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Accidental Love Part 2

Here goes the next part of accidental love
Pragya and bulbul were really tensed they didn’t know what to do so immediately pragya found abhis phone in her hand and she checked fr some of his family member number
She remembered the last word what abhi was telling dadi .yes dadi I guess if I inform them definitely they will cmn
So she called

P:hello is it dadi
D:ya but may I know who ur
P:I am pragya arora asually ur son is met with an accident he is admitted in city hospital so could u pls come fast
D:what is he alright
P:they have taken him to icu could u pls cmn fast
D:definitely thankyou fr informing
Meanwhile purab got his conscious and he remembered the incident so he got up and went to see abhi but suddenly a girl came and asked.sir pls sit are u kk
Pu:yes I am alright no problem canu tell me where is abhi oh so ur his friend he is in icu anddont worry my di is there
Pu:thanks to u both sorry that we troubled u
B:what is there in this its just a human tendency
Suddenly a nurse came sir ur lucky to have a wonderfull wife u know how much see was afraid
Pu:what wife
N:ya who is standing near u
B:she was signaling him to tell so he did how she told
Ya I know how much she loves me
N:so how r u feeling good if there is any problem pls let me know
B:ya sure


Here the whole mehra masion family came in search of abhi and purab
Excuse were is the icu asked akash to the receptionist
R:it is to the left .thankyou he said and left
So meanwhile after seeing pragya dadi understood that she is the girl who saved abhi .beti kya hua
Abhi teek hai na
P:patha nahi but tum tension mat dijeye everything will become normal
Suddenly pragya got a phone call from her office
Off:pragya u know what have u done u have ruined our companys name
P:she was shocked sir what did I do
Off:instead of covering the flash news of abhis car accident you just saved him .u know our channels trp has come down
P:hearing this pragya couldn’t tolerate so she said yes I felt that he was in need of help I didn’t mind about my job
Off:so in that case ur fired out of the job ms pragya
P:teek hai if u don’t have presence of mind then definitely I would resign from the idiotic company
so she shouted and cut the phone
all these things wereheard by purab
pu:in his mind because of this accident she lost her job no purab u have to help .first let abhi gets well then I will tell him
so after long hours the doctor came and said to all that mr abhi is all fine u can go see him
all werehappy
so the screen freezes

precap:abhis eyes were searching fr pragya abhi :dadi where is the black dress girl who saved us d:she was here only know
pu:abhi we r the reason fr this definitely we have to help her

so hope u all r liking if u feel that ur not satisfied with my concept pls do let me know and I want some of the silent readers to comment

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