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Abhigya and Ishveer Vs Nature episode 1

Hi guys I am back sorry my phone broken so only I am late. Ok now coming to the story,

Guys Tanushree (good) and Rishi (good) from Kasam. Tanu (bad) from kkb. I hope now you all understood. Sorry for the confusion.


It was early 4.00 clock. One boy covered him with blanket and went to one room. He turn on the light. One girl got up by light. Her face revealed it was our cute Pragya. She was shocked to see the boy covering with blanket. She was about to shout in shock but he removed the blanket it was non other that our handsome RV. Pragya got relieve.
Pragya – bhai you made me to fear.
RV- is am I made you? this is our plan right OK come fast we have to do our work.
Pragya – it is 4.00 clock I have to sleep you also sleep. 5.00 clock we can do it bye good night
She again start to sleep but RV make her to sit by holding her ear.
Pragya – Ahhhh…. bhai it is paining.
RV- then come fast choti otherwise di will get up 5.00
Pragya looks him with sleepy eyes.
RV pulled Pragya and came to hall.
He took the stool and stood in that.
RV- Pragya don’t leave the stool.
Pragya- ok scientist bhai do it fast
Rv started to do his work
Pragya felt sleep mistakenly she shake the stool.
RV loosened his grip and turned the screw.
RV- choti…. You won’t do any work properly.
Pragya- don’t scold me. I didn’t do anything.
RV- you will never going to change I think I turned screw more times.
Pragya- no bhai everything was correct. Now come we can do our work morning.
RV- ok come we can go.
ARv and Pragya went to their respective room.
Time passed it was 5.00
One girl got up it was Tanushree. She stood up and went to get fresh up.
Soon Neil and Ragini too got up.

Screen shifts to Another house,
One girl was sleeping peacefully by covering her with blanket.
One handsome boy came to her room it was non other than Rk
Rk- choti it’s time to get up come on hurry up.
Girl- bhai plz give me two minutes then I will get up. (Still in sleeping)
Rk- ok two minutes only.
Two minutes Passed he again start to wake her.
Girl- bhai another two minutes.
Rk- ok only two minutes.
This was repeated.
Another one girl came it was non other than cute Madhu.
Madhu came inside her room.
Madhu- oh god I don’t know why you both are like small kids. You go and get fresh up I will make her to get up.
Rk- ok sweety but don’t scold me
Before Madhu could say he went.
Madhu came to Ishani and sat beside her.
Madhu- sweety come on get up it’s time to see it friends.
Immediately Ishani got up
Ishani- omg bhabhi I slept more I should see my friends wait I will come.
She got up and went to take both.
Madhu smiles and went to prepare food.

Screen shifts to Another house,
One room was shows two handsome boys are sleeping.
It was non other than our Abhi and Rishi
Rishi moved and puts his leg on Abhi.
Abhi got up and saw Rishi.
Abhi- bhai… I am Abhi your chotu not your wife.
Rishi didn’t get up.
Abhi-omg….. bhabhi you came.
Rishi got up and started to blabber.
Rishi- where is Tanushree….
Abhi- wait a minute Tanushree di is your love.
Rishi was shocked by his question
Rishi- Abhi what you are blabbering
Abhi- me? Blabbering? Wait I will say to ma.
Abhi got up and ran.
Rishi- Abhi wait listen to me.
Saying this he got up and chased Abhi.
He ran and went to his mom.
Abhi- mom bhai got future wife.
Priya- what? I couldn’t understand
Before Abhi could say Rishi came.
Rishi- ma he is saying lie.
He started to Chase they both run around Priya.
Priya- ok ok stop.
She holds Abhi and Rishi.
Priya- go and get fresh up then you can fight.
Both nodded and went to fresh up.

Screen shifts to Khanna house,
Pragya and RV too got up and freshed up
RV came to Pragya
RV- are you ready choti.
Pragya- I am ready bhai we can do it.
RV- start your act.
Pragya (shouts)- Ahhh…… It is paining ma…. Pa….
Neil, Tanushree and Ragini got fear.
Neil and Ragini rushed to see her. They came.
Suddenly RV switch on the button.
Neil and Ragini got wet by the water.
Pragya and RV- happy Anniversary…….???????
Neil and Ragini- thank you but plzz first stop this.
RV- ok now I will stop
He off the button but it didn’t. He tried more and then it stopped
Neil- ok you both made us to wet it’s ok now I will fresh up and come.
Saying this he went. Ragini too goes behind Neil.
RV and Pragya gave hi-fi.
Tanushree- my dear sweet chotu and choti.
Rv and Pragya turned
Tanushree- clean this water first, hurry and quick. saying this she went.
Rv and Pragya saw the floor and was shocked to see the floor was fully water.
RV- how this happened. It is impossible. I done the settings correctly.
Then he remembered about morning incident.
RV- choti….. It is bcoz of you only.
Pragya- me? what I done.
RV- you only shakes the stool and I turned the screw more.
Pragya- don’t think to put blames on me.
RV- what? Is am I blaming you.
At that time Neil came and says bye.
Both stopped and said bye. Neil went and again they started.
Pragya- yes you are the one blaming me.
This time Ishani and Abhi came.
Ishani and Abhi- hi dearest friends
They both came inside. Pragya and RV was shocked.
Pragya and RV came by running and shouts don’t come………
But Abhi and Ishani step on the water.
Rabhi and ishgya four of them loosened their grip. Abhi falls on Pragya and RV falls on Ishani
They shares an eye lock.
Screen shifts to research centre,
Neil, Harshad and Ajay came to the centre
Trio said hi to eachother.
They went inside.
Person 1- thank God you trio came see this signal what is the meaning of this.
Person 2- from morning onwards we are seeing this signal.
Neil, Harshad and Ajay was shocked to see that signal
Neil, Harshad and Ajay- OMG……
Person- why what happened.
Neil (shock)- this much days we destroyed the Nature.
Harshad (shock)- today onwards
Ajay (shock)- Nature going to destroy us.☠☠☠
All the one was shocked….
Screen freezes on their shocked face

PRECAP- first attack of Nature.?

Guys first episode will be bore then i will try my best to make it as interest and guys i don’t know exactly but i will take leave to study and then i will continue my ff. I hope you all will understand. Love you all ???

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