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Abhigya love forever os (continuation)

Pragya moves to her room. Bul, pur, and purvi also comes to her..
Bul: di wat happnd?
Pragya hugged her tightly and started crying
Bu: di rona math. Kya hua di?
Pr: bulbul unhom ne tanu ko propose kiya.. He is not for me anymore.. And i can’t see them together…
Bul:di jiju ne tanu ko propose kiya?? Nd u don’t try to avoid tis situation
Pu:bulbul u knw na abhi ka situation ..wat will di do??
Bu: ya u r right. Di forget jiju and move on ur life..
Pr(shocked):bulbul have you losthow can i??
Pu:haan bulbul wat r u talking?
Bu: wo purab actually i have a
plan.i knw di jiju forget by his mind but his love still loves u… So i have a plan
Nd shares the plan nd shares hifi with purab purvi
Pr: bulbul will it work??
Bu: haan di….
Pragya pretend to smile…
Next mrng pragya reaches mm
Ab: haa nikitha today i’ve a personal meeting. Come let’s go.
Pr:haan sir..

They reached cafe nd tanu was already waiting for him she wave hands to abhi and hugged him. Abhi also responds reluctantly.
Ta:abhi y u bring ur seceratary here. It’s our date..
Pr:sir i will wait u there..
Ta: haan don’t disturb us
Abhi was irritated by tanu. Abhi and tanu sits in a specially arranged table pragya sat alone in a table abhi was talking with tanu but continuously looking at pragya… Suddenly some goons came there nd try to misbehave wit pragya. They try to touch her whole body. Abhi see tis andvstood up in anger pragya moves frm the table and goon hold her wrist suddenly a slap fall ogogoon’s face.. Goons flee from there.
Pr:yash tum…. Kaise hai..
Ya: hai prags how r u? And hugs her. Abhi was shocked to someone hugging her..
Pr:I’m fine and how’s u??
Ya: fine but miss u badly…
Abhi was fuming with anger
Ya: prags wat r u doing here??
Pr: i came here with my boss nd he is in a meetng
Ya:prags u r working as a secretary nd it’s not suit you so resign from this job nd i will give u a job in my company
Pr: so nice of u…
Bulbul nd purvi came there
Bul: di r u ready to marry him
Pr: wat????
Bul : haan di he is here to marry u
Abhi was shocked nd leave from there.
Tanu calls him and but he leaves from there.
Pr: he leaves… But y u say like tat….


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