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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil by Anniyav Part-3

Hii, thanks for your response on previous part. Hope you like this part also….
An old lady nearly about 60 year old came and hold kabir’s ears.
Kabir: kaki, not again you are embarrassing me. Now I am not boy, I am mature guy.
Kamla( old lady): baba, for me you are still 10 year boy whom I used to scold. Now what are you doing, your frnd came here after travelling long distance. Instead of making him rest you are teasing him.
Kabir: we make comfortable to guest, family member don’t need special treatment. Am I right sanskar?
He turned toward sanskar who is breathing heavily and smiling.
Sanskar nodded in yes.
Kabir: sanskar, meet her she is like my mom. Not only like mom but she only fulfil all responsibility of being a mother. Warna my parents had long back leave me.
Kamla: kabir, again..
Kabir : no words against your lord.
He keep his finger on his lips.
Kamla: beta, come here.
Sanskar move toward him and about bend to take blessing she moved back.
Kamla: arre, what are you doing? I am not suitable for giving blessings.
Sanskar: before some moments ago you called me ‘beta’ , is a son can’t take his mother blessing?
Her eyes brimmed with tears.
She nodded is yes and give blessing to him.
Kabir: oh god, today I did very good work. I make meeting of long back lost mother and son.
Kabir started to act like feeling proud.
Sanskar: ma , something is burning here. ( he started to squeezing nose) yes I got it kabir is burning.
Both again started to run.
Kamla ; ( monologue) god, always keep them happy like this.
A girl came near her and closes her eyes from back.
Voice: guess , who I am?
Kamla: shona, you also came. Come with me I have work with you.
Shona: not fair kaki, you always come to know. Okay tell me what work you have but fast today I have go to orphanage.
Kamla: why are you doing this? You even don’t able to manage your expanses.
Shona: kaki, these things give me peace. I don’t want the love for which I crave from childhood anyone also for feel same. Kabir bhai came into my life like angel. I also want to become someone’s angle.
Kamla: no one could win over you and your kabir bhai. Go and complete your meeting with those children. Ha remember tmrw you have come here on time .
Shona nodded and went away running like small child.
Sanskar sees her running like her child, he smiled seeing her but he choose to ignore it his feeling.( sanskar doesn’t see her face)
After some minutes
Sanskar about to enter inside mansion. He started to feel some different kind of fragrances. He started to see here and there. He started to feel those smell.
Sanskar ; ( monologue) now I am sure I turned into mad person. What is these weird feeling from mrng? Why I am so much happy?
His thought process disturb by kabir’s voice.
Kabir: do you want someone to pick you or you can enter yourself.
Sanskar: I will feel good, if you will do it.
Kabir: sure, first I will kill you then I will give shoulder to your dead body.
Sanskar: I have better idea.
Kabir: what?
Sanskar: I will kill you and make this property on my name.
Kabir: sure but one thing you need to know if my Darling sister come to know she will hang you.
Sanskar: then before killing you I will marry her.
Kabir: don’t dare to say like this , she is very special to me…
Sanskar: arre I was just kidding, how I will able to handle your Darling sister.
Kabir: okay leave that, now come inside warna kaki will be angry from me, I make her new son stand for several minutes.
Both entered inside, and went to respective room for freshen up.
After 2 hour, At park
A girl silently seated in park with sad face. She sadly seeing her surrounding.
Girl‘s monologue
Why I can’t live like these normal people? Why I don’t have permission to seeing dreams? Whenever I expect small happiness, a storm come into my life. I never expected anything in my life. Just wanna some peace but god even don’t want to give it.Why again I am feeling like that something gonna change into my life.
Her thoughts disturb by someone placing hand on her shoulder, she quickly wipe her tears and cover her face.
She turned backward, become overwhelmed seeing that person.
Kabir standing there with angry face.
Kabir: shona, again tears. And what is this burkha? Why you always used cover your beautiful face?
Shona: bhai, leave na. What are you doing here? This time you should have stay with your frnd na.
Kabir: he also came with me. He is just parking bike. So tell me how was your day today.
Shona: as usual boring. Just I have some fun with children.
Kabir; my shona is herself a small child….
Shona: ( monolouge) bhai, not again. Okay I am leaving kaki must be waiting for me. I will meet you tmrw.
Kabir: but shona, at least meet him na.
She side hug him and went away.
Shona: not today, tmrw I will meet him.( shouted)
Kabir; okay done, bye
Other side
Sanskar’s heart beat started to raise.
sanskar’s monologue
Again same feeling, now sanskar beta you are gone.
He came in sense listening bike horn. He sided himself and began to move toward park.
Again an unknown happiness started to fill in his heart, his eyes began to brightening due to happiness. His face turned like bright bulb.
He suddenly turned backward and became freeze by seeing someone.
Sanskar’s monologue
I can’t believe my luck. Same girl, yes she is same girl I don’t need to see her face to identify her. Her eyes is enough for it.
BG music
( Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai )… (2)
He again started to move toward her , he almost reach near her but became freeze by listening her voice.
Sanskar’s monologue
Same voice, is it coincidence or something else. I need to talk to her. Why I always feel connection with her eyes and now with her voice also.
Before he could ask her something, she again disappeared.
Not done , again I lost her.
He playfully hit his forehead.
He noticed a pic on ground, he bend to pick it.
Photo was not so much clear, only eyes side is visible.
Sanskar monologue
So this is you. You know , you are very pretty. I still don’t know , how you looks? But I am sure you must be look like angle. I am finding myself crazy for you. Only once I want to see you, wanna listen you. Why I feel your voice like that girl( kabir’s sister). Is some connection between both of you.
His bright face again turned into devdas face.
How will I reach to you? Even I don’t know what is your name and how you look?. how will I able to express my feeling? How will you react? Am I falling for you? But how it possible I don’t know you , still these feelings..


His trances broken by someone voice.
Voice: are you like this from childhood or special treatment for me?
Sanskar: nothing like that kabir, I just thinking about tmrw. I mean I am little nervous.
Kabir: don’t need to be, you know what my sister says we should always trust ourselves. You know she was just here, you miss the chance to meet her. Don’t worry I will make you meet her tmrw.
Sanskar: sister? But as I know you don’t have any sister. Then who is this new sister( act to think). What is her name?
Kabir: ya, she is not my real sister but more than real one. Her name is……
Before he could answer his phone started to ring. He went to some distance to pick it.
Sanskar: again my bad luck, who duffer call him right now. Can’t they wait for some more time? Don’t worry sanskar may be today luck was not with you. But why I want to know about her. Before sometimes ago, I wanna know about that burkha girl. Now about Kabir’s sister. Why I have same feeling for both of you? I hope you both are same, I don’t know why but my heart is saying you both are only one person.
He again started to see blur pic.
I should give you name till I don’t know about your real name. Ya, I will call you ‘angel’, yes you are my angel.
Precap: sanskar loosing his job and let me think..
Neext part: what you want?
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