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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil by Anniyav Part-2

Hii, guys thanks for your response on previous one.
Guys if you have time then pls read my bestie story” I can’t stop loving you”

A small house ( not so much small) is shown. One boy is sleeping with cute smile.
His sleep disturb by sun rays. He slowly open his eyes. He started to think something.
Guy monologue
Today is very important day for my dreams. Today I sanskar maheswari is taking first step toward my mom’s dream. Yes today I am going Mumbai, dream city. I hope this city also fulfil my dreams.
His thoughts disturb by someone’s call. He quickly run to pick it.
Before he could pick it, phone cut from other side.
Guy monologue


Now sanskar beta, ready to die with his anger. Today you are gone. Pls god do some miracle and cool down his anger.
Other side( Mumbai)
One guy continuously trying to call someone. He started to become frustrated and throwing things in anger.
Guy monologue
How dare he not pick my phone? I know he must have busy in his dream world but kabir mehra also know how to handle this guy. Now I am angry with him, I will not talk to him.
His thought process broken by someone angelic voice.
Voice: bhai, anger is not good for health. He must have some work that’s why he is not picking your phone. Cool your anger and drink this juice. Kaki told me tmrw you again come home in drunken condition. Why you drink so much , if you can’t handle it.

Kabir started to move toward that girl.
She was standing there with smile on her angelic face, her big eyes are shown which is fill with anger.
Kabir reach near her and take glass from her hand.
Kabir: cool down my shona,you yourself said anger is not good for health but your beautiful eyes is showing how much angry you are.
Shona: bhai, don’t dare to change topic . Now can you explain me why you drink so much.
He make her sit on bed and take her hand in his hand.
Kabir: you know na I have so much money, but I don’t have anyone who could enjoy this lavish life with me. My mom and dad always throws crores money on me. But they never give me time, that’s why I always waste money in these activities.
Shona: par bhai,….
Kabir: no shona, don’t dare to take their side. They don’t deserve to call parents.
Shona: bhai, at least you have parents. But see me even I don’t know who are my parents. I don’t have any surname. I am just a bl**dy orphan….

Before she could complete, kabir hug her.
Kabir: its means me and kaki are nothing to you.
Shona: never say like this, you both are my small world. With whom I can share anything my happiness and my sorrows.
Kabir: then never dare to say yourself as orphan.
Shona: but bhai….
Before she could complete, mobile started to ring.
Kabir check his mobile and going to cut call. Shona hold his hand and attend the call.
Shona: kabir bhai, talk to him.
Sanskar again and again trying to call him, finally he became successful in it. Someone pick call, he become freeze by listening such angelic voice. He started to listen carefully.
On phone
Shona: bhai at least talk to him na.
Kabir; nope
Shona glare him angrily.
Kabir: ya give me, no one could win over you.
Kabir take mobile from her hand.
Kabir: now what?
Sanskar still lost in her voice.
Sanskar: ……
Kabir: sanskar , are you there or you passed away. ( shouted)
Shona smiled little and went away.
Sanskar come in sense listening his shout.
Sanskar: arre I am only in this world itself.
Kabir; ha I know, you must have lost in your mom’s dream. Sanskar, you don’t need to work yr . you can join my business.
Sanskar: no kabir, I don’t want to take your frndship as profit for myself. Moreover my mom dream was she wanted to see me on my own feet. I don’t want to cheat her.
Kabir started to laugh.

Kabir: okay my philosopher , come here I am waiting for you.
Sanskar: ha, I will reach there till evening.
He cutted the call, again started to think about that voice.
Sanskar monologue
Whose voice was that, as much I know he doesn’t has any sister. Then who was that girl, oh god I am becoming mad by listening her voice . I wish I could meet her.
He sees time and become panic.
Again late, Mr maheswari if you don’t improve your this habit then what will happen to your dream.

After 8 hour
XYZ train,Mumbai
Sanskar was lifting his luggage and trying to come out from train. But due to crowd , every time he need to back off. His gaze shifted toward someone.
One girl standing there wearing burka , only her eyes were visible. She was helping some some children.
He began to move toward her in that direction like magnet is attracting toward other magnet.
BG music,
( Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai)
Soon she started to go from there, he started to run behind her. But due to crowd he lost her. His face turned pale.
Sanskar ;( monologue) who was she? Why I am attracted behind her? God what is happening with me from mrng, first that voice now this eyes. Why I want to drown in it. This city will surely turn me into mad person.

His thoughts disturb by someone placing hand on his shoulder. He started to turn in that direction, before he could turn full he receive punch on his face.
Voice: where you was running like mad person? From half an hour I was calling you but no you are busy in your own world.
Sanskar: vo sry kabir, I just…leave all this. You turned more handsome than before .
Kabir: stop buttering me. Where is your luggage?
He started to look around for his luggage, he remembered how in process of chasing that girl he thrown it somewhere.
Sanskar: I lost it.
Kabir: so this city welcome you in this way. Now don’t worry you are not going to get it.
Sanskar: its okay, there was not so costly things in that luggage. Okay tell me where I have to live?
Kabir: what do you mean? You will live with me in my house.
Sanskar: no Kabir , how could I?
Kabir; I knew it. That’s why you have to pay rent. Now don’t dare to say no.
Sanskar: but still kabir, I mean you are so rich and I belong to middle class.
Kabir: just like my sister. You both will surely make great pair.
Listening about his sister again he lost in that voice.
Kabir: oh, not again.
He punch on his stomach.
Kabir: now no more argument, you are coming with me to my house.
Sanskar: as your wish.

Both seated in car. In whole journey, sanskar through disturb by burka girl and Kabir’s sister voice. As they are moving toward their destination an unknown happiness started to fill in sanskar’s heart.
Finally they reached kabir house.
Sanskar become shocked seeing such big mansion.
Sanskar ;( monologue) is it right for me to live in his house? I mean I am not suitable for his friendship even.

His thought process disturb by kabir’s voice.
Kabir: so from when you will start your job hunt.
Sanskar looked down and says
“ vo, I already found job. That’s why I came here.”
Kabir: waha dost, you break my trust. He began to sing a song” dost dost na RHA, pyar pyar na RHA”
Sanskar started to hit him.
Sanskar: stop your radio, my ear are bleeding.
Kabir: oh so now you are jealous my voice.
He started to beat him, both started to chasing each other.
Someone was seeing them with bright smile.
Precap: hide and seek. Shonabir and sansbir cute bonding. May be meeting of sanskar with burka girl.
I think in this story both swasan are different from my previous stories.
Next part: may be tmrw ya Thursday.
Note: tu pls don’t dare to change it’s tittle.

Bye, take care and love you all…

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