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Abhigya – Unnatural love â�¤ï¸�

Hi guys suhani here..(suhani123)I don’t know how many of you are sad that I came back to torture you guys.I know most of them are sad about my comeback.So how are you?hope all are fine.I got a new idea.Just thought to give an intro



Daljeet mehra:Abhi’s dadi.She has taken care of the whole mehra family after the death of abhi’s parents.
Abhishek mehra:Elder son,Completing his engineering(2nd yr of eng) ( for his dadi),want to become a rockstar,loves his dadi so much,does’nt believe in god as he thinks that god snatched his happiness and made them poor by killing his parents.
Tanu mehra:Abhi’s first sister(everyone would love this line)studying medicine 3rdyear,her aim is to become a doctor and open a hospital for the poor so that no would die like their parents died.
Bulbul mehra:Cutest and bubbly girl of mehra family.Abhi’s second sister.Talkative,doing journalism.Want to become a famous journalist

Sarala arora:Pragya’s mom
Nikhil arora:Elder son of arora family,completing his engineering(2nd year of eng) and want to become a(software engineer of a well reputed company.
Purab arora:Brother of nikhil,Somewhat naughty,studying engineering 1st year considers his brother as his role model,loves pragya
Pragya arora:youngest of all,studying medicine with tanu,wants to open a hospital with tanu,naughty talkative girl,best friend of tanu.

Aliya takur:studying journalism with bulbul,best friend of bulbul.
Neil;Aliya brother,hates Aliya(reason will be revealed later)loves pragya and goes to any extent to gain her.
Vijay:best friend of Aliya
Riya:(assume any actress who would look better with shabbir remember better)girlfriend of abhi,(thinks she is the girlfriend of abhi)wants to become a model,money minded.
How was it?worst na I know.Ok I was seriously bored of seeing taliya in negative role.So they are positive in this.If you want any changes inform me I would think of it.Please comment.Positive and negative both are welcome.Suggestions most welcome.And ya one small, request if there any mistakes in study patterns pls don’t ask me about them.

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