi turned around to see what happened. “Di/Bhabhi”, shouted Twinkle and Kunj together. “What?”, asked Mahi shrugging her shoulders. “Jiju/Bhai”, both of them shouted together again. “Yuvraj has gone to freshen up. Tell me what happened”, said Mahi looking at the two of them.

“Di, ab tak toh gyaan sirf aap hamein de rahi thi. Do bacche toh aap ke bhi hain na. Please, ye jo kitchen ka romance hai na baad mein karo aap dono aur coffee mein salt ke badle sugar hi dala karo”, (Di, till now you were giving us a lecture. You also have two children, right? Please, do your kitchen romance later and start adding adding sugar only instead of salt) said Twinkle as Mahi looked at them embarrassed and quickly ran out of the room as Twinkle and Kunj burst out laughing.


Mahi was walking in the corridor when someone pulled her behind a pillar. “Yuvraj!”, she remarked as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Yes darling?”, he replied kissing her cheeks. “Yuvraj, see move away. I’ve a lot of work to be done for Twinkle and Kunj’s anniversary”, said Mahi as Yuvraj moved closer to her. “Mahi mami..”, uttered a girl in her mid twenties and quickly turned around. Yuvraj and Mahi moved away as she said, “I swear I didn’t see anything.” “Kavya,..”, muttered Mahi as she ran away giggling.

Yuvraj was about to move closer to Mahi when Mahi hit him with her elbow and said, “Don’t.” Yuvraj frowned as she continued, “First, Twinkle and Kunj then, Kavya. Stop romancing all the time.” She was about to walk away when Yuvraj hugged her from back and pulled her closer making her back hit his front. He moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck. “I just cannot. It’s impossible”, said Yuvraj. Mahi pushed him away and said, “You better practice then because nothing is impossible.” Yuvraj frowned and looked at her innocently when Mahi softly kissed his lips and ran away. He stood there shocked and after a while he touched his lips and smiled brightly.

Twinj room

“Bhabhi is still the same”, said Kunj. “I’ll get another cup of coffee for the two of us. Wait here”, said Twinkle and was about to leave when Kunj said, “Last time we went for our first coffee date.” Twinkle blushed a bit as Kunj hugged her from behind and asked, “Remember?” “Ofcourse I do. After all, my handsome husband had arranged a date for me”, replied Twinkle remembering the date. “Okay, so you admit that I’m handsome”, said Kunj and Twinkle bit her lower lip nervously. “I meant cute husband”, replied Twinkle pulling his cheeks. “Really?”, asked Kunj turning Twinkle around.

Twinkle nodded her head innocently as Kunj moved closer to her and while caressing her face said, “So, this cute and handsome husband deserves a kiss, right?” “No”, replied Twinkle instantly and added, “You arranged the date 10 years back and not now.” “You didn’t kiss me then either”, said Kunj. He wrapped his arms around her waist and said, “I’d love to taste this new lipstick of yours.” Twinkle covered his mouth and said, “Shut up and go, get ready. We need to go to the farmhouse now.” She freed herself and went to change while Kunj muttered, “You’ll kiss me on your own. I won’t even ask you for once now.”


Hello, everyone! Phew! Finally, I’m updating this. Well, I know you all must be mad at me for making you all wait for so long but, what to do! I thought of uploading this last Monday but, I’d my exams.

Anyways, tell me what are the scenes you recalled from the first season through this chapter. Did you like Twinkle and Kunj in this chapter? Are they still the same as before? Twinkle’s tantrums and Kunj’s romantic session don’t seem to be over, right? Or, was it boring?

Do drop down your views on this chapter below. I’d be waiting to know them. Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome but, no abusive language. Also, you can suggest me any scene you’d like to read again. I’ll surely try to add them.

This comeback is a series of six chapters. The next update would be published on Friday, 4th November or Saturday, 5th November.

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