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accidental love intro and episode 1

So guys hope everyone are liking my fff .since my internals are over so thought to give another fff.hope u all will like it k iwill give the intro

Abhishekpremmehra:countrys rockstar .loves his dadi and his friend purab.hates his sister alia and her friend tanu
Purab rathore:manager of abhi and his best friend.
Pragya arora:a journalist (sisterof bulbul,eldest daughter of arora famiy)
Bulbul arora: working as fashion designer(youngest daughter of aroara family)
Alia prem mehra:very greedy money minded .hates his brother a lot and loves purab
Tanu shree taneja:same like alia .she loves abhi ,and always goes behind him only fr money she likes him
Rest all characters are same as how in kkb

The story starts like this where purab and abhi are finishing their work andreturning back from the office .they were driving the car so fastly suddenly the car losess its break and they go meet in an accident .hearing the sound all people around gathered they were only standing simply and the media were only focusing on their coverage none of them were least bothered to help .purab was little conscious he was shouting for help but none didn’t turn up

Screen shifts
A girl who is waiting in her car in front of a huge glass building.she picks up a phone and start to dial a number .come fastwhat r u doing
G2:5 minutes wait karo mein aro
G1:teek hai come fast
So the girl closes her laptop takes all her things and comes and waits for her
She is wearing a black short dress with hair lose she looks gorgeous .she is none other than our heroine pragya
So she spot the car and went and sat in the front seat
Sorry said pragya by holding her hands in her ears.seeing her antics the other girl got melted and the other girl is none other than bullbull
B:its kk but today you have to cmn with me to a special place kk pragya said and both drove
So on the way there was a huge traffic .the whole city was crowded
P:bulbul what happened ?y is the place crowded
B:because osama bin laden has come for an interview
P:what said in a husky tone
B:I am with you only how will I know what happened
P:kk sorry meri ma welets leave


Suddenly pragyas eye got hold of a collapsed car were two people are struggling for their lifes
Bulbul stop said pragya
B:now what happened p:see there
B:di ya wait we ll park the car and go check
So both went and checked so big crowd was there but everyone was standing like a statue
Stop said pragya to the media people aren’t u ashamed two people are dying here and ur seriously taking pictures don’t u have heart.stop it madam if tomorrow any police case comes then what will I do its better u stay away from it .stop it I am not like u said and went towards the car
So pragya went towards abhi .he was struggling hard to breathe .he was telling dadi dadi .pragya was pating his chest sir don’t worry nothing wil happen to you I will take care of u.so she put abhis hand on her shoulder and she put her hand on his waist anddragged him and made him to sit behind.meanwhile bullbull was helping purab asually he was not injured but he felt dissy so she also took him and made him to sit in front .so bullbull was driving the car and pragya was sitting behind with abhis head on her lap .she was asking him to open his eyes but he wasn’t
P:bullbull drive fast we have to save them
B:yes di so finally they reached and abhi felt little bit conscious
So both went to the emergency exit
So they went to call the doctor doctor pls save them it’s a accident case
First go to the poice and come no doctor pls save them then well do the formalities both purab and abhi could see the pain in their eyes .its the first time they feel that someone is feeling for them
So meanwhile the doctor asked what relation do u have with him heis
my husband said pragya
Di what r u telling
Yes doctor he is my husband pls save him fast kk ms pragya don’t worry we will save him
Abhi was holding her hands stiff he didn’t want her to leave so he caught hold of her wrist .but pragya
somehow managed to remove .so they took him to icu and the nurse came and gave his wallet and phone.so both abhi and purab were taken inside

So hope u liked this story if u feel it is not nice then I will stop and pls do drop ur comments
So guys what will happen to abhi and purab ?will they be able to meet the two souls who helped them lets wait and watch .and ony if youll like I will continue or else I will stop

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