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“�A DREAM��(Few shots by Kakali) TEASER

Hello ev1.. how r u all? Here m with a small teaser of my story… hope u all like it.
Thnkk u all for response on previous parts..silent readers thank u too all also..
Sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors..m using cell phone so its kinda become part of it..uhh!! Sorry fir blabbering.. now let’s move inside d Dream..

So Here we goo ,,,


*******Scene 1 ::::9

Sanskar is talking with his friends..he seems to be so disturbed..something is bothering him…

Meantime Swara comes n greet him as always addressing him Sanskuu n pulling his cheeks..

“Sanskuu come,, let’s go to canteen everyone is waiting for us” Swara drages him holding his hands but stops hearing Sanskar’s words..

“Behave Swara,, behavee !!! U r not my girlfriend who can order me.. u r just my friend.. just a frienddd,,, nothing else.. soo stay in ur limits” Sanskar says all this jerking her hand ..

Swara looks on shock..

*******Scene 2 ::::

“Swara can’t u see he is trying to flirt with u !!,, what’s wrong with u ¿” Says Sanskar pinning her to wall holding her shoulders tightly..

“Soo what Sanskar? Why it’s bothering u? Haa!! M none to u na?? Then why?” Swara says looking straight into his eyes…

Sanskar looks on shock n looses his grip over her…

*******Scene 3 ::::

“Thuddddd !!!” N Swara feels a burning sensation on her cheeks..

“Soo this is u,, the real Swara Bose,, such a cheap n selfish girl” Says Sanskar giving her a disgusting look…

“Thnk u soo much Sanskar for showing my real place in ur life again..

Thnk u once again for understanding me n trusting me this much..” Says Swara having noo emotion n with a pale face…

*******Scene 4 ::::

“Swara u need to be strong,, u can’t fall weak .. u r my strong N brave Swara naa” Says Simin holding her tears acting to be strong in front of Swara…

“No Simmu !!! I can’t act anymore.. i m really tired of all this.. tired to act as brave.. now i want to sleep.. i want to meet my mom,, i wanna sleep in her lap..” Swara says staring blankly at sky.. not even showing a single drop of tears..seems she is actually tired,, needs a peaceful n good sleep where no one is to disturb her,, where no one is to break her beautiful DREAMS..

*******Scene 5 ::::

Sanskar wakes up with a jerk n finds him in hospital..

Doctor comes to him.”Mr Sanskar!! How r u feeling now? I have opened ur bandage..now can u able to see us clearly without any problem.?”

“Yes, doctor i can perfectly see u all..what happened to me.. n how i come here,??, n how know my name??” Asks Sanskar to doctor confusingly..

“Ohhh!! Haaa!! Ur one of a friend was admitted here,, she told me ur name.. BDW she said me to give her bag n cell phone to u.. soo take it..” Doctor hand over d bag n cell phone to him n left d room..

After 10 minutes::

The Mobile falls from his hand n he sits with a thudd…

Tears r continuously flowing from his eyes.. he touches his eyes n shouts ” Swaaaaaa !!! U can’t do this to mee ,,, u can’t leave mee..Swarrraaaaa !!”

Soo guyss done with d teaser part…i know u all have lots of questions in ur mind n someone may be curshing me for this.. but wait for 4-5 more chappies n u all get yr answers..pallezz..

Thnk u soo much for reading..
N yooo!! Sorry for not replying u all individually..some of i did.. but whenever i’ll get time..i’ll surely reply d rest…
N next part tomorrow or day after tomorrow pukkaaa…!!!

Have a happy n safe Diwalii…enjoy with all…
Keep smiling n stay bleesed…
Love u all <3 ♡♡..

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