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“�A DREAM��(Few shots by Kakali) Part 7

Hiii ev1!! Seee !! M back.. uhhh !!, what to do.. i can’t resist myself from writing d next part.. hmmm !! So decided to upload it.. *confuse me..huhuhu!
Thnk u soo much for d response in previous parts.. thnk all silent readers too..
waaa!! See my paak paak..!!now enough of this, i don’t like to talk much..
Before starting “NEHA my friend this part is specially for u…”

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Now let’s go inside d DREAM..

Here we go::

Recap- Sanskar’s cute apology..

Both r talking,laughing,n eating chocolate..but Swara remembers something n asks Sanskar..

Swara-Waise Sanskuu can i ask u a question?


Swara-Why were u tensed yesterday? I mean if u wanna share then u can..(munching her choco)

Sanskar-Nothing Shona..(busy in licking fingers)

Swara suddenly stops eating choco n it falls from her hand..

“Whaaat,!!whhat u called me”?(gulping down her choco which is in her mouth)

“Shona !! Why¿¿ can’t i call u Shona?” asks Sanskar .

“Pinching herself *ahhhhh!!”

“What happened Shona?(asks with concern)

“Nothing!!nothing happened to me,but i think something definitely happened to u,, u r behaving soo weird.,did any insect bite u?uhhh maaa!! Doctor..i think we should consult a doctor for u”(Pagal)

“Hoo gaya!! U r too much yaar Shona!! Bachpan se hii aisi ho yaa phir did any mad insect bite u”saying this he chuckles n wink..

“BDW can’t i call u Shona?as Lakmin also call u with this name na?”

“Hahhh,,when i said not to call me with that name,obviously u can..it’s my cuttest name u know..my mom gave me this name..it’s soo close to my heart..”says Swara remembering her Maasi Maa’s words where she said Shomi loved this n will keep this name for her..

“N my closest friends have only rights to call me by this name..nobody else..soo m giving u permission..””JAA BEETA JAA,,PUKAR LE SWARA KO SHONA,,VAGWAN HAMESHA TUJHE SUKHI REKHEGA (goo,,goo my child, call Swara as Shona,,God will always keep u happy)”she says all this in a very dramatic manner..

Sanskar stares her for a while n all of a sudden both brust out into laugher..

Sanskar-Shona u r really too much..kya kha kar paida kiya tha Maa ne?(what ur mom ate before giving u birth?)(still laughing)

after a lot of time they are laughing whole heartily..

Swara stops her laugh somehow n again asks “Sanskuu bolo na why were u tense??”(again back to topic).

Sanskar-(stopes his laugh)-Nothing serious ..it’s just i was missing papa..actually yesterday Dada ji called me n said there r some goons who were demanding my Papa’s land as theirs.(talking about village land).soo i become soo frustrated n rest u know..(in a sad tone)

“You miss ur papa soo much naa”asks Swara

“Haa Shona!!”

U know what when i was small in childhood,,(*waaa!!!new discovery guyzz!!look he was small in childhood,,can u believe it)

i always demanded ice creams in midnight.. n my Papa hahaha.. always had to go to shop for me.. he was soo good..without thinking about time he fulfilled all my silly dimands.. (*his childhood mood swings phewww)

“U love him soo much¿” asks him admiryingly

“Yaaa!! Shona..he is my hero,i love himm a lottt.. i dunno how m i living without him..sometime i ask why he left us alone¿ when he knew mom n i can’t live without him..it’s soo hard for us”..

–::–[[[Small intro of Sanskar’s parents…
Annapurna Maheswari-mom of Sanskar..loves him soo much..she is looking after him since he was 8 years old single handedly..a working woman..

Durga Prasad Maheswari-Late father of Sanskar..he died in accident.. he loved his family soo much]]]–::–

Back to chappy:::

Swara-Sanskuu u r soo lucky to have parents like them !! Otherwise some people don’t even have a single memory to cherish..(thinking deeply about d incident when she turned 15,, n in her birthday she got a tight slap as gift from her so called father for wasting his time..)

Sanskar-haah!! Matlab?i didn’t get it..

Swara-Noo!! Noo nothing..

Sanskar-hmmm!!(again back to sad mode)

Now Swara senses dat d environment is going towards a sad direction..soo she needs to turn him back to his jolly mood..

Our Swara is all time excuse maker,prank maker,n a girl with full of new ideas(naughty walla)..soo she again start convo to divert his mind from sad track..

(*Mentoos !!! Dimag ki batti jalii)

Swara-waise Sanskuu aur ek baat pucchu¿(can i ask u one more question)

Sanskar- Haa puccho na..(hmm go on)

Swara-How did u find my fav choco’s list.. kyoki jaha tak mujhe malum hai,,u dunno anything about me except my name n antics(giggling)..

Sanskar-soo toh hai,,(that’s also correct),, guess,, guess!!! Who might tell me..

Swara-(tapping index finger in her nose tip)hmm!!hmmm!!! Hippo ryt?

“Noooo”..(huhh makes faces)

Swara-Then who !! After hippo who knows me soo well..

Suddenly jumps in happiness n stands up in d chair “don’t tell me it was done by her,,ohh God m i rit Sanskuu¿”(happiness has no boundaries)

Sanskar-yeahh!!yeahhh!!! She is..finally u guessed correct..

“Omggg how did u get her number? I mean she went to Indonesia na for her further studies..then how come u..”(Sanskar cuts of)

Sanskar-lemme answer it one by one..
Yes,,i have her number.. she herself contact me may b 2 days before.. she said sorry to u n Lucky as she is unable to contact u.. she lost ur n his number. soo u can understand..

