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Abhigya- Uniting of true love (OS)

Hi guys this is Monesha again sorry i couldn’t give Os bcoz first i thought it is as boring and second there is no time. My school is giving more torcher to us. Ok this is based on current track which is irritating more…..so i thought to give full stop. Now coming to the story,

This is continue of current scenes,


Abhi and Pragya was scared by seeing cockroach. They both started to run. Pragya cover her with blanket. Abhi too came inside the blanket. At that time tanu came inside and she saw two person on the bed. She remove the blanket and was shocked to see abhi and Pragya was inside the blanket by sleeping position. Abhi and Pragya don’t what to do. Tanu got angry and went out. Abhi goes behind tanu to prove that nothing happened. Pragya got tears. She thinks that means Abhi started to love tanu. Her eyes was filled with tears.

Here abhi goes behind tanu to prove. Abhi says tanu…. tanu hear me. Tanu stopped and ask what to hear abhi? You cheated me. Abhi says tanu you understood wrong. Tanu says what? I understood wrong. Ok say me what you and that characterless girl done. Abhi shouts stop it tanu don’t dare to say that word again. Tanu got angry and says i will say like that only bcoz really she is characterless….. Abhi rise his hand with angry. Tanu shouts in fear.. Abhi says i told don’t say that word again. Just get lost from my way. Tanu got tears and went.

Here Pragya cried badly. She went to her house by crying. Abhi came again and started to search Pragya but he couldn’t find her. He understood that she went. He went to his room with sad. Pragya came to her house. Her house was fully dark. She shouts ma… dadi…. but no one came. She came inside. Some one hugs her from back. Suddenly light get on. She turned and was surprise to see bulbul. She stood like statue. Bulbul says di…. di…. what happened i am back di. Without wasting time Pragya hugs her and started to cry. Purab came front and saw them with teary eyes. Sarla and dadi too came front and smile with teary eyes. Suddenly Pragya broke the hug and started to beat her. Bulbul goes backward by saying di….. di….. then she started to run.

Pragya chased her. Purab helps Pragya to catch bulbul. Bulbul says di plz forgive me. Pragya says forgive you? I shout don’t jump but you? What you done huh? Bulbul says sorry di plz forgive me. Pragya with tears go don’t talk with me. She went to her room. Bulbul came and sits on floor by keeping her head on Pragya’s lap. Bulbul says sorry di i know i gave lot of pain to you all. Plz forgive me.Plz… plz… Pragya cupped her face and kissed her on her forehead. She make Bulbul to stand and hugs her. Pragya says don’t ever dare to do this again. Bulbul nodded with tears. Purab and all the one smiles with tears. Pragya ask how did you find her purab. Purab says when i went for work. I got accident then my friend adviced to consult doctor who lives in mountain. I found her then…. Pragya says full of romance. Purab and Bulbul remains silent and smiles with shy.

Purab says leave that di what about Abhi. Pragya become sad and explain everything. Purab and Bulbul got angry. Bulbul says di forget jiju. Pragya was shocked and ask what??? Purab says what are you talking Bulbul? Bulbul says see my di suffered a lot. So only i am telling this. Di plz think about this if you are near him then confirm he will not realise you. Pragya went to room without saying anything. All the one worried about Pragya. She closed the door. She sat down and started to cry by thinking her happy moment (hamari adhuri song plays…..) then she stood up and thinks yes bulbul is right. I should avoid him. Now onwards he loves Tanu so he is not mine. I don’t want him. I want my family only. She went out. All the one was surprised by seeing Pragya’s confident face. She went and started to talk with everyone. Bulbul thinks yes di came in my way now confirm jiju will realise his love.

Screen shifts to tanu and alia. Tanu came to alia and explain everything to alia with tears. Alia says oh come on tanu see bhai didn’t love you. We make bhai to propose you by cheating. Pragya is his real love. If you talk about her wrong then confirm he will get angry bcoz love is not in brain it is in our heart. Tanu looks her confusingly. Alia ask what? Why you are looking like this go and console him. Tanu nodded. Here abhi is roaming around room. He thinks about Pragya. Abhi says what is this why i am feeling Nikita(Pragya) as mine. Why i am feeling that she is more special to me. Omg…. this feelings are very complicated to me.He went to cupboard and saw one photo. He took that and was shocked to see the photo of his and Pragya’s marriage photo which is cutted but with the help of cello tape it joins.

His head started to pain. He holds his head. He puts the photo down. He tried to remember. His brain started to work. Step by step he remember and shouts Pragya….. he opened his eyes and sat on floor. He took that photo with tears and hugs that photo. He kissed the photo where Pragya present. Abhi says i am sorry Pragya. I am really sorry. He stood up and sat on bed by hugging that photo. Tanu came to abhi’s room. She saw he is hugging one photo. Tanu say abhi… Abhi opened his eyes. His eyes are filled with anger. Tanu came and sat opposite to him and ask what happened? Abhi placed the photo near tanu. She saw that and stood up with shock. Abhi too stood up.

Tanu says A.. A..bhi… this photo is fake. Abhi says shut up tanu. I remembered everything. Tanu says Abhi… Abhi gave a tight slap to her. Tanu was shocked. Tanu says believ.. again abhi slapped. Tanu says pls.. again abhi slapped. Tanu didn’t utter any word tears rolled from her eyes. Abhi says i think now you understood. Each word from your mouth will make pain in your cheek got it. I am telling i remembered everything then also you are trying to prove you. Tanu looks him with tears. Abhi says i never saw this much characterless girl if you present here then confirm i will kill you so just get lost.

