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Accidental Love Part 4

Hai guys hope ur all ilking my ff so lets get into the story
In the room
A:hey chatter box where is ur sister did she go like that
B:don’t know bhai she is always busy in her work she doesn’t even spend time forherself
A:y is it so
B:she is always concern about others .u know at certain times I feel that she is like an angel
A:u r write I was able to figure it out from her eyes.seriously till now even my own relations hasn’t cared so much fr me except fr three of them dadi ,purab,and akash
Here purab comes along with pragya
A:hey bro where did u go

Pu:no I just went to the reception to fill all formalities
So abhi felt his heart beat raising suddenly the door opened and abhi was shockedto see pragya.he was mesmerized seeing her .he felt butterflies running around his stomach
P:hai sir how r u
A:gud and thanks fr helping today if I am alive then the credit goes to u only
P:its just a normal help only.i felt that its just a helping tendency
A:so I heard u hateme so is there any specific reasons
P:listen I needn’t tell u that. y I hate u end all now u r alright so I am leaving and remember ur only a stranger and regarding the formalities yes that situation I ws left helpless that’s y I said that ur my husband and I am sorry she said and leftin a stuburn look


A:oh my god I feel that I am getting scoldings from my teacher fr not completing my assignment.hey chater box y is ursister like this
B:don’t know bhai if she hates someone then she will not look at her eyes and only speak.teek hai bhai
Mei chalti ho I will call u
A:kk meri behan bye but u should definitely call me
Screen shifts in the car
B:di y did u speak like that though u hate him it doesn’t mean u have to speak l;ike that in this situation

P:just becauseur a die hard fan ur speaking like this .kk now answer me people listen to his songs they give money and see his concerts and all girls die fr his look but today did any of his fans helped him no right this is all only fr his reputation today when he met with an accident everyone didn’t even have a courtesy to help listen bullbull I am not telling that he is not a nice person ,money ,looks alone is not enough
B:she had tears in her eyes u know di what I was thinking till now I thought if a person has money then he will be treated well ,but u proved it wrong one needs a good heart I am so proud of u didi
P:teekhai bullbull its becoming dark ma would be searching fr us lets leave and they reached home and went to their respective rooms.soon days are passing abhi recovered and he was discharged

Next morning bulbul got a call from abhi
B:y is bhai calling me now
A:gm bulbul how r u
B:good bhai is everything all right
A:ha can u come to xyz coffee shop
B:ha teekhai
In coffeeshop
Abhi was waiting fr bulbul finally she came
B:bhai y all of the sudden uwant to meet me
A:bulbul how is pragya
B:ya she is good ,but fr this u called me

A:in his mind(common abhi ur a rockstar u tell it to her)
Asually bullbull I love ur sister .the moment when I saw her in the road I felt that she will be the only soul to whom I can share my love.i was able to feel the pain .though she hates me I don’t care .there r many girls who are waiting fr me toaccept their proposalbut my love is only pragya.i hope u can make her understand u remember that day when u and ur sister was speaking I heard the entire conversation .iat that moment itself I felt that she is the only girl who will be sharing her soul with me
B:she was shocked but little happy that a rockstar is going to be her jiju
K but u can directly tell her know
A:she already hates me and on top of that if I say I love her then she will turn into a vampire
B:hearing all this she started to laugh u know jiju
A:what jiju so u liked me
B:u know I can feel the luv which u have fr my sissy
A:ya bulbul I am redy to sacrifice my life fr her
B:kk so now u want me to unite u with ur lovea:ha b:but after marriage u should not keep my didi with u u have to send her to our house also
A:kk but before that ur ma and didi should accept
B:don’t worry definitely but u khave seen only once how can u conform she is the love of ur life
A:after my accident each and everyday I use to follow but suddenly she is not coming y is there any problem
B:no no she is transferred

Guys asually pragya got a new job in delhi with the help of purab so in next part I will tell how she got .hope I am not borring youll .if u feel that this is not gud definitely I will top and come up with a new plot

precap:misson bulbhi starts

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