Swara-i knew it.. i knew it… it’s Mica onlyy..(yohhhoo)) Ohhh Micaa!!! I miss her so much..give me her number now..i wanna talk to her..(soo curious)..
seems she didn’t miss me in these 4 months(cutee pout)

Sanskar-woh to i dunno.. u urself ask her..take her number..

“Thnk u Sanskuu!!” N smiles evilly..

Sanskar notices her evil smile n asks-
“Waise may i know d reason of ur this kinda smile?”

“Haaa!! Huaah haaa haaa!!! M going to make Hippo cry for Mica’s number..u dunno how mad he was for her in school..
Hippo ab tu gaya”..(smirk)

“Seriously Shona!!! Hahahaha !! M also gonna enjoy his situation..u know she told me to buy ur fav ice-creams too.. n i also bought that.. but chollyy woo it was melting soo i myself at them..”(says al this making a cutee face)(*Mica u were soo rit,he himself ate all d ice creams,,n i agree all d chocos were from u)

“Waaaaa!!! Yeh accha hai..huhhh!! Anyway thnk u soo much(pulls his cheeks)”..

She writes a msg in her cell phone to Mica “Thnk u Bee(she calls Mica as bee,,u know nick name)..miss u soo much.. take care sweeto”..n send d msg..

Meantime Lucky comes to check them..he is shock to see them laughing n giggling..but understands dat everything is settle between them now..he smiles seeing Swara happy..


Swara-Hippo.. come come..

Lucky-Shona where is Simin?didn’t she come today?

Swara-ur sister is in library.. she is completing her assignments..kyuuu??

He goes towsrds him.waisee hii,,.n his eyes falls on d choco box..his eyes r twinkling n started to gulp down his saliva..

Swara notices his eyes direction.. n she gets his intentions..soo get set poooo…
She started to run.. n Lucky is behind her trying to snatch d box..

Lucky-Shona..!!! Give me d box.. i want themm.. give it to me…

Swara-Have some shame Hippo..it’s not urs..okk !! This is given me by my Sanskuu..dare not to touch it..sticking her toung out..yee yeee!!(again started to run around d chair)

Sanskar smiles as she is calling him as her Sanskuu..

Lucky-U Koalaaa…!! Don’t u know all ur things r mine.. n mines r only mine.. soo stop running n give it to me.. u can’t win over me…soo it’s better to give up..

Swara stops running n turn around-Stoppppp!!! Rit there Hipppooo !!! Dare not to take a step ahead…otherwise…

Lucky-otherwise what¿¿¿¿ u can’t do anything..

Swara-(smirk)otherwise … soch loo.. baad mei pachtana naa paree..(think once u may regret later)

Lucky-huhhh!!! Do whatever u want.. i don’t care.. u just give me d box..he is about to take it from her hand..

Swara-otherwise i’ll not give u Bee’s number…

Lucky is froze at his place.. his jaw touches d ground…n automatically his cheeks turned into crimson red..

SWASAN both burst out into laughter seeing Lucky blushing like a girl..

Swara-Omggg! Hippo don’t blush yarr.. it will haunt Bee..uhhhhh!!!

Lucky gets tooo shy n hide his face in his Palm..

Swara again started to munch a big Kitkat sitting comfortably infront of him n asks..”haa!!u were saying something…(shows like thinking)yeahh!! U said u don’t care..rit? Now do u wanna say something?”

Now Lucky is blushing soo hard n says slowly-Bee’s number..plzz give me..n fall on her feet…n says pleadingly
“Plzz plzzz plzzzz give me.. Shona.. i’ll do whatever u say.. plzzz gimme..”

U know Shona u r soo beautiful..soo cutee,,i m soo lucky to have a frnd like u..u know na m ur bestest friend Hippo.. soo can’t u give me a single number..plzzzzzz”(makes a innocent face with puppy dog eye)
(monologue-bhutni,bandariya,,koalaa,,huhhh!!! Just once i get number,,i’ll show u)

Swara-wahhhh !!! What a sudden change…n stop buttering me.. i don’t want anything.. just promise me 2 things..after that i’ll think..

Lucky-ha haaa!!tell me..pinky promise..

Swara-hmmm..!!! 1st u have to pay my canteen bill for 2 months..

Lucky’s mouth is like “O” :p

N 2nd i want u as my bestie Hippo for d whole life.. that’s it..manjurr hai toh bolll…

Lucky-2nd walla is done..but 1st walla.. huffffff !!! M going to b beggar in a few days.. but dosti mai sab jayas hai..chall give me a hug !!

Swara runs n give him a tight hug as well as feed him a small piece of Kitkat..(just a smmaall piece)

Lucky-okkk!! Now give me her number.. m going mad to talk with her..*blush..

Swara gives him d number..

Lucky check her number n started to dance “MY NAME IS LUCKY,LUCKY KI JAWANI,, M TOO s*xY FOR ,, MAI TERE HATH NAA ANNNI,,NO NO NO NO NO LUCKY…”
N without saying anything he left from there dreaming in his own dream land…(*see Mica Lucky is blind in ur love like u)

SWASAN again laughs loudly..

Screen freezes on their happy face..

Precap-Let me think…

Thnk u soo much guyszz for reading.. i know it’s really not upto ur marks..but thanks for bearing it..
I wanna dedicate this chappy most importantly d Swa–Lak part for my friend NEHA.. she is a big fan of Swa-Lak..n she says me to write something on them.. soo … hope she likes it..

Thnk u..
Keep smiling always..
God bless u all…

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