Tanu with crying ran outside. He went down and shouts dadi…. dasi… all the one came. Abhi ask why Pragya left from this house. All the one was shocked. Alia too came. Abhi saw her. He went to her and gave a tight slap. Alia was shocked. Abhi says get out. Alia says bhai… Abhi pushed her out. All the one was shocked. Abhi ask why Pragya went out? All the one remains silent. Abhi shouts i am asking you only. Dadi says i am only abhi. Abhi was shattered. Abhi went to dadi with teary eyes and ask why dadi(with low voice and tears). Dadi says doctor said… Abhi shouts with tears what doctor said… i love her dadi. I can’t live without her. She is my life. She is my love. How can you say her to go out. He started to cry. Dadi says i am sorry beta. I don’t know you love her this much. I thought my decision is right. I am sorry beta. Abhi says with tears dadi Pragya…. Dadi says don’t worry abhi. She will accept you go and talk with her but not now tomorrow you can. Abhi nodded.

Next day Pragya came to his house. Pragya says to herself Pragya don’t worry think he is not the one who loved me. Thinking this he went to his room. Abhi is doing exercise without shirt. Abhi was happy to see Pragya but he didn’t show that. Pragya closed her eyes. Abhi ask hey you won’t knock the door before enter one room. Pragya says sorry sir. She turned to leave but Abhi pulled her and pinned her towards wall. Pragya was shocked. Abhi ask i am thinking you are saying lie to me. Pragya again shocked and says no. Abhi says really? What is your name? Pragya was shocked to the hell and says niki… nikitha.. Abhi moves closer. Pragya stopped him by keeping her hand on his chest. Abhi looks her hand. Pragya realised her hand was placed in his sweat body. She took her hand suddenly.

Abhi says now say me. Pragya don’t know what to do. She thinks oh god what can i do now. Abhi moved more closer. Pragya started to breath heavily. There is no gap. Abhi moves to her ears. His lips were touching her ear which makes Pragya to shiver to the death. Her lips started to dance. Abhi says Pragya…. right. She came to sense and pushed abhi. Pragya ask how did you know. Abhi says i won’t say. Pragya ask plz say me who said. Abhi says for that you want to come to saying pub. Pragya thinks for sometimes and says ok.

In evening abhi came to pub. Then Pragya too came. She came in a chudi. Abhi asked one girl to do her work. That girl came to Pragya and dragged her to one room. Abhi smiles. She make her to wear sleeveless black gown with golden colour over coat. That girl remove her chasma and gave lens. Pragya was surprised to see her lens correct size. She came out. Abhi saw her and mezmerised by seeing her. He came to Pragya and looks at her. Both shares an eye lock. There eye lock got broken by that girl. Abhi makes that girl to go. It was a dance time Abhi and Pragya danced very…. very…. romantic. Then Pragya moved out from Abhi and drank something.

Soon she started to behave like child. She went Abhi. Pragya ask what happened. Abhi says actually this question should ask by me. Tell me what happened. Pragya says why you are going close to tanu. Abhi thinks she got jealous. Pragya ask say me. Abhi says bcoz i love to see your jealous. Pragya got angry and ask love to see my jealous? Now see. She went to one boy and ask can you be my boy friend. That boy got happy and holds her hand and says confirm. Abhi got jealous and went to them. Abhi says excuse me can you move. Boy says hello she is my girl friend. Abhi got angry and slaps him. Boy was shocked and left her hand. Abhi
Says she Is my wife got it. Boy nodded.

Abhi dragged Pragya out and make her to sit in the car. Pragya says leave me otherwise Bulbul will scold me. Abhi was surprised and ask what you mean. Pragya says my bulbul came back. Abhi got happy. Pragya says she told me to forget you. Abhi says what? Wait i will give nice to your sister. Suddenly rain came. He called bulbul. She attend the call. Abhi says welcome bulbul. Bulbul was surprised to hear abhi voice and ask jiju? Abhi says yes your jiju only. Today i got my Pragya so don’t search her. She is going to be mine. Bulbul says hello…hello… call ended. Bulbul thinks wow jiju got his memory back. She told this to everybody. He stopped the car in his guest house. He make her to stand in rain. Pragya screamed loudly but abhi didn’t left her. Slowly Pragya came to reality. She don’t know what happened now. Pragya says sir it is raining come inside. Abhi ask is am i sir for you. Pragya got confused and says yes. Abhi ask then i am not your husband. Pragya was shocked. Abhi says Pragya i remembered everything. Now say me why you left me. Pragya don’t know it was reality or her dream. She stood like a statue with tears. Abhi moved to Pragya and lifts her. She felt his touch. She comes to know it is reality not her dream.

Abhi came to one room and make her to stand. They both were fully wet. Pragya says suni… suniya really you gained your memory. Abhi nodded with smile and small tears. Pragya ask ho..w you…. Abhi says suhhhhh. Don’t talk anything. Pragya hugs him tightly. Abhi too hugs her. They both felt their warm body and smiled. Then they broked their hug. Abhi cupped her face and started to kiss her face inch by inch. He came to her lips. Pragya smiles with shy. He crushed his lips into her. Then he left her. He removed her over coat slowly. He placed kiss on her shoulder while removing her coat. Pragya shivered. He kissed her neck and nuzzled her neck. He took her to the bed and removed her dress. He started to pour his love on her. They both consumated their marriage. Finally Pragya placed her head on his chest. Abhi hugs her and kissed in her head. This is the unite of true love.

Thank you guys for all ur support. Sorry if i done any mistake or bored you. Love you all. If i get time then i will post next os. Take care. Sorry for not commenting you all. Many work dears sorry